~ OA-YSFATOED-A-AQOTTISD ~ On Average – You Sleep For A Third Of Each Day – And – A Quarter Of This Time Is Spent Dreaming

~ ENYEOAEJ-TIHY-T-F-A-B-WYAA ~ Each Night You Embark On An Extraordinary Journey – That Influences How You – Think – Feel – And – Behave – When You Are Awake

~ IW-T-F-HM-A-PIAHSTCAWTNNS-TEOSDIHACIOOL ~ Increased Workloads – Twenty-Four-Hour Media – And – Permanent Internet Access Has Combined To Create A World That Now Never Sleeps – This Epidemic Of Sleep Deprivation Is Having A Catastrophic Impact On Our Lives

~ PSH-RP-PL-SS-C ~ Poor Sleeping Habits – Reduce Productivity – Prevent Learning – Sap Self-Control

~ PS-AW-DAO ~ Poor Sleep – Associated With – Depression And Obesity

~ EASLOSCHADEOH ~ Even A Small Lack Of Sleep Can Have A Detrimental Effect On Health

~ ‘REM’ ~ “Rapid Eye Movement”

~ ‘HMT’-TSTYAFBYSFTYEBHJIA-TSTBAWEOSIAUP ~ “Hypnagogic Myoclonic Twitch” – The Sensation That You Are Falling Before You Suddenly Find That Your Entire Body Has Jolted Itself Awake – They Seem To Be Associated With Exhaustion Or Sleeping In An Uncomfortable Position

~ DSS-AVTYPAPW-BBTAAWTPOGHTHRDT-TSAAIFCIIFTD-A-AAAW-S-ST-A-NT ~ Deep Sleep Stages – Are Vital To Your Psychological And Physical Well-Being Because They Are Associated With The Production Of Growth Hormones That Help Repair Damaged Tissue – These Stages Are Also Important For Consolidating Important Information From The Day – And – Are Also Associated With – Sleepwalking – Sleep Talking – And – Night Terrors

~ MPAI-REM-S-OAO-F-AAQOTN-A-TISRTA-‘PS’-B-TBIAAAAIIWYAA ~ Most People Are In – Rem – State – On And Off – For – About A Quarter Of The Night – And – This Is Sometimes Referred To As – “Paradoxical Sleep” – Because – The Brain Is Almost As Active As It Is When You Are Awake

~ THNOF-RAIJTTOTSDI ~ The High Number Of Fatigue-Related Accidents Is Just The Tip Of The Sleep Deprivation Iceberg

~ M-S-WYASDYBCNOFAFSWYBAOI-A-YECRO-ETYBISA ~ Micro-Sleep – When You Are Sleep Deprived Your Brain Can Nod Off For A Few Seconds Without You Being Aware Of It – Amazingly – Your Eyes Can Remain Open – Even Though Your Brain Is Sound Asleep

~ TFPOYBPAKRIDYLOW-WYASD-TLEITPOTBCBEDBIDYSOS-CAD ~ The Front Part Of Your Brain Plays A Key Role In Determining Your Level Of Willpower – When You Are Sleep Deprived – The Low Energy Levels In This Part Of The Brain Can Be Especially Damaging Because It Disrupts Your Sense Of Self-Control And Discipline

~ SD-I-WOEI-CBB-A-PAOB ~ Sleep Deprivation – Is – Wrecking Our Educational Institutions – Costing Business Billions – And – Prematurely Aging Our Brains

~ SNOMHAENIAWAROMC ~ Spending Nine Or More Hours Asleep Each Night Is Associated With A Range Of Medial Conditions

~ SNOPSCYBTRASHC-C-THPTPO-C-AS-C-ULS-FL-A-DCUYE ~ Several Nights Of Poor Sleep Causes Your Body To Release A Stress Hormone Called – Cortisol – This Hormone Prevents The Production Of – Collagen – And So – Creates – Unhealthy Looking Skin – Fine Lines – And – Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

~ ETD-ETYBIADAP-LTTBEOFSIEEAKYA-U-S-AELAO-BL ~ Embrace The Darkness – Ensure That Your Bedroom Is As Dark As Possible – Light Towards The Blue End Of The Spectrum Is Especially Effective At Keeping You Awake – Unfortunately – Screens – All Emit Large Amounts Of – Blue Light

~ TSOS-WYS-YUBISLOFASTSD ~ The Sound Of Silence – When You Sleep – Your Unconscious Brain Is Still Listening Out For Any Sounds That Signal Danger

~ THIO-IIITETRINTHOTC-YSE ~ The Heat Is Off – It Is Important To Ensure That Your Room Is Not Too Hot Or Too Cold – Your Sleeping Environment

~ SAS-TAHSYFWYS-D-SFABA-CPHWYUM-CWOATW-L/SD/BA ~ Safe And Sound – Think About How Secure You Feel When You Sleep – Deep-Seated Fears About Being Attacked – Can Play Havoc With Your Unconscious Mind – Consider Ways Of Alleviating These Worries – Locks / Smoke Detector / Burglar Alarm

~ TB-TS ~ Think Bedroom – Think Sleep

~ IIITAYBW-S-A-S-CBA-TIEYTATRWAOTTTS ~ It Is Important To Associate Your Bedroom With – Sleep – And – Sex – Consider Banishing Anything – That Is Encouraging You To Associate The Room With Anything Other Than The Two Ss

