~ WBAYRI?-TMIMQYASY-UYCAIC-YMWALF ~ What Business Are You Really In? – The Most Important Marketing Question You Can Ask Yourself – Until You Can Answer It Correctly – Your Marketing Will Always Lack Focus

~ ATOBIT-WYSAWPBAAATDT-C-LTSP-C-LTBS-WSR-TDOECBMA ~ A Truism Of Business Is That – What You Sell And What People Buy Are Almost Always Two Different Things – Companies – Look To Sell Products – Customers – Look To Buy Solutions – While Seemingly Related – The Definitions Of Each Can Be Miles Apart

~ TBMATBL ~ The Best Marketers Are The Best Listeners

~ MCCAWTWTS-YHTATRQTPTRA-TCTTTD-WTRWTBFY-AITAATA ~ Many Clients Can’t Articulate What They Want To Say – You Have To Ask The Right Questions That Prompt The Revealing Answers – The Clues To Their True Desires – What They Really Want To Buy From You – Are In Their Adjectives And Their Adverbs

~ YSBATSUTDPOYCIOCS-YCDPCBAP ~ You Should Be Able To Sum Up The Driving Principle Of Your Company In One Compelling Sentence – Your Core Driving Purpose Cannot Be A Paragraph

~ TTOMIAN-EEIR-IANABDRUTIOOPSPL ~ The Task Of Marketing Is A Never-Ending Exercise In Reduction – It’s About Honing A Briefing Document Repeatedly Until There Is Only One Powerful Selling Point Left

~ S-C-M-AW ~ Simple – Clear – Messages – Always Win

~ EP-DAITS-ITBTITFAETGFTFFTTS ~ Elevator Pitch – Describe An Idea To Someone – In The Brief Time It Takes For An Elevator To Go From The First Floor To The Second

~ EP-YAGUTEOOS-YCIGDTEOTO-A-TTYHITFSYAPEO ~ Escalator Pitch – You Are Going Up The Escalator On One Side – Your Customer Is Going Down The Escalator On The Other – And – The Time You Have Is The Few Seconds You Are Passing Each Other

~ A-EP-IA-FC-IIYETCOYO-WI-YS-YM-OME-YEC-HNF-NBATCOTL ~ An – Elevator Pitch – Is About – Forced Clarity – It Insists You Encapsulate The Core Of Your Offer – Without It – Your Story – Your Marketing – Or Maybe Even – Your Entire Company – Has No Focus – No Bubble At The Centre Of The Level

~ EACEOSEFT-F-S-O-T-TM ~ Everything A Company Embarks On Should Emanate From That – Fist-Slamming-On-The-Table Moment

~ T-EP-TI-AL-W-THGF ~ The – Elevator Pitch – Turns Into – A Lighthouse – Whenever – The Horizon Gets Foggy

~ WWTFI? ~ What Was The Founding Insight?

~ T-O-LP-FYTA-TCI-OFYTATIO-TWAEPISC-IAMDTOBWIHG ~ The – One-Line Pitch – Forces You To Articulate – The Core Idea – Or Forces You To Admit There Isn’t One – That’s Why An Elevator Pitch Is So Crucial – It’s A Metal Detector That Only Beeps When It Hits Gold

~ ASWI-WOTSOB-ICORP ~ A Sharply Worded Idea – Whetted On The Stone Of Brevity – Is Capable Of Remarkable Persuasion

~ EIYCIDW-CRY-EP-WMICOEBL ~ Even If Your Company Is Doing Well – Constantly Refining Your – Elevator Pitches – Will Make It Capable Of Even Bigger Leaps

~ LF-AGITM-TDITI-AMITG ~ Look For – A Gap In The Market – Then Determine If There Is – A Market In The Gap

~ TTSTIS-ITMTFYMITG-NJIUI-EITD-IPF-TB ~ The True Secret To Influencing Someone – Is To Make Them Feel Your Message In Their Gut – Not Just Intellectually Understand It – Emotion Is The Differentiator – If People Feel – They Believe

~ I-YBSWAB-WYRI? ~ If – Your Brand Story Were A Book – Would You Read It?

