~ WTTE ~ Welcome To The Entanglement

~ E-AWBSTBMAMC-TIAGDBHWIOSTA-A-HTADA ~ Entanglement – As We Build Systems That Become More And More Complicated – There Is A Greater Divergence Between How We Intend Our Systems To Act – And – How They Actually Do Act

~ WCSAOIRTSTAA-OTHBDF-TCCBALITFOTU ~ While Complicated Systems Are Often Incredibly Robust To Shocks That Are Anticipated – Ones They Have Been Designed For – Their Complexity Can Be A Liability In The Face Of The Unanticipated

~ WATUACS-WMDTPR-OLOD-AWTLAI ~ When Attempting To Understand A Complex System – We Must Determine The Proper Resolution – Or Level Of Detail – At Which To Look At It

~ COUP ~ Complications Of Unknown Purpose

~ WWIRTATCOAOKTA ~ We Will Increasingly Require The Ability To Connect One Area Of Knowledge To Another

~ WHWT-WMHHWR-A-CWF ~ Walking Humbly With Technology – We Must Have Humility Without Reverence – And – Curiosity Without Fear

~ BATPUTHOTIJIOE;IHIUAUPTOT ~ Being Able To Peek Underneath The Hood Of Technology Isn’t Just Interesting Or Educational; It Helps Inoculate Us Against Unhealthy Perspective Toward Our Technologies

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