~ DON-Y0CR-EYTT-O-T-M-N-TTMOTA-IYANFLTT-TACD ~ Don’t Over-Nap – Your – Circadian Rhythm – Encourages You To Take – One – Twenty-Minute – Nap – Towards The Middle Of The Afternoon – If You Are Napping For Longer Than That – Think About Cutting Down

~ LGP-PTEDTDSEWAN ~ Let’s Get Physical – People That Exercise During The Day Sleep Especially Well At Night

~ BTM ~ Busy The Mind

~ KWTHTB ~ Know When To Head To Bed

~ STITT-LIAWBARYBT-B-WYCOOTBTTADASASTYBTYARFS ~ Spend Time In The Tub – Lying In A Warm Bath Artificially Raises Your Body Temperature – But – When You Climb Out Of The Bath This Temperature Abruptly Drops And Sends A Signal To Your Body That You Are Ready For Sleep

~ MAL-WAAP-MALO-WIOYM-MA-‘TD’-L ~ Make A List – Worrying About A Problem – Make A List Of – What Is On Your Mind – Make A – “To Do” – List

~ TSOS-AL-NS-U-200C-O-C ~ The Science Of Snacking – A Late-Night Snack – Under – 200 Calories – Of – Carbohydrates

~ TMY-WYBAIYASYBT-FYBITTIITFB ~ The Magic Yawn – When You Behave As If You Are Sleepy You Become Tired – Fool Your Body Into Thinking That It Is Time For Bed

~ TP-IYWTFA-TTSA! ~ The Paradox – If You Want To Fall Asleep – Try To Stay Awake!

~ TPOA-ASPOMTYL-QPAYFA-OTYBWCTATPOMWS-SLTTMWHYTNO ~ The Power Of Association – A Soporific Piece Of Music That You Like – Quietly Playing As You Fall Asleep – Over Time Your Brain Will Come To Associate The Piece Of Music With Sleep – Simply Listening To The Music Will Help You To Nod Off

~ IYDWFMTA-TM-DTN-MSSR-GOOBADSFON-SA ~ If You Do Wake For More Than About – Twenty Minutes – During The Night – Most Sleep Scientists Recommend – Getting Out Of Bed And Doing Some Form Of Non-Stimulating Activity

~ DW-BH-JRIBIGFY-EIYANA ~ Don’t Worry – Be Happy – Just Relaxing In Bed Is Good For You – Even If You Are Not Asleep

~ TRSTWUASIAVBI-I-QRTNOARC ~ The Results Show That Waking Up A Sleepwalker Is A Very Bad Idea – Instead – Quietly Repeat Their Name Or A Reassuring Comment

~ WYAA-YBRTYM-TAAFAFTINLN-A-SAITYHBTTRDTD ~ When You Are Asleep – Your Brain Rummages Through Your Mind – Throws Away Any Facts And Figures That It No Longer Needs – And – Stores Away Information That You Have Been Trying To Remember During The Day

~ DNSOS-SULTNBTTCIIYH-IATI-A-YWBMBOGAEN ~ Do Not Skimp Of Sleep – Staying Up Late The Night Before Trying To Cram Information Into Your Head – It’s A Terrible Idea – And – You Will Be Much Better Off Getting An Early Night

~ TETLOSHOAPIFFT ~ The Effect That Lack Of Sleep Has On Academic Performance Is Far From Trivial

~ DD-YSMWTAPTYAFIYL-A-LAST-TTSTEIOTIAFNS ~ During Dreaming – Your Unconscious Mind Works Through Any Problems That You Are Facing In Your Life – And – Like A Skilled Therapist – Tries To Soften The Emotional Impact Of These Issues And Find Novel Solutions

~ ENYDALA-‘NT’-WHYTICIYWL-A-TTFISTYP-DAFFTMFOTBOS ~ Each Night Your Dreams Act Like A – “Nocturnal Therapist” – Who Helps You To Identify Concerns In Your Waking Life – And – Tries To Find Innovative Solutions To Your Problems – Dreams Are Far From The Meaningless Froth On The Beer Of Sleep

~ ‘LD’-ATTAD-A-OAGN-CETCOTFW ~ “Lucid Dreaming” – Aware That They Are Dreaming – And – On A Good Night – Can Even Take Control Of Their Fantasy World

~ SW ~ Sleep Well


~ TSFBC-MOTPE-PASMY-O ~ The Shoe Factories Began Closing – Merchants Of The Poor Economy – Pawnshops And Scrap Metal Yards – Opened

~ PHAATHP ~ People Had Anxiety And They Had Pain

~ B-BTFATAO-H-BALAME ~ But – By Then Fully Addicted To An Opiate – He – Began Arriving Late And Making Excuses

~ MPA ~ Modern Pharmaceutical Advertising

~ DDCTPTD ~ Direct Doctor Contact To Promote The Drug

~ Continuing Medical Education – Seminars That Were Increasingly Required For Doctors To Keep Their Licenses – By Funding – CME – Seminars – Drug Companies Could Grab The Ears Of Physicians

