~ BE-A KOH-TCS-TKNJLDD-OTPI-C-N-COH ~ Bubble Economics – A Kind Of High-Tech Casino Scam – That Kills Neighborhoods Just Like Dope Does – Only The Product Is – Credit – Not – Crack Or Heroin

~ TGC ~ The Grifter Class

~ TIHRS-CPMIHTNTATRIOTP ~ The Insurmountable Hurdle For So-Called Populist Movements Is Having The Nerve To Attack The Rich Instead Of The Poor

~ TDFU-WFT ~ They Don’t Feed Us – We Feed Them

~ ITETPWADAOTDR ~ In The End The Printed Wealth All Disappeared And Only The Debts Remained

~ APRMFTS-GPFTA ~ A Pure Free Market For The Suckers – Golden Parachutes For The Atlases

~ WPFT-IO-AGOHI-O-AAEG-O-AB-NSORAH ~ We Paid For This – Instead Of – A Generation Of Health Insurance – Or – An Alternative Energy Grid – Or – A Brand-New System Of Roads And Highways

~ IYCFASITC-WSITSOL-ID ~ If You Can’t Fit A Story Into The Culture-War Storyline In Ten Seconds Or Less – It Dies

~ OG-AD-DD ~ Organized Greed – Always Defeats – Disorganized Democracy

~ BIAF-TDS ~ Born In A Four-Thousand Dollar Suite

~ AYHHIWBFYTMMISFYABFDAW ~ Ask Yourself How Hard It Would Be For You To Make Money If Someone Fronted You A Billion Free Dollars A Week

~ S-BOYH-ETD-TBT-YABJ ~ Stolen – Billions Of Your Hard-Earned Tax Dollars – To Buy Themselves – Yachts And BlowJobs

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