~ TPLINOAROR-ICABAA ~ The Private Library Is Not Only A Refuge Of Reading – It Can Also Be An Asylum

~ TL-TPOB-IATPBOO ~ The Library – The Place Of Books – Is Also The Potential Birthplace Of Obsessions

~ PB-HOTB-CKUFL ~ Possessing Books – Holding On To Books – Can Keep Us From Life

~ BAHWSTTDATD ~ Books Are How We Speak To The Distant And The Dead

~ NRCTETIOMWFL-NPAIOOTBWODNI-RB-WSOOL-ROOTMEMOESET ~ New Research Continues To Emphasize The Importance Of Mind Wandering For Learning – Not Paying Attention Is One Of The Best Ways Of Discovering New Ideas – Reading Books – Whether Silently Or Out Loud – Remains One Of The Most Efficient Means Of Enabling Such Errant Thinking

~ WALOSOTO-WAN-‘AO’ ~ We Are Losing Our Sense Of Time Online – We Are Now – “Always On”

~ FIOOTBCOTD-WWLASWBPT-TOEOCTS ~ Fatigue Is One Of The Basic Conditions Of The Digital – When We Look At Screens We Become Prematurely Tired – The Optical Equivalent Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

~ WM-DIB-O-AITC-B-WSTTW ~ We May – Dream In Books – Or – Awake In The Cinema – But – We Sleepwalk Through The Web

~ TINOTNT-E-TEDS-TO-O ~ There Is No Outside The Network Today – Except – The Ever Dwindling Space-Time Of – Off

~ WHRTAWBTIOP ~ We Have Returned To A World Before The Invention Of Privacy

~ RIBFW-B-IABMW-B-WAABAN ~ Reading Is Born From Writing – But – It Also Begets More Writing – But – Writing Almost Always Begins As Notes

~ TCB-COWCDFOR-ICTWOAW-WFW-ERWLHTITWSTTCUTLO-INWAINS ~ The Commonplace Book – Consists Of Words Copied Down From Our Reading – In Copying The Words Of Another Writer – Word For Word – Early Readers Were Learning How To Internalize Those Words So That They Could Use Them Later On – In New Ways And In New Settings

~ RINPAAOI-WWR-WEIAWOC-WO-L-S-O-MP-RS ~ Reading Is Never Purely An Act Of Isolation – When We Read – We Enter Into A World Of Commonality – Whether Of – Language – Story – Or – Material Place – Reading Socializes

~ C-TIIOTLNOIP-A-C-BSACGAII-IBIO-S-CIIWOOASOTHOHH-WDITCSTBUT-WIANLYOMBO ~ Copyright – The Initial Idea Of The Limited Nature Of Intellectual Property – A – Compromise – Between Serving A Common Good And Individual Incentive – Is Becoming Increasingly One-Sided – Corporate Interest Is Winning Out Over A Sense Of The History Of Human Habit – What Disappears Is That Common Space That Binds Us Together – Where Ideas Are No Longer Yours Or Mine But Ours

~ ITIA-S-OT-IICL-NOAEMFOILTTBC-UTAILI-B-TRSWOCDWSMABIE ~ If There Is A – Singularity – Out There – It Is Copyright Law – Not Only Are Ever More Facets Of Intellectual Life Thought To Be Copyrightable – Up To And Including Life Itself – But – The Restrictions Surrounding What Others Can Do With Such Material Are Becoming Increasingly Extensive

~ LT-E-TIAAOTC-TPD(N-TIC)-TIDATOLAEUTD ~ Like The – “Environment” – There Is An Abstraction Out There Called – The Public Domain (Now – The Intellectual Commons) – That Is Diminishing And That Our Laws Are Encouraging Us To Diminish

~ BATODE ~ Books Are The Original Difference Engines

~ BT-E-B-A-G-B-DFTWF-BT ~ Both The – English – Book – And – German – Buch – Derive From The Word For – Beech Tree

~ T-L-C-TTTUFB-DFTWFTOAT ~ The – Latin – Codex – The Technical Term Used For Books – Derives From The Word For Trunk Of A Tree

~ LANARTOAAADAL ~ Literacy And Numeracy Are Related To One Another At A Deep Anthropological Level

~ TH-OC-AB-TMTR ~ There Has – Of Course – Always Been – Too Much To Read

~ MIRM ~ Melancholy Is Reading’s Muse

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