~ TMM-TEEIAO ~ The Morphine Molecule – The Essential Element In All Opiates

~ LNOPOE-TMMSTPHAH-IAFMS-SAITMLTC-ISAETMLTCWAAO-IESTF-KIL-ITRTAM-EH-HITBAS ~ Like No Other Particle On Earth – The Morphine Molecule Seemed To Posses Heaven And Hell – It Allowed For Modern Surgery – Saving And Improving Too Many Lives To Count – It Stunted And Ended Too Many Lives To Count With Addiction And Overdose – It Evolved Somehow To Fit – Key In Lock – Into The Receptors That All Mammals – Especially Humans – Have In Their Brains And Spines

~ DLP ~ Delivered Like Pizza

~ AIATPCOEEATRTROA-SWCOBDS-ARIMTAP-WUW-DWUTB-PTD-ISH-DWTTCBSITDNTPA-WM-WO ~ An Idea Advanced That Pain Counteracted Opiates’ Euphoric Effect And Thus Reduced The Risk Of Addiction – Soon What Can Only Be Described As – A Revolution In Medical Thought And Practice – Was Under Way – Doctors Were Urged To Begin – Prescribing These Drugs – In Some Hospitals – Doctors Were Told They Could Be Sued If They Did Not Treat Pain Aggressively – Which Meant – With Opiates

~ PWGUTDDFT ~ Patients Were Getting Used To Demanding Drugs For Treatment

~ PWDHLT ~ Problem Was Doctors Had Less Time

~ TDWAMTPCP-WHLP-MTAWMTMBCPTTOAA-T-MC ~ These Drugs Were Advertised Mostly To Primary Care Physicians – Who Had Little Pain-Management Training And Were Making Their Money By Churning Patients Through Their Offices At A – Thirteen-Minute Clip

~ NOHD-S-L-T-S ~ No One Had Done – Serious – Long-Term – Studies

~ THC-WYSTO-MCTTTP ~ The Heroin Cells – When You Stamped Them Out – More Came To Take Their Place

~ TC:LT-1%-OPTWNDATT-T-‘LT1%’-S-S ~ The Claim: Less Than – One Percent – Of Patients Treated With Narcotics Developed Addictions To Them – That – “Less Than 1 Percent” – Statistic – Stuck

~ AUORHAOBALN ~ A Union Of Recovering Heroin Addicts Organized By A Local Nonprofit

~ O-SI-1916-F-T-AOD-M-STH ~ Oxycodone – Synthesized In – 1916 – From – Thebaine – An Opium Derivative – Molecularly – Similar To Heroin

~ NOITAPCADSTHWBMALAO-T-CD ~ No One Imagined That A Pill Containing A Drug Similar To Heroin Would Be Marketed Almost Like An Over-The-Counter Drug

~ TWLAITAHTATP-WPNTCTTBTWR-‘APTAOTD’ ~ The Warning Label Also Inadvertently Told Addicts How To Abuse The Pill – Warning Patients Not To Crush The Tablets Because That Would Release – “A Potentially Toxic Amount Of The Drug”

~ AAIT-ANH-FH-WWAR-A-WFCCACFJI-TSHTBCB ~ An Addict In Treatment – Also Needed Help – Finding Housing – With Writing A Resume – And – With Finding Child Care And Clothes For Job Interviews – These Services Had To Be Close By

~ TNP-W-AUS-TWHLFYOWPHBTDOTS-BT ~ This New Product – With – Almost Unlimited Supply – Those Who Had Lived For Years On Weak Powder Heroin Began To Die On The Strong – Black Tar

~ POA-T-PMC-WAKO-CDG-IWBTH-IWA-FM-AA ~ Prescribed Opiates Aggressively – The – Pill Mill Doc – Was A Kind Of – Coup De Grace – It Was Bound To Happen – It Was A – Free Market – After All

~ HLH ~ Heroin Like Hamburgers

~ AW-CC-TNONOA-WETT-H/ER/J/C/RC/F-I-T-EIAWAWN ~ As With – Crack Cocaine – The Numbers Of New Opiate Addicts – Were Enough To Throw – Hospitals / Emergency Rooms / Jails / Courts / Rehab Centers / Families – Into – Turmoil – Especially In Areas Where Abuse Was New

~ NAPCWPM-B-TPCWOPTA-IAPRDD ~ Not All Pain Clinics Were Pill Mills – But – The Pain Clinic Was Often Prone To Abuse – It Attracted Patients Relentlessly Demanding Drugs

~ S-PO-DD-IIOTS ~ Soon – Plain Old – Drug Dealers – Got In On The Scam

~ FP-AL-TCI-N-S-CM-J-NO-LM-UMRTSTSAAFPD ~ Forgotten Places – Acted Like – The Canaries In – Now-Shuttered – Coal Mines – Just – No One – Listened Much – Until More Respectable Types Sounded The Same Alarm And Famous People Died

~ STTMM ~ Slaves To The Morphine Molecule

~ AKOJK ~ A Kind Of Junkie Kingdom

~ PBC-MVTC ~ Pills Became Currency – More Valuable Than Cash

~ ASOCSE-ATTWTPWNU-B-SPABAAJBI ~ A Sophisticated Opiate Class System Emerged – At The Top Were The People Who Never Used – But – Sold Pills And Bought Anything A Junkie Brought In

