~ SHRBBOF-PDNBFC ~ Success Has Rarely Been Built On Frivolity – People Do Not Buy From Clowns

~ IG-STMOYCADTEO ~ In General – Study The Methods Of Your Competitors And Do The Exact Opposite

~ DYOEWYY-TW-WYGO-PWTYGG ~ Develop Your Eccentricities While You’re Young – That Way – When You Get Old – People Won’t Think You’re Going Gaga

~ GPAYWMYFYW ~ Get People Alongside You Who Make You For Your Weaknesses

~ DCYOWBEPIKPWHTSW ~ Don’t Compound Your Own Weaknesses By Employing People In Key Postilions Who Have The Same Weakness

~ IMIU-YA-PL-IAGAL-SSU ~ I Made It Up – Years Ago – Poetic License – It Always Gets A Laugh – So Shut Up

~ YCBPIBYP ~ You Cannot Bore People Into Buying Your Product

~ TGTSBP-TLPRPIBS ~ The Greater The Similarity Between Products – The Less Part Reason Plays In Brand Selection

~ KIU-UYKHTCI ~ Knowledge Is Useless – Unless You Know How To Communicate It – In Writing

~ WPAHF-TSPGW ~ When People Aren’t Having Fun – They Seldom Produce Good Work

~ AWDTMTAMT-SOF-A-NET-EOB? ~ Are We Devoting Too Much Time And Money To – Salvaging Our Flops – And – Not Enough To – Exploiting Our Breakthroughs?

~ EI-CIOL-SODK ~ Encourage Innovation – Change Is Our Lifeblood – Stagnation Our Death Knell

~ WMPOWAGC ~ We Must Pull Our Weight As Good Citizens

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