~ PR-SF-PR ~ PR – Stands For – People React

~ TPOAOCWASIII ~ The Power Of An Online Community With A Shared Interest Is Immeasurable

~ SBA-BF ~ Stop Being Afraid – Be First

~ BPFS ~ Be Prepared For Your Success

~ WWDTWWSET ~ What We Do Trumps What We Say Every Time

~ DWIIJI ~ Data Without Insights Is Just Ignorance

~ 67%-OA-D-I-MU ~ 67 Percent – Of All – Data – Is – Made Up

~ PANN-A-TCBETATSWND ~ People Are Not Numbers – And – They Cannot Be Expected To Act The Same Way Numbers Do

~ FUCC ~ Friendly Unsolicited Commercial Contact

~ WBASOKC-WBNA-PIP-A-AO ~ We’ve Become A Society Of Keyboard Commandos – Who By Nature Are – Passive In Person – And – Aggressive Online

~ CYF-TNTCYFIARTGAYOII ~ Check Your Facts – The Need To Check Your Facts Is A Responsibility That Grows As Your Online Influence Increases

~ GAFSTEWAIAGWTLYS ~ Giving Away Free Stuff To Everybody Who Asks Is A Great Way To Lose Your Shirt

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