~ ACOSE-HSTTCAS-F-F-BI ~ A Conspiracy Of Silence Enveloped – Heroin Seeped Through The City And Suburbs – Few – Officials – Battling It

~ W-MAA-UTO-A-E-WLBSN-SDIF-FP ~ With – Money And Addiction – Urging Them On – Addict-Entrepreneurs – Were Like Bloodhounds Sniffing Out – Shady Docs In Far-Flung Places

~ F-P-N-H-LOB ~ First – Pills – Now – Heroin – Lots Of Both

~ DODWATSFAC ~ Drug Overdose Deaths Were About To Surpass Fatal Auto Crashes

~ COP:PP-M-ETW;BTH-M-WTE ~ Complementary Opiate Plagues: Prescription Painkillers – Moving – East To West; Black Tar Heroin – Moving – West To East

~ FDOIEY ~ Fatal Drug Overdoses Increased Every Year

~ BTH-DLP-N-Y-A-W-C-WEE ~ Black Tar Heroin – Delivered Like Pizza – New – Younger – And – Wealthier – Customers – Were Emerging Everywhere

~ ‘MB’ ~ “MisBranding”

~ OAHOPGHFTDAATPHC ~ Only A Handful Of Parent Groups Had Formed To Do Anything About This Public Health Crisis

~ FP-WCA-TNROA-S-GATPPFI-O-TTAP ~ Football Players – Were Common Among – The New Rural Opiate Addicts – Some – Got Adduced To Pills Prescribed For Injuries – Others – Took Them At Parties

~ B-AFSTCPIAFOEAPL ~ But – Ashamed Families Shrouded Their Children’s Passings In A Fog Of Euphemism And Palatable Lies

~ ESM-CKHAPBATNARTTTDUAD ~ Each Suburban Middle-Class Kid Had A Private Bedroom And The New Addicts Retreated To Them To Dope Up And Die

~ NCDIA ~ Nobody Can Do It Alone


~ ACBOAEFFYBFAL-NOYCCYTOYA ~ Avoid Casting Blame On An External Force For Your Bad Feelings About Life – Nothing Outside Yourself Can Control Your Thinking Or Your Actions

~ ABYFNBIC-YADTBYCAYAOTWTRYP ~ Avoid Blaming Yourself For Not Being In Control – You Are Doing The Best You Can And You Are On The Way To Reclaiming Your Power

~ BAOWAWYA-PTVR-LTCTTYTYA-NBRFWYA:B/H/D/F ~ Be Aware Of When And Where You Are – Playing The Victim Role – Learn The Clues That Tell You That You Are – Not Being Responsible For What You Are: Being / Having / Doing / Feeling

~ FYWYBE-Y-C-RIW-ALIF ~ Familiarize Yourself With Your Biggest Enemy – Your – Chatterbox – Replace It With – A Loving Internal Friend

~ FOT-P-TKY-‘S’-P-OYFT-YWPBAQTB-‘U’ ~ Figure Out The – Payoffs – That Keep You – “Stuck” – Paradoxically – Once You Find Them – You Will Probably Be Able Quickly To Become – “Unstuck”

~ DWYWILAAOI-SWFSTGITY ~ Determine What You Want In Life And Act On It – Stop Waiting For Someone To Give It To You

~ BAOTMCYH-IB-AAF-IASTCYW-CTPTCTYGAMYFAPWYAO ~ Be Aware Of The Many Choices You Have – In Both – Actions And Feelings – In Any Situation That Comes Your Way – Choose The Path That Contributes To Your Growth And Makes You Feel At Peace With Yourself And Others


~ NBAEFAYA-B-D-H-O-F ~ Never Blaming Anyone Else For Anything You Are – Being – Doing – Having – Or – Feeling

~ NBY ~ Not Blaming Yourself

~ BAOWAWYANTRSTYCEC ~ Being Aware Of Where And When You Are Not Taking Responsibility So That You Can Eventually Change

~ H-TC-TLVI-TVTTTDYC ~ Handling – The Chatterbox – The Little Voice Inside – The Voice That Tries To Drive You Crazy

~ BAO-P-TKY-‘S’ ~ Being Aware Of – Payoffs – That Keep You – “Stuck”

~ FOWYWIL-A-AOI ~ Figuring Out What You Want In Life – And – Acting On It

~ BAOTMOCYHIAGS ~ Being Aware Of The Multitude Of Choices You Have In Any Given Situation


~ T1:TFWNGAALAICTG ~ Truth 1: The Fear Will Never Go Away As Long As I Continue To Grow

~ T2:TOWTGROTFODSITGOADI ~ Truth 2: The Only Way To Get Rid Of The Fear Of Doing Something Is To Go Out And Do It

~ T3:TOWTFBAMIT-GOADI ~ Truth 3: The Only Way To Feel Better About Myself Is To – Go Out And Do It

~ T4:NOAIGTEFWIOUT-B-SIEE ~ Truth 4: Not Only Am I Going To Experience Fear Whenever I’m On Unfamiliar Territory – But – So Is Everyone Else

~ T5:PTFILFTLWTUFTCFAFOH ~ Truth 5: Pushing Through Fear Is Less Frightening Than Living With The Underlying Fear That Comes From A Feeling Of Helplessness


~ YCAFASAFOLRTABTS ~ You Can Accept Fear As Simply A Fact Of Life Rather Than A Barrier To Success

~ ATBOEOOYFISTFTYCHWLMBY ~ At The Bottom Of Every One Of Your Fears Is Simply The Fear That You Can’t Handle Whatever Life May Bring You

~ IYKYCHATCYW-WWYPHTF? ~ If You Knew You Could Handle Anything That Came Your Way – What Would You Possibly Have To Fear?