~ T-ATGI-A-TATST-POTPCF-TFR-BOAHCD-TS ~ The – Ability To Generate Ideas – And – The Ability To Sell Them – Plenty Of Talented People Can Fulfill – The First Requirement – But Only A Handful Can Deliver – The Second

~ TJOCT ~ The Joy Of Counterintutive Thinking

~ GMIATL-C-OOTBWTDCSITCDTOTTMNS ~ Great Marketing Is About Taking Leaps – Clearly – One Of The Best Ways To Develop Counterintuitive Strategies Is To Consider Doing The One Thing That Makes No Sense

~ II-TRM-AATRP-AETRT? ~ Is It – The Right Message – Aimed At The Right Person – At Exactly The Right Time?

~ TBWTB-HITM-IT-SSIAUV-PWET ~ The Best Way To Be – Heard In The Marketplace – Is To – Say Something In A Unique Voice – Paired With Exquisite Timing

~ DUSMAAOTS-NE ~ Don’t Use Social Misfortune As An Opportunity To Sell – No Exceptions

~ DNLYBIWTF ~ Do Not Let Your Biases Interfere With The Feedback

~ UYCSBAEJ ~ Understanding Your Customers Should Be An Endless Journey

~ TRKTWAEITMYES ~ The Real Key To Winning An Election Is To Mobilize Your Existing Supporters

~ LPBC ~ Language Precedes Behaviour Change

~ GIAV;GIE ~ Gambling Is A Vice; Gaming Is Entertainment

~ ANCFLASISS-IHTPAEDTDCTMF-RT-ASNSPPWAC ~ A Nudge Can’t Feel Like A Stone In Someone’s Shoe – It Has To Present An Easy Decision That Doesn’t Create Too Much Friction – Remember Too – A Smart Nudge Still Presents People With A Choice

~ OAOTFNS-A-TSIUHITO ~ Obstacles Are Opportunities To Find New Solutions – And – The Solution Is Usually Hiding Inside The Obstacle

~ TP-PICSO ~ Turn – Pain-Points – Into Customer Service Opportunities

~ LDVL ~ Little Details Create Loyalty

~ BPHHOTAAETS-SOACAOGUU-B-WTPAT-TOTSTA-B ~ Big Problems Have Horns On Them And Are Easy To Spot – Small Ones Are Camouflaged And Often Go Unremarked Upon – But – While These Problems Are Tiny – The Opportunities To Solve Them Are – Big

~ AFTIWF-TWATPFL-N-R-N-IMIT-YCC ~ Always Fix The Internal Workings First – Then Worry About The Public Face Later – Nothing – Repeat – Nothing – Is More Important Than – Your Company Culture

~ S-WDYSF?-IYHTATQQ-YHTHABP ~ So – What Do You Stand For? – If You Have Trouble Answering That Question Quickly – You Have A Branding Problem

~ LFTEOTFFOTT ~ Listen For The Echo Of The Founder’s Fist On The Table

~ IYWDYB-TWWHDIFY-AYDWT ~ If You Won’t Define Your Brand – The World Will Happily Do It For You – And You Don’t Want That

~ 25/8 ~ 25/8

~ MIT ~ Marketing Is Theatre

~ DWADT-SOTL ~ Don’t Whisper A Dozen Things – Say One Thing Loudly

~ TOEMMAS-M ~ The Only Effective Marketing Messages Are Single-Minded

~ CIAA-CGA-CATM ~ Creativity Is An Amplifier – Creativity Gets Attention – Creativity Amplifies The Message

~ DNAACTTAC-CIAS-TP ~ Do Not Assign A Creative Task To A Committee – Creativity Is A Small-Team Pursuit

~ C-SNB-CBTPOG-DOBACOV-O-SBA ~ Creativity – Should Never Be – Clouded By The Politics Of Groups – Drowned Out By A Cacophony Of Voices – Or – Smothered By Agendas

~ BGAEAIACI-BGWCAIF-TJNGACUWO ~ Big Groups Are Excellent At Implementing A Creative Idea – Big Groups Will Carry An Idea Far – They’re Just Not Good At Coming Up With One

~ RTWPPA ~ Reward Those Who Pay Particular Attention

~ GCRI ~ Great Companies Reward Instinct

~ TIASHIAE ~ There Is A Solution Hiding Inside Absolutely Everything

~ AIAA ~ Advertising Is An Art

~ MRAMTBB ~ Marketing Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

~ MSBAJ ~ Marketing Should Be A Joy

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