~ AOWESMW-TWCC-A-E-TWCI-HTBCOS ~ As Our World Evolves So Must We – Those Who Can Change – And – Especially – Those Who Can Innovate – Have The Best Chance Of Succeeding

~ FMOU-CINC-STDCF-UOA-SIRT-ASOL-CUDTYGSU ~ For Most Of Us – Change Is Not Comfortable – Sometimes The Discomfort Comes From – Uncertainty Or Ambiguity – Sometimes It’s Related To – A Sense Of Loss – Change Usually Demands That You Give Something Up

~ TSPDMTD-TEI-SIOAAA-A-TCWDIWMTSGAC ~ Truly Successful People Don’t Merely Tolerate Discomfort – They Embrace It – Seeking It Out Again And Again – And – Their Comfort With Discomfort Is What Makes Them So Good At Change

~ IYCTD-YCGBATTAD-YCG ~ If You Cannot Tolerate Discomfort – You Cannot Get Better At Things That Are Difficult – You Cannot Grow

~ LTCW-D-D/A/C-CBOOTGAOACESY ~ Learning To Cope With – Discomfort – Disagreement / Aggression / Criticism – Can Be One Of The Greatest Accomplishments Of A Child’s Early School Years

~ ATALTTDLIPAITLOPC ~ Attending To And Learning To Tolerate Discomfort Lessens Its Power And Increases The Likelihood Of Positive Change

~ M-LYED-WJI-DTAAYTLITM ~ Mindfulness – Letting Yourself Experience Discomfort – Without Judging It – Disperses Tension And Allows You To Live In The Moment

~ WCROE-STDDNDUOPUTS-DB-A-IBASTBS-ACTPUITDWNTO ~ We Can Reframe Our Experiences – So That Discomfort Does Not Derail Us Or Push Us Toward Self-Destructive Behavior – And – Instead Becomes A Sign To Be Studied – A Compass That Points Us In The Direction We Need To Go

~ RD ~ Reframing Discomfort

~ YEO-‘P’-IIBYCSOM-YPE-A-YFE ~ Your Experience Of – “Pain” – Is Influenced By Your Current State Of Mind – Your Prior Experiences – And – Your Future Expectations

~ BYCCYFODHYATC ~ Believing You Can Control Your Feelings Of Discomfort Heightens Your Ability To Cope

~ KHLYHTPUWPIABDOHWYBATTI ~ Knowing How Long You’ll Have To Put Up With Pain Is A Big Determinate Of How Well You’ll Be Able To Tolerate It

~ A-TMWATPM ~ And – The Meaning We Assign To Pain Matters

~ TOTPAAWIP-AMTAE-A-C-ASTWP-AMIMB ~ Thinking Of The Pain As A Work In Progress – A Means To An End – And – Crucially – As Something That Will Pass – Also Makes It More Bearable

~ TMF-OFOMDIHWRTOC ~ The Mindset Factor – Our Frame Of Mind Dramatically Influences How We Respond To Our Circumstances

~ G-ATSS-IFITASOW-BAAFDSL-IF-PG-FOWYHTBGF-A-MAPOEYT-WAWUASFOME-A-TFLS ~ Gratitude – According To Social Scientists – Is Fundamentally Important To A Sense Of Well-Being And A Fully Developed Social Life – In Fact – Practising Gratitude – Focusing On What You Have To Be Grateful For – And – Making A Point Of Expressing Your Thanks – We Also Wind Up Accepting Support From Others More Easily – And – Therefore Fell Less Stressed

~ SEOGCEMRTFG ~ Sincere Expressions Of Gratitude Create Even More Reasons To Feel Grateful

~ TAGHITP-YHTTCATPAOATF-TKTBEILTFGAF-GAF-A-IOW-TWPOH-TAAMO-TP ~ To Achieve Greater Happiness In The Present – You Have To Think Constructively About The Past And Optimistically About The Future – The Key To Both Exercises Is Learning To Feel Gratitude And Forgiveness – Gratitude And Forgiveness – Are – In Other Words – The Twin Pillars Of Happiness – They Are Also Misery’s One-Two Punch

~ TSE-OATFGMBGP-B-NDPTLR-YCLHTFMG ~ To Some Extent – Our Ability To Feel Grateful May Be Genetically Predetermined – But – Nurture Definitely Plays The Largest Role – You Can Learn How To Feel More Gratitude