~ AYHTDTDYFITDMTIYATHWCYW ~ All You Have To Do To Diminish Your Fear Is To Develop More Trust In Your Ability To Handle Whatever Comes Your Way!

~ WHTM-GAS-ICHI ~ Whatever Happens To Me – Given Any Situation – I Can Handle It!

~ I-EFFWASTNIL-Y-SMAOT-‘DI’-DTF-TWMCT-FINTP ~ If – Everybody Feels Fear When Approaching Something Totally New In Life – Yet – So Many Are Out There – “Doing It” – Despite The Fear – Then We Must Conclude That – Fear Is Not The Problem

~ IAPAIAL-IAPAIAL-IAPAILI ~ I Am Powerful And I Am Loved – I Am Powerful And I Am Loving – I Am Powerful And I Love It

~ P-T-PV ~ Pain-To-Power Vocabulary

~ TTIYRAIC-ITC-YATCOY-R-TETHTY-KRTWYANTR-YPYIAPOP-AH-DYATHTFIYL ~ The Truth Is You Really Are In Control – In Total Control – You Are The Cause Of Your – Reactions – To Everything That Happens To You – Keep Remembering That Whenever You Are Not Taking Responsibility – You Put Yourself In A Position Of Pain – And Hence – Decrease Your Ability To Handle The Fear In Your Life

~ IIAE-THTSOA-S-M-A-I-GOP ~ It Is Amazingly Empowering – To Have The Support Of A – Strong – Motivated – And – Inspirational – Group Of People

~ WPILWMYG?-TITPTT ~ Which Path In Life Will Make You Grow? – That Is The Path To Take

~ N-W-M ~ No-Win – Model

~ N-L-M ~ No-Lose – Model

~ TKT-YCHATCYW-ITKTAYTT-H-L-A-R ~ The Knowledge That – You Can Handle Anything That Comes Your Way – Is The Key To Allowing Yourself To Take – Healthy – Life-Affirming – Risks

~ YNAFIYDMI;YASBYT ~ You’re Not A Failure If You Don’t Make It; You’re A Success Because You Try

~ A-ITKTYS ~ Action – Is The Key To Your Success

~ AO-P-IVI-DID ~ Acknowledgement Of – Pain – Is Very Important – Denial Is Deadly

~ S-Y-MGUAAOYBTYCCMAPIWLHY ~ Saying – Yes – Means Getting Up And Acting On Your Belief That You Can Create Meaning And Purpose In Whatever Life Hands You

~ TWIFWPWHBH-T-W-LHTO-A-THCOW! ~ The World Is Filled With People Who Have Been Handed – The – “Worst” – Life Has To Offer – And – They Have Come Out Winners!

~ IAY-‘G’-IA-‘G’-THFYWB ~ If All Your – “Giving” – Is About – “Getting” – Think How Fearful You Will Become

~ GGINOA;IAMUFB ~ Genuine Giving Is Not Only Altruistic; It Also Makes Us Feel Better

~ WWGFAPOL-RT-FAPOE-MUCBTUTWCEHI ~ When We Give From A Place Of Love – Rather Than – From A Place Of Expectation – More Usually Comes Back To Us Than We Could Ever Have Imagined

~ GAT ~ Give Away Thanks

~ GAI ~ Give Away Information

~ GAP ~ Give Away Praise

~ YMBWYWTA-BTKOPWWWTSYW ~ You Must Become What You Want To Attract – Be The Kind Of Person You Would Want To Surround Yourself With

~ GAT ~ Give Away Time

~ GAM ~ Give Away Money

~ GAL ~ Give Away Love

~ TLITBATG-A-NITTTB ~ To Love Is To Be Able To Give – And – Now Is The Time To Begin

~ YLIA-A-YC! ~ Your Life Is Abundant – And – You Count!

~ IWDNCACFOTSPOO-WWNETKO-J-S-S-A-C-WAAS ~ If We Do Not Consciously And Consistently Focus On The Spiritual Part Of Ourselves – We Will Never Experience The Kind Of – Joy – Satisfaction – Safety – And – Connectedness – We Are All Seeking

~ WCTBRIOHWTINWTBR? ~ Why Choose To Be Right Instead Of Happy When There Is No Way To Be Right?

