~ CCPBU? ~ Could Cell Phones Be Unsafe?

~ S-WEWTB-TOTB-IW ~ Sometimes – What Everyone Wants To Believe – Turns Out To Be – Inconveniently Wrong

~ CAGUIASORFRTDNEEFYA ~ Children Are Growing Up In A Sea Of Radio Frequency Radiation That Did Not Exist Even Five Years Ago

~ WW-OTPB-O-ITL-DNATOSEI-RL ~ What Works – On The Planning Board – Or – In The Lab – Does Not Always Turn Out So Well In – Real Life

~ A-RFSAI-A-TCPUIANEIMADEIATCW-ITHB ~ All – Radio Frequency Signals Are Invisible – And – They Can Pass Unobserved Into Anything Not Encased In Metal And Deposit Energy Into Anything That Contains Water – Including The Human Body

~ WLITAOTM ~ We Live In The Age Of The Microwave

~ TIGETEOMRAUOT ~ There Is Growing Evidence That Effects Of Microwave Radiation Add Up Over Time

~ WHTOB-AHAYOUACP-TWALTOWOP-B-ATSFAAO? ~ What Happens To Our Brains – After Hours And Years Of Using A Cell Phone – That Works At Less Than One Watt Of Power – But – At The Same Frequency As An Oven?

~ SLAWANUOCPWSICMB-TEAT-MEFMPANC-BFTRIAD ~ So Long As We Are Not Using Our Cell Phones While Standing In Closed Metal Boxes – Think Elevators And Trains – Microwave Exposures From Mobile Phones Are Not Confined – But Free To Radiate In All Directions

~ BCPPNH-IWATTIWDNH ~ Because Cell Phones Produced No Heat – It Was Assumed That Their Invisible Waves Did Nothing Harmful

~ TAS:”IPONPC”-IOW-WHMSHB-BWDTIII ~ The Added Sentence: “Is Probably Of No Physiologic Consequence” – In Other Words – We Have Made Something Happen Biologically – But We Don’t Think It Is Important

~ TNFMRITFIOFUWAPHUA-TAORHBPOTRFMNCITM ~ The Need For More Research In This Field Is One Fact Upon Which All Parties Have Usually Agreed – The Absence Of Research Has Become Part Of The Rationale For Making No Changes In The Meantime

~ B-IIPTTPUOCPICAHO-S-C-HP-T-DOATHHCACL-TRTOBAB?-TFTWDNHCATTQATPITHOETINAA ~ But – Is It Possible That The Pervasive Use Of Cell Phones Is Causing A Host Of – Subtle – Chronic – Health Problems – Today – Damaging Our Ability To Have Healthy Children And Creating Long-Term Risks To Our Brains And Bodies? – The Fact That We Do Not Have Clear Answers To This Question At This Point In The History Of Electronic Technology Is Not An Accident

~ OC-SILBMT-BIIEMLB-PAEC-TDWQAA-WGTAT-WFR-A-WAWTWBP ~ Of Course – Science Is Limited By Measurement Techniques – But It Is Even More Limited By – Political And Economic Circumstances – That Determine What Questions Are Asked – Who Gets To Answer Them – Who Funds Research – And – Where And When That Work Becomes Public

~ CBABMATAMMATTOA-AFTEWCHCADOMTRFEOAH ~ Children’s Brains And Bone Marrow Are Thinner And Much More Absorptive Than Those Of Adults – A Fact That Explains Why Children’s Heads Can Absorb Double Or More The Radio Frequency Energy Of Adult’s Heads

~ TFOALATATPASHPINEU ~ The Filing Of A Lawsuit Alleging That Any Technology Produces A Serious Health Problem Is Not Easily Undertaken

~ DL-RISUW-NOCBOTR-AA ~ Decades Later – Research Is Still Under Way – No One Can Be Opposed To Research – After All

~ AAA-CBASAALTAMRFRATOA-TAIOUOTYBHNHAIOTWTCPATOR-Y ~ All Are Agreed – Children’s Brains And Skulls Absorb At Least Twice As Much Radio Frequency Radiation As Those Of Adults – These Advances In Our Understanding Of The Young Brain Have Not Had Any Impact On The Way That Cell Phones Are Tested Or Rated – Yet

