~ THC:LIT ~ The Human Condition: Lost In Thought

~ MPSTELIWTCOTOT-TNGBA-N-M-M-PSOS-TICBTP ~ Most People Spend Their Entire Life Imprisoned Within The Confines Of Their Own Thoughts – They Never Go Beyond A – Narrow – Mind-Made – Personalized Sense Of Self – That Is Conditioned By The Past

~ TIADOCFDTT-IITVEOWYA-WMCI-P-A-TUC ~ There Is A Dimension Of Consciousness Far Deeper Than Thought – It Is The Very Essence Of Who You Are – We May Call It – Presence – Awareness – The Unconditioned Consciousness

~ THM-IIDT-K/U/C-MIOAVFTT ~ The Human Mind – In Its Desire To – Know / Understand / Control – Mistakes Its Opinions And Viewpoints For The Truth

~ TTMIAUAPT-B-IIAVLWITOYLC-WYDRTIIOASAOTCTYA ~ The Thinking Mind Is A Useful And Powerful Tool – But – It Is Also Very Limiting When It Takes Over Your Life Completely – When You Don’t Realize That It Is Only A Small Aspect Of The Consciousness That You Are

~ W-INAPOT-TDKTIWATTSAO-GSOSYFA-AIPI-CI ~ Wisdom – Is Not A Product Of Thought – The Deep Knowing That Is Wisdom Arises Through The Simple Act Of – Giving Someone Or Something Your Full Attention – Attention Is Primordial Intelligence – Consciousness Itself

~ WITBD?-IWT ~ What Is This Basic Delusion? – Identification With Thought

~ POAK-I-TYAIW-TTM-IM-YDSTOHBA-BOYOCOTHB-TRTAOAHBTACIAAFOV ~ Prejudice Of Any Kind – Implies – That You Are Identified With – The Thinking Mind – It Means – You Don’t See The Other Human Being Anymore – But Only Your Own Concept Of That Human Being – To Reduce The Aliveness Of Another Human Being To A Concept Is Already A Form Of Violence

~ BAEWTSO-‘NK’-TTYB-M-BTMIATTCAI-IIAO-NK-WYCBAEW-NK-YHAGBTM-ADKTIN-CTAOOTS ~ Become At Ease With The State Of – “Not Knowing” – This Takes You Beyond – Mind – Because The Mind Is Always Trying To Conclude And Interpret – It Is Afraid Of Not Knowing – When You Can Be At Ease With – Not Knowing – You Have Already Gone Beyond The Mind – A Deeper Knowing That Is Non-Conceptual Then Arises Out Of That State

~ T-‘I’-TINSFL-IIA-M-MSOWYA-CBTP-A-STFIFITF ~ The – “I” – That Is Never Satisfied For Long – It Is A – Mind-Made Sense Of Who You Are – Conditioned By The Past – And – Seeking To Find Its Fulfillment In The Future

~ WYLT-TE-YA-RTPMTAMTAE-YLFTF ~ When You Live Through – The Ego – You Always – Reduce The Present Moment To A Means To An End – You Live For The Future

~ WYGMAT-TD-TT-TFR-TYWTATI-YB-TOEC-Y-D-TBNOAGDME-BIM-F-A-J ~ When You Give More Attention To – The Doing – Than To – The Future Result – That You Want To Achieve Through It – You Break – The Old Egoic Conditioning – Your Doing – Then Becomes Not Only A Great Deal More Effective – But Infinitely More – Fulfilling – And – Joyful

~ CAR-A-FMP-TWTESI-FMP-ALPOTM-EACO-CARATOT ~ Complaining And Reactivity – Are – Favorite Mind Patterns – Through Which The Ego Strengthens Itself – For Many People – A Large Part Of Their Mental-Emotional Activity Consists Of – Complaining And Reacting Against This Or That

~ IYDWP-CYDSFOE-SOI-TT?-YALA-TE-WLTC ~ In Your Dealings With People – Can You Detect Subtle Feelings Of Either – Superiority Or Inferiority – Toward Them? – You Are Looking At – The Ego – Which Lives Through Comparison

~ TEIDOCAFOM-IWGAA-IAEF-YCSYFSOSTSYA-MUTBLOMITSE ~ The Ego’s Identity Depends On Comparison And Feeds On More – It Will Grasp At Anything – If All Else Fails – You Can Strengthen Your Fictitious Sense Of Self Through Seeing Yourself As – More Unfairly Treated By Life Or More Ill Than Someone Else

~ BITVSO-TES-IANT-O-R-A-E-TMTSOSOWICSD-STI-‘M’-AT-‘O’-‘U’-A-‘T’ ~ Built Into The Very Structure Of – The Egoic Self – Is A Need To – Oppose – Resist – And – Exclude – To Maintain The Sense Of Separateness On Which Its Continued Survival Depends – So There Is – “Me” – Against The – “Other” – “Us” – Against – “Them”

~ TE-NTBICW-SOS ~ The Ego – Needs To Be In Conflict With – Something Or Someone

~ TOM-N-ITOTYCNEF-TOCFIYL-NMWH-OTIC:IAN ~ This One Moment – Now – Is The Only Thing You Can Never Escape From – The One Constant Factor In Your Life – No Matter What Happens – One Thing Is Certain: It’s Always Now

~ STINEF-TN-WNWI-BFWI? ~ Since There Is No Escape From – The Now – Why Not Welcome It – Become Friendly With It?

~ DYTTMAIIWAOTBO?-DYFYH-AFMTGT-TIMI? ~ Do You Treat This Moment As If It Were An Obstacle To Be Overcome? – Do You Feel You Have – A Future Moment To Get To – That Is More Important?

~ FTAWYB-TAYI-TN ~ Feel The Aliveness Within Your Body – That Anchors You In – The Now

~ T-N-IDT-WHII-IITSIWIH ~ The Now – Is Deeper Than – What Happens In It – It Is The Space In Which It Happens

~ YFP-NB-RTCOYL-B-BRWYAATDL ~ You Find Peace – Not By – Rearranging The Circumstances Of Your Life – But – By Realizing Who You Are At The Deepest Level

~ YCFYITPOF-TOPWYCFYII-TN ~ You Cannot Find Yourself In The Past Or Future – The Only Place Where You Can Find Yourself Is In – The Now

~ ALA-TE-RYL-MOY-T-E-A-A-AF-DAF-IR-YTE-WOFS-FTOP ~ As Long As – The Ego – Runs Your Life – Most Of Your – Thoughts – Emotions – And – Actions – Arise From – Desire And Fear – In Relationships – You Then Either – Want Or Fear Something – From The Other Person

~ WYMTPMTFPOYA-IOUIAAMTAE-YGBTE-A-BTUCTUPA-AMTAE-TEBS-E ~ When You Make The Present Moment The Focal Point Of Your Attention — Instead Of Using It As A Means To An End — You Go Beyond The Ego – And – Beyond The Unconscious Compulsion To Use People As – A Means To An End – The End Being Self-Enhancement

~ L-DNWOF-A ~ Love – Does Not Want Or Fear – Anything

~ U-OC-TIN-O-A-YAAM-Y ~ Ultimately – Of Course – There Is No – Other – And – You Are Always Meeting – Yourself

~ UMPTTCTAESBMTC-BBAOTATH ~ Unconscious Mind Patterns Tend To Come To An End Simply By Making Them Conscious – By Becoming Aware Of Them As They Happen

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