~ TIPOT ~ There Is Plenty Of Time


~ TWDNFICOTL-ALS-ALPAPH-T-TWDFIC `~ Those Who Do Not Feel In Control Of Their Lives – Are Less Successful – And – Less Psychologically And Physically Healthy – Than – Those Who Do Feel In Control

~ WPCATNIL-AIIIDNRIASHL ~ When People Can Afford The Necessities In Life – An Increase In Income Does Not Result In A Significantly Happier Life

~ TRSTA-50%-OYOSOHIGD-ASCBA-A-10%-IATGC-TADTC-TR-40%-IDFYD-T-DBATWYTAYAO ~ The Research Shows That About – 50 Percent – Of Your Overall Sense Of Happiness Is Genetically Determined – And So Cannot Be Altered – Another – 10 Percent – Is Attributable To General Circumstances – That Are Difficult To Change – The Remaining – 40 Percent – Is Derived From Your Day-To-Day Behavior And The Way You Think About Yourself And Others

~ TPITTAOISS-HBACIAOWTROSR ~ The Problem Is That The Advice Offered In Some Self-Help Books And Courses Is At Odds With The Results Of Scientific Research

~ FAPP-TAWAVD-TCATASOC-B-WPAMS-S-BA ~ From A Psychological Perspective – Thinking And Writing Are Very Different – Talking Can Add To A Sense Of Confusion – But – Writing Provides A More Systematic – Solution-Based Approach

~ B-E-N-G-WICTH-R-IIETRRGVFTM ~ Buy – Experiences – Not – Goods – When It Comes To Happiness – Remember – It Is Experiences That Represent Really Good Value For The Money

~ PSWTAH-B-TAFHBTAS ~ People Smile When They Are Happy – But – They Also Feel Happier Because They Are Smiling

~ TMH-CIC-O-CC-S-B-T ~ To Maximize Happiness – Choose Intentional Change – Over – Circumstantial Change – Start – Begin – Try

~ TEOTLY-AFTH ~ To Encourage Others To Like You – Ask For Their Help

~ FE-BF-PLYMWTDAFFY-MLTWWSFRTMSR ~ Franklin Effect – Benjamin Franklin – People Like You More When They Do A Favor For You – More Likely To Work With Small Favors Rather Than More Significant Requests

~ PE-TOSCEYL-H-TERWOWYAIDOBSATP ~ Pratfall Effect – The Occasional Slipup Can Enhance Your Likeability – However – The Effect Really Works Only When You Are In Danger Of Being Seen As Too Perfect

~ G-KTWTYATOALTCHTR-BVAPOYOP ~ Gossip – Know That Whatever Traits You Assign To Others Are Likely To Come Home To Roost – Being Viewed As Part Of Your Own Personality

~ PAMLTAWYWTHASSP ~ People Are More Likely To Agree With You When They Have Already Said Something Positive

~ SYT-PBR-M-M-L-A-R ~ Save Your Time – Persuade By Rhyme – More – Memorable – Likeable – And – Repeatable

~ WLPWALU-A-WFTFMPTO ~ We Like People Who Are Like Us – And – We Find Them Far More Persuasive Than Others

~ U-BMPARTSOFTC-ELTEEFP-A-TGCEUDTDN ~ Unfortunately – Because Most People Are Reluctant To Stand Out From The Crowd – Everyone Looks To Everyone Else For Pointers – And – The Group Can End Up Deciding To Do Nothing

~ ‘B’-E-TMPWAAWAPIAINOA-TLTLTAOPWAH-TAITPOAFFITCACTTWIHAWTNTO ~ “Bystander” – Effect – The More People Who Are Around When A Person Is Apparently In Need Of Assistance – The Lower The Likelihood That Any One Person Will Actually Help – The Answer Is To Pick Out A Friendly Face In The Crowd And Clearly Tell Them What Is Happening And What They Need To Do

~ WLPWHU-A-WHPWL-IYWTHY-YNTHOF ~ We Like People Who Help Us – And – We Help People We Like – If You Want To Help Yourself – You Need To Help Others First

~ FAYPWMMYFB-B-IIUTHYTYDIR ~ Fantasizing About Your Perfect World May Make You Feel Better – But – It Is Unlikely To Help You Transform Your Dreams Into Reality

~ TOAYAAHYAT-IPBFAFOPM-NSWTGGT ~ Telling Others About Your Aims Also Helps You Achieve Them – In Part Because Friends And Family Often Provide Much-Needed Support When The Going Gets Tough

~ WIYOG? ~ What Is Your Overall Goal?

~ BYOGIAMO-FSS-ESSBAWAGTI-CM-R-A-T-B ~ Break Your Overall Goal Into A Maximum Of – Five Small Steps – Each Step Should Be Associated With A Goal That Is – Concrete Measurable – Realistic – And – Time-Based

~ WATBOAYOG?-LTIB-FOHMBLWBFYATAY-TB-RT-ETNAOYCS ~ What Are The Benefits Of Achieving Your Overall Goal? – List Three Important Benefits – Focusing On How Much Better Life Will Be For You And Those Around You – The Benefits – Rather Than – Escaping The Negative Aspects Of Your Current Situation

~ TBOWYOE-EPTCHTWLTBRATDHVMB-I-H-TI-L-TG-A-ATDTWTAPTMTGAR ~ The Benefits Of Writing Your Own Eulogy – Encouraging People To Consider How They Would Like To Be Remembered After Their Death Has Various Motivational Benefits – Including – Helping – To Identify – Long-Term Goals – And – Assess The Degree To Which They Are Progressing Toward Making Those Goals A Reality

~ ATTCUW-I-A-PAMCAFTW-IIAUP ~ Ask Them To Come Up With – Ideas – And – People Are More Creative Away From The Crowd – It Is A Universal Phenomenon