~ RS-LLHTPTP-IYPFGIADW-ARH-TSIAALBEYA-YFHTGACD ~ Research Suggests – Like Learning How To Play The Piano – If You Practise Feeling Grateful In A Disciplined Way – A Regular Habit – Then Spreading It Around A Little By Expressing Your Appreciation – You’ll Feel Happier Than Grousers And Complainers Do

~ CT-FOTRYHTBG-IO-TRYD-NOIYHQ-B-ABOTBITAY ~ Choosing To – Focus On The Reasons You Have To Be Grateful – Instead Of – The Reasons You Don’t – Not Only Improves Your Happiness Quotient – But – Also Brings Out The Best In Those Around You

~ IIHTFUWYAOHMYHAYFGFI ~ It Is Harder To Feel Unhappy When You’re Aware Of How Much You Have And You Feel Grateful For It

~ DPWAGWUHBL-O-ATGBTLAASG? ~ Do People Who Are Grateful Wind Up Having Better Lives – Or – Are They Grateful Because Their Lives Are Already So Good?

~ CYB-A-RDW-EIYDHATMOT-YWFALHIYSAFMEDAFOWTA ~ Counting Your Blessings – Apparently – Really Does Work – Even If You Don’t Have All That Many Of Them – You Will Feel A Lot Happier If You Spend A Few Minutes Every Day Actively Figuring Out What They Are

~ WIK ~ Wording Is Key

~ DTCA-AEFEFOP-CBOOTMDTTDW ~ Discomfort That Comes As – An External Force Emanating From Other People – Can Be One Of The Most Difficult Types To Deal With

~ SHST-WDNTHA-AC-TFBAD-WJNT-BWHC-TRTB-WBO-FAMHP-BWCWDTWABWBCBI ~ Studies Have Shown That – We Don’t Need To Have Any – Actual Control – To Feel Better About Discomfort – We Just Need To – Believe We Have Control – To Reap The Benefits – We’re Better Off – From A Mental Health Perspective – Believing We Can Withstand Discomfort Than We Are Believing We’ll Be Crushed By It

~ S-SHIGYAFOC-B-HTMICBIWFH ~ Sometimes – Simply Having Information Gives You A Feeling Of Control – But – Having Too Much Information Can Backfire If We Feel Helpless

~ TDOR ~ The Discomfort Of Reinvention

~ MOFSTHWFYFALT-CB-OOTMC-A-U-FOC ~ Moving On From Something That Has Worked For You For A Long Time – Can Be – One Of The Most Challenging – And – Uncomfortable – Forms Of Change

~ WCO-ALOI-R-ITPTPTGSOC ~ When Change Occasions – A Loss Of Identity – Reinvention – Is The Path That Provides – The Greatest Sense Of Control

~ CWS-SYSCAG-IE-YNTBAT-FO-WRI-A-SO-TRT-F-TMD ~ Coping With Stress – So You Stay Calm And Grounded – Is Essential – You Need To Be Able To – Focus On – What’s Really Important – And – Sort Out – The Real Threats – From – The Mere Distractions

~ A-RITEOP-A-BSTGOL ~ Anxiety – Really Is The Enemy Of Progress – And – Basically Shuts The Gate On Learning

~ TCTTAIAEIFOC ~ The Capacity To Tolerate Ambiguity Is An Especially Important Feature Of Creativity

~ BIYO-C-WPC-S-E-IIBIRIM-CTHWYBATMTC ~ Belief In Your Own – Capability – Which Psychologists Call – Self-Efficacy – Is Important Because It Reinforces Internal Motivation – Central To How Well You’ll Be Able To Maintain The Change

~ HITSYTMS-TAPOTP-WINAAL ~ However Inconsequential The Steps You’re Taking May Seem – They’re All Part Of The Process – Which Is Not At All Linear

~ CINASCASOSBAIUASS-YMLYFASRBDTAPS ~ Change Is Not About Steadily Climbing A Set Of Stairs But About Inching Up A Slippery Spiral – You May Lose Your Footing And Slide Right Back Down To A Previous Stage

~ FTM ~ Finding The Meaning

~ C-IA-ATNC-O-AOTAOO ~ Change – Is About – Adapting To New Circumstances – Or – Adapting Our Thinking About Old Ones

~ IIEFUTACIWHANFWIH-IOW-IWITCWM ~ It Is Easier For Us To Accept Change If We Have A Narrative For Why It’s Happening – In Other Words – If We Invest The Change With Meaning

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