~ RBCBIP ~ Reading Books Can Be Intensely Pleasurable

~ RIOOTGHD ~ Reading Is One Of The Great Human Delights

~ RAW ~ Read At Whim

~ AINTLTBTNLAA-FR ~ And It’s Never Too Late To Begin This New Life As A – Free Reader

~ IYT-U-TSWYFACF-IS-YMDASOWTA-F-I-BA-Y-C-CIPWT-DI-UAN ~ If You Turn – Upstream – To See Where Your Favorite Authors Came From – Intellectually Speaking – You May Discover All Sorts Of Works That Are – Fascinating – Illuminating – But Also – Yes – Challenging – Challenging Is Precisely What The – Downstream Imitators – Usually Are Not

~ AMNATRFAABAGPO? ~ And Might Not All This Reverence For Ancient Authors Be A Great Put-On?

~ TW-WILB-MDSB-TA-AIARR-WCATOB ~ Those Who – Write In Library Books – May Do So Because – They Are – Admirably Irrepressible And Responsive Readers – Who Can’t Afford Their Own Books

~ R-ISTBA-TEWOM-N-AOTRTTEASO-M ~ Reading – Is Supposed To Be About – The Encounter With Other Minds – Not – An Opportunity To Return To The Endlessly Appealing Subject Of – Me

~ IIWTL-BIMBSMWTRABOBYDWT-R-CYEAMOTLOMOTP-IOTIPWOYSBDTA ~ It Is Wrong To Lie – But It May Be Still More Wrong To Read A Bunch Of Books You Don’t Want To – Read – Cast Your Eyes Across Most Of The Lines On Most Of The Pages – In Order To Impress People Whose Opinion You Shouldn’t Be Deferring To Anyhow

~ MBBMBTFYRT ~ Many Books Become More Boring The Faster You Read Them

~ MOUTTCOITMOTBAZ-BCTPO-M ~ Many Of Us Try To Console Ourselves In The Midst Of The Blooming And Buzzing – By Claiming The Powers Of – Multitasking

~ NOA-M-I-WSADTAGATOOAAGT ~ No One Actually – Multitasks – Instead – We Shift Among Different Tasks And Give Attention To Only One At Any Given Time

~ TATMRIASO-‘CPA’ ~ The Attempt To Multitask Results In A State Of – “Continuous Partial Attention”

~ TWBTAA-SM-TTBWATTO ~ Those Who Believe They Are A – Skilled Multitasker – Tend To Be Worse At It Than Others

~ EAHI-IH-WTSKOTC-TT-POL ~ Every Era Has Its – Intellectual Hucksters – Willing To Sell Knowledge On The Cheap – To The – Panicky Or Lazy

~ N-NOPOLP-WOIFRTSWCIISCAC-TAIDI-TDK ~ No – Novel Or Play Or Long Poem – Will Offer Its Full Rewards To Someone Who Consumes It In Small Chunks And Crumbs – The Attention It Demands Is – The Deep Kind

~ E-GI-EAITPOB-CAC-OMBAFBTT-P-C-S ~ Every – Good Idea – Ever Achieved Is The Product Of Both – Connection And Contemplation – Of Moving Back And Forth Between The Two – Predecessors – Colleagues – Solitude

~ N-OU-AHAAW-BWCAFOAAAAETWOITF-MOTI ~ Nonreaders – Outnumber Us – Always Have And Always Will – But We Can Always Find One Another And Are Always Eager To Welcome Others Into The Fold – May Our Tribe Increase

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