~ OOTMIPUC:TRTAIOTFOSCBATA ~ One Of The Most Important Principles Underlying Creativity: The Realization That An Idea Or Technique From One Situation Can Be Applied To Another

~ G-ST-RAB-IAST-MPMC ~ Greenery – Seems To – Reduce Antisocial Behavior – It Also Seems To – Make People More Creative

~ WPFW-TB-R-A-ROW-EHAR-A-STWTL-CE ~ When People Feel Worried – They Become – Risk-Averse – Rely On Well-Established Habits And Routines – And – See The World Through Less-Creative Eyes

~ WPFAE-TAMLT-ENAUWOTAB-STBP-TR-A-TAAMC ~ When People Feel At Ease – They Are More Likely To – Explore New And Unusual Ways Of Thinking And Behaving – See The Bigger Picture – Take Risks – And – Think And Act More Creatively

~ CTFAJTIAETSBTICTFAFJ-ANEJSTTCAS-AT-MD ~ Cookies Taken From A Jar That Is Almost Empty Taste Significantly Better Than Identical Cookies Taken From A Full Jar – A Near Empty Jar Suggests That The Cookies Are Scarce – And Therefore – More Desirable

~ AGTIPAASOHS-IYWTGSTHYO-TTBOTOTUA ~ A Gentle Touch Is Perceived As A Sign Of High Status – If You Want To Get Someone To Help You Out – Try The Briefest Of Touches On The Upper Arm

~ NEAEAFMNAHAGIOTWWTABTTPC ~ Negative Events And Experiences Are Far More Noticeable And Have A Greater Impact On The Way We Think And Behave Than Their Positive Counterparts

~ SYWOTRYOYPIGFYR ~ Surrounding Yourself With Objects That Remind You Of Your Partner Is Good For Your Relationship

~ TVOA-DNETF-IIFMLTPGOTF ~ The Venting Of Anger – Does Not Extinguish The Flame – It Is Far More Likely To Pour Gasoline Onto The Fire

~ BIAG-EPO-CTTMAMEDTTWOTO ~ Being In A Group – Exaggerates People’s Opinions – Causing Them To Make A More Extreme Decision Than They Would On Their Own

~ CT-I-G-TTB-MD-BATJIA-MLTSTAAHM-A-MATFSVOO ~ Compared To – Individuals – Groups – Tend To Be – More Dogmatic – Better Able To Justify Irrational Actions – More Likely To See Their Actions As Highly Moral – And – More Apt To Form Stereotypical Views Of Outsiders

~ I-WASA-EPBAWHOF-I-HWF-HWSO-A-HWATO N~ Instead – We Are Social Animals – Easily Persuaded By A Whole Host Of Factors – Including – How We Feel – How We See Ourselves – And – How We Appear To Others


~ W-ITBOCI-DNJL?-THQINHMCPSWTS-B-WKOEIPFTWDS ~ Where – In The Balance Of Competing Interests – Does Natural Justice Lie? – The Human Question Is Not How Many Can Possibly Survive Within The System – But – What Kind Of Existence Is Possible For Those Who Do Survive

~ THPIB-B-WDIITAF ~ The Human Population Is Burgeoning – But – Water Demand Is Increasing Twice As Fast

~ ‘TWOTT-FCWBFOW’ ~ “The Wars Of The Twenty-First Century Will Be Fought Over Water”

~ EYL-TASTTWSIIP ~ Everywhere You Look – There Are Signs That The Water Supply Is In Peril

~ ANWLT-1000CMPPPY-I-WS ~ Any Nation With Less Than – 1000 Cubic Metres Per Person Per Year – Is – Water Scarce

~ PCAO-G-P-W-IGDIADADC ~ Per Capita Availability Of – Good – Potable – Water – Is Going Down In All Developed And Developing Countries

~ MOT-‘E’-SFWHABE-A-MOTWIIPIIN ~ Most Of The – “Easy” – Sources For Water Have Already Been Exploited – And – Much Of The Water Is In Places It Isn’t Needed

~ TBEATMEG-IT-TAS-1.4BCKOWOEILAFF-IT-O/L/S/G/G-FS-AO-2.5%-OTT ~ The Best Estimate Among The Many Educated Guesses – Is That – There Are Some – 1.4 Billion Cubic Kilometres Of Water On Earth In Liquid And Frozen Form – In The – Oceans / Lakes / Streams / Glaciers / Groundwater – Freshwater Stocks – Are Only – 2.5 Percent – Of The Total

~ WD-WITWTCF? ~ Water Demand – Where Is This Water To Come From?

