~ KFLOU-DMMT ~ Krug’s First Law Of Usability – Don’t Make Me Think

~ AAR-PDLTPOHTDT ~ As A Rule – People Don’t Like To Puzzle Over How To Do Things

~ TFTTPWBTSDCETMTO ~ The Fact That The People Who Built The Site Didn’t Care Enough To Make Things Obvious

~ WDMOC-W-S-WCTFRO ~ We Don’t Make Optimal Choices – We – Satisfice – We Choose The First Reasonable Option

~ KSLOU-IDMHMTIHTC-ALAECI-M-U-C ~ Krug’s Second Law Of Usability – It Doesn’t Matter How Many Times I Have To Click – As Long As Each Click Is – A – Mindless – Unambiguous – Choice

~ KTLOU-GROHTWOEP-TGROHOWL ~ Krug’s Third Law Of Usability – Get Rid Of Half The Words On Each Page – Then Get Rid Of Half Of What’s Left

~ TMTYNTKAIITNOIGTRT-ALNUARAA-‘MT’-HF ~ The Main Thing You Need To Know About Instructions Is That No One Is Going To Read Them – At Least Not Until After Repeated Attempts At – “Muddling Through” – Have Failed

~ NBAGT!(TM) ~ Nothing Beats A Good Tagline!(TM)

~ ‘OT-ICTO-CEO-IAD-S-WHTAI’ ~ “Oh That – It Came To Our – CEO – In A Dream – So – We Had To Add It”

~ T-BSVOTT-TWSPCATFOWIIAHTUI-TNSFI ~ Testing – Build Some Version Of The Thing – Then Watch Some People Carefully As They Figure Out What It Is And How To Use It – There’s No Substitute For It

~ YACBTROTT ~ You Actually Can Be Too Rich Or Too Thin

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