~ UYKTBMBTWO-TE-YWRI-IWTYIIWI-AAA ~ Unless You Know The Basic Mechanics Behind The Workings Of – The Ego – You Won’t Recognize It – And – It Will Trick You Into Identifying With It – Again And Again

~ WKT-S-CCS-GITFTTTFYTTDW ~ What Keeps The – So-Called Consumer Society – Going Is The Fact That Trying To Find Yourself Through Things Doesn’t Work

~ AAECC ~ Awareness And Ego Cannot Coexist

~ TPEPTYRTMSIO-A-MATI-TTBTSPTAAIY-B-TYAUOUTDWY-ITS-YHMTLFYE ~ The Particular Egoic Patterns That You React To Most Strongly In Others – And – Misperceive As Their Identity – Tend To Be The Same Patterns That Are Also In You – But – That You Are Unable Or Unwilling To Detect Within Yourself – In That Sense – You Have Much To Learn From Your Enemies

~ TEAWSFOPOS-TIAAHA-AASO-‘NEY’-O-IAL-TNTBF-IU-PAS-TGWIW-AEWIS-IINSFL ~ The Ego Always Wants Something From Other People Or Situations – There Is Always A Hidden Agenda – Always A Sense Of – “Not Enough Yet” – Of – Insufficiency And Lack – That Needs To Be Filled – It Uses – People And Situations – To Get What It Wants – And Even When It Succeeds – It Is Never Satisfied For Long

~ TPCOUINTSBYTAI ~ The Primary Cause Of Unhappiness Is Never The Situation But Your Thoughts About It

~ RTBY-TAE-B-TABT ~ Rather Than Being Your – Thoughts And Emotions – Be – The Awareness Behind Them

~ TECSASCS ~ The Ego Creates Separation And Separation Creates Suffering

~ NEHITPTCPYFBPN ~ Nothing Ever Happened In The Past That Can Prevent You From Being Present Now

~ VUP-ETOE-TIRIO ~ Very Unconscious People – Experience Their Own Ego – Through Its Reflection In Others

~ WYRT-WYRTIOIAIY(ASOIY)-YBTBAOYOE-ATS-YMART-YWDTOWYTOWDTY ~ When You Realize That – What You React To In Others Is Also In You (And Sometimes Only In You) – You Begin To Become Aware Of Your Own Ego – At That Stage – You May Also Realize That – You Were Doing To Others What You Thought Others Were Doing To You

~ ATGTIAIYLITFFAA-WYTTWIWFY-YAWFTW-YAWIB-DDYTYASATYHNTG-YCRWYDG ~ Acknowledging The Good That Is Already In Your Life Is The Foundation For All Abundance – Whatever You Think The World Is Withholding From You – You Are Withholding From The World – You Are Withholding It Because – Deep Down You Think You Are Small And That You Have Nothing To Give – You Cannot Receive What You Don’t Give

~ TDTMTPMIYFITEOTE ~ The Decision To Make The Present Moment Into Your Friend Is The End Of The Ego

~ TINTYCDA-A-WYDWB-TE-TTA-AOE-TI-AIMPP-ATMIMIAB-IOA-YATCOATYM-OTMIOWAAOEPIL-ATTTLUTTI ~ There Is Nothing That You Can Do About – Awakening – Whatever You Do Will Be – The Ego – Trying To Add – Awakening Or Enlightenment – To Itself – As Its Most Prized Possession – And Thereby Making Itself More Important And Bigger – Instead Of Awakening – You Add The Concept Of Awakening To Your Mind – Or The Mental Image Of What An Awakened Or Enlightened Person Is Like – And Then Try To Live Up To That Image

~ WYM-TPM-IO-PAF-TFPOYL-YATEWYD-AWITQOYL-ID ~ When You Make – The Present Moment – Instead Of – Past And Future – The Focal Point Of Your Life – Your Ability To Enjoy What You Do — And With It The Quality Of Your Life — Increases Dramatically

~ YDHTWFS-‘M’-TCIYL-STYCFEWYD-TIMMI-J-TYWEN ~ You Don’t Have To Wait For Something – “Meaningful” – To Come Into Your Life – So That You Can Finally Enjoy What You Do – There Is More Meaning In – Joy – Than You Will Ever Need

~ J-DNCF-WYD-IFI-WYD-ATITWFDWY ~ Joy – Does Not Come From – What You Do – It Flows Into – What You Do – And Thus Into This World From Deep Within You

~ YWEAAIWYAFP-AATINJ-AMTAE ~ You Will Enjoy Any Activity In Which You Are Fully Present – Any Activity That Is Not Just – A Means To An End

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