~ WP-IAEBO-TDITCSAA ~ Western Philosophy – Is Almost Entirely Based On – Theories Developed In Tiny Communities Such As Athens

~ WDHTBPOTCOOCWNHB-STS-C ~ We Don’t Have To Be Prisoners Of Theories Coming Out Of Countries Where Nature Has Been – So To Speak – Conquered

~ TIOACSFLAECFWAE-EC-TITCM ~ The Idea Of A Complex Society Functioning Like An Equally Complex Family Within An Ever-Enlarging Circle – That Is The Canadian Model

~ ODPCETEOFAIIWN-TWMOLAOWHTBD ~ Once Decent People Can Express The Elements Of Fairness As If It Were Normal – They Will More Or Less Agree On What Has To Be Done

~ HLCACSWADDE?-HIFWATTQ-COCOC ~ How Long Can A Country Survive With A Deeply Dysfunctional Elite? – History Is Filled With Answers To That Question – Countries Often Crumble Or Collapse

~ HCYCMITINCTATITFP? ~ How Can You Correct Mistakes If There Is No Capacity To Admit Them In The First Place?

~ FOPD-ICT-OEF ~ Fear Of Public Debate – Is Central To – Our Elite Failure

~ RIAFWU-TKTAYMCQT ~ Real Ideas Are Filled With Uncertainty – To Keep Them Alive You Must Constantly Question Them

~ Y-WNACAOM-BAAWN-O-B-RT ~ Yes – We Need A Certain Amount Of Managers – But Above All We Need – Owners – Builders – Risk Takers

~ ISOTIOUTERWHTOTLTD-NUPDOEIPBTEC-SU/DI:BOTASOD ~ In Spite Of The Importance Of Understanding The Economic Road We Have Taken Over The Last Three Decades – No Useful Public Debate On Economics Is Permitted By The Economics Community – Speaking Up / Debating Issues: Both Of These Are Signs Of Disloyalty

~ TAOACEIAA-CAD-IAIT-CAL-T-TPIOAFS-LIM-MIA ~ The Argument Of A Colonial Elite Is Always About – Control And Domination – It Always Insists That – Choices Are Limited – That – The Pie Is Of A Fixed Size – Less Is More – More Is Anarchy

~ IA-HS-M-IALCW-M-HI ~ In A – Healthy Society – More – Is A Larger Circle With – More – Happening Inside

~ RTN-WOTWSTAI-TET-TTACWA ~ Rectify The Names – Work On The Way Society Talks About Itself – To Ensure That – The Terms And Concepts Were Accurate

~ ACOF ~ A Circle Of Fairness

~ SST-WDTMTSPOTLFYAMALAHMC-TTCBSSTMCS ~ Studies Show That – Western Democracies That Maintained Their Social Programs Over The Last Twenty-Five Years Also Maintained A Large And Healthy Middle Class – Those That Cut Back Seriously Saw Their Middle Classes Shrink

~ A-GAI-AGDOAWIS-IIAPTTCWD-TOOTNMDTDTDOTLOTP-I-ICLTOOP ~ A – Guaranteed Annual Income – A Great Deal Of Administrative Waste Is Saved – It Is A Policy That Treats Citizens With Dignity – The Opposite Of The Nosey Managerial Desire To Dissect The Details Of The Life Of The Poor – Instead – It Can Lift Them Out Of Poverty

~ Y-TIANT-EMM-CEIPC ~ Yes – There Is A Need To – Encourage Much More – Citizen Engagement In Public Causes

~ ASCABU-SR-UDOO-DC ~ All Successful Civilizations Are Built Upon – Simple Realizations – Usually Dragged Out Of – Difficult Circumstances

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