~ OC-TBINOSE-BACOP ~ Of Course – The Brain Is Not One Simple Entity – But A Complex Of Parts

~ ‘DNHOTBD’ ~ “Do Not Hold Directly On The Body”

~ SAR ~ Specific Absorption Rate

~ SHN-FMTFY-TMRDNUMTOHAT-TWTFMOB-BSP-LOPU-TS-TTKRTF ~ Scientists Have Known – For More Than Forty Years – That Microwave Radiation Does Not Uniformly Move Through Or Heat Any Thing – That’s Why The First Microwave Ovens Bombed – Burning Some Parts – Leaving Other Parts Uncooked – The Solution – Turntables To Keep Rotating The Food

~ TBFNSD-TBICFHOP ~ The Brain Feels No Sensation Directly – The Brain Itself Cannot Feel Heat Or Pain

~ OC-N-TINMFIRAA ~ Of Course – Now – There Is No Money For Independent Research At All

~ HM-D-IG-A-HMIMMBTSTPD-CEBDATP ~ How Much – Debate – Is Genuine – And – How Much Is Mostly Manufactured By Those Seeking To Prolong Doubt – Cannot Easily Be Determined At This Point

~ GHBCPSNPOWO-TCS-A-ASDAOMC-WDWFATUGTCRA? ~ Given How Broadly Cell Phone Signals Now Penetrate Our Worlds Of – The Coffee Shop – Airports – And Some Downtown Areas Of Major Cities – Where Do We Find Any Truly Unexposed Groups To Compare Results Against?

~ BCPUHGSFATCEY-IIAIWATTSTCIWWAD ~ Because Cell Phone Use Has Grown So Fast And Technologies Change Every Year – It Is As If We Are Trying To Study The Car In Which We Are Driving

~ B-WYLATFSTIPWHUPFADOM-TRSTHCPUCBT ~ But – When You Look At Those Few Studies That Included People Who Had Used Phones For A Decade Or More – The Results Show That Heavy Cell Phone Use Causes Brain Tumors

~ TNOP-UAF-WCTYJHH-BC-I-HBGITUSFTPTD ~ The Number Of People – Under Age Forty – Who Can Tell You Just How Horrible – Brain Cancer – Is – Has Been Growing In The United States For The Past Three Decades

~ THOOCAGBINAMTSBPOHWWCTDTM ~ The Health Of Our Children’s And Grandchildren’s Brains Is Not A Matter That Should Be Put On Hold While We Continue To Debate Technical Matters

~ TEOSCOTSIILPAROTSEOSTMSD ~ The Existence Of Scientific Conflict On This Subject Is In Large Part A Reflection Of The Successful Efforts Of Some To Manufacture Scientific Doubt

~ TINVIWUIITL ~ There Is No Virtue In Waiting Until It Is Too Late

~ OBPOTPIT-MSHBDFTSAPOT-TFAIROBT ~ One Big Part Of The Problem Is That – Most Studies Have Been Done For Too Short A Period Of Time – To Find Any Increased Risk Of Brain Tumors

~ TSFCP-WSI-1993-BOAMTU-AVLHM-WAE-PH-TFSM ~ Today’s Standards For Cell Phones – Were Set In – 1993 – Based On A Model That Used – A Very Large Heavy Man – With An Eleven-Pound Head – Taking For Six Minutes

~ TSOLRTT ~ Texting Sends Out Less Radiation Than Talking

~ C-TDIOCMOG ~ Coltan – The Devastating Impact Of Coltan Mining On Gorillas

~ Y-WDNH-AEOBTICTHUCPHFALMTAD-B-TYACGTBHS-WADNHAEOLC ~ Yes – We Do Not Have – An Epidemic Of Brain Tumors – In Countries That Have Used Cell Phones Heavily For Little More Than A Decade – But – Ten Years After Cigarettes Began To Be Heavily Smoked – We Also Did Not Have An – Epidemic Of Lung Cancer

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