~ DACTC ~ Determine And Control The Context

~ DMO-MDOAMCMBMB ~ Determine My Outcome – My Desired Outcome And My Client’s Must Be Mutually Beneficial

~ IAE-D-D-W-M ~ Identify And Empathize – Desires – Drives – Wants – Motivators

~ DRAR-CATGLTTAS ~ Defuse Resistance And Reactance – Certain At The Gut Level That Things Are Safe

~ DFOAR ~ Defuse Feelings Of Anticipated Regret

~ CFTP ~ Carefully Frame The Proposal

~ PAS ~ Propose A Solution

~ SOTE-IA ~ Solve Obstacles That Exist – In Advance

~ AUTSY-KWYPIRFYCAPUTSY-KFWISITTSN ~ Ask Until They Say Yes – Know When Your Proposal Is Right For Your Customer And Persist Until They Say Yes – Knowing Full Well It’s Sometimes Important That They Say No

~ VL-YMVTPD-NIATCOTD-B-ADL ~ Validate Later – You Must Validate The Person’s Decision – Not Immediately After The Consummation Of The Deal – But – A Day Later

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