~ WMMTNI-HB-NLI-S-H-OE-Y ~ We Must Measure Time Now In – Human Beings – No Longer In – Seconds – Hours – Or Even – Years

~ GD-I-OOTGUBLCFOP-WATIF-FFS-HM-F-C-W ~ Groundwater Depletion – Is – One Of The Great Unseen But Looming Crises Facing Our Planet – With All The Implications For – Falling Food Supplies – Human Misery – Famine – Conflict – War

~ TPOTMWOFAATNRTIIC-‘GO’-IIAMP-DO-RPACE ~ The Process Of Taking More Water Out From An Aquifer Than Naturally Returns To It Is Called – “Groundwater Overdrafting” – It Is A Modern Phenomenon – Depending On – Reliable Pumps And Cheap Energy

~ TWOTMWICACSWTI-RTAPFHU ~ The Withdrawal Of Too Much Water In Coastal Aquifers Causes Sea Water To Intrude – Ruining The Aquifer Permanently For Human Use

~ EASUTRACS-A-TIHAMOECWSLOP ~ Europeans Are Still Using Their Rivers As Convenient Sewers – And – There Is Hardly A Metre Of European Coastline Without Some Level Of Pollution

~ DAG ~ Deserts Are Growing

~ HHA-D-D-A-R-H-A-M-W ~ Humans Have Always – Discovered – Diverted – Accumulated – Regulated – Hoarded – And – Misused – Water

~ M-IC-PTTVS-EUTETROWTSWB ~ Many – Irrigating Cultures – Perished Through Their Very Success – Expanding Until They Exhausted The Resources On Which Their Success Was Based

~ ADOTE ~ Anthropogenic Degradation Of The Environment

~ PG-TEOAIRD ~ Population Growth – The Engine Of All Increased Resource Demands

~ DI-ANP-F-IC-I-APC-TOHAACOD ~ Drought Is – A Natural Phenomenon – Famine – In Contrast – Is – A Political Catastrophe – That Occasionally Happens As A Consequence Of Drought

~ WWHWBTIITW ~ Who Was Hiding What By Throwing It Into The Water

~ B-A-A-B-M-MEW-CBMCATPUTFC ~ Bio-Accumulation – And – Bio-Magnification – Make Everything Worse – Chemicals Become More Concentrated As They Pass Up The Food Chain

~ ESHCLBCOBDACG ~ Epidemiological Studies Have Confirmed Links Between Cancer Or Birth Defects And Contaminated Groundwater

~ TP-HBAT-EWW-SN ~ The Public – Having Been Assured That – Everything Was Well – Stopped Noticing

~ OABPHNATCDW-A-MT2.9BHNATSS ~ Over A Billion People Have No Access To Clean Drinking Water – And – More Than 2.9 Billion Have No Access To Sanitation Services

~ PLTD ~ Pollution Leads To Disease

~ WIBASAAS:ICDVLOTEIWIIF-TMGSVTP ~ Water Is Both A Solvent And A Sponge: Its Composition Depends Very Largely On The Environment In Which It Is Found – That Makes Groundwater So Vulnerable To Pollution

~ TCTHHWANT-TCOGIBMOAGS ~ The Changes That Humans Have Wrought Are Not Trivial – The Chemistry Of Groundwater Is Being Modified On A Global Scale

~ TNCOFWIRSBMAMFAUN-BFATAHLOIAUW ~ The Nitrate Content Of Fresh Water Is Rising Steadily Because More And More Farmers Are Using Nitrogen-Based Fertilizers And There Are Higher Levels Of Industrial And Urban Wastes

~ ‘D’-W-ILTWMSPP ~ “Dirty” – Water – Is Likely The World’s Most Serious Pollution Problem

~ DAHBFTPMPHTIA ~ Diversified Agriculture – Has Been Found To Produce More Per Hectare Than – Irrigated Agriculture

~ ATCAF-D-AAS-TBLIR ~ A True Cost Accounting For – Dams – Almost Always Shows – The Bottom Line In Red

~ NOINMLBBUIBAGDOILIBTOOP ~ Not Only Is No More Land Being Brought Under Irrigation But A Good Deal Of Irrigated Land Is Being Taken Out Of Production

~ SOTS-TADTIH-ISATRO-MT1MHAY ~ Salination Of The Soil – To A Degree That Inhibits Farming – Is Spreading At The Rate Of – More Than 1 Million Hectares A Year

~ TPISTS-TDDTF:WGCASM-IAIC-W-L-D-A-POTWS-A-RSITS-LU-TPCEKTSA ~ The Problem Is Simple To State – Though Devastatingly Difficult To Fix: Without Great Care And Skilful Management – Irrigation Almost Inevitably Causes – Water-Logging – Depletion – And – Pollution Of The Water Supply – And – Rising Salinity In The Soil – Left Unchecked – These Problems Can Eventually Kill The Soil Altogether

~ AAWA-A-60%-OTWIFINGTTC ~ As A Working Average – Almost – 60 Percent – Of The Water Intended For Irrigation Never Gets To The Croplands

~ ‘W-S-M’ ~ “Water-Stress-Management”

~ SA ~ Shrinking Aquifers

~ WW-T-D-W-T-W-RO? ~ What Will – They – Do – When – Their – Water – Runs Out?

~ IYTARIAS-YC-TIBIARA ~ If You Turn A River Into A Sewer – You Can – Turn It Back Into A River Again

~ F-TEWS-AOWP ~ Fish – The Early Warning System – A Measure Of Water Purity

~ T-ME-HABTPW-WW-AMP ~ The – Middle East – Has Always Been The Place Where – Water Wars – Are Most Probable

~ WSTIIP-B-AAIIWAC-IIN-S-SWSEHOPOFU ~ We Say That It Is Priceless – But – Act As If It Were Absurdly Cheap – It Is Not – Surely – Something We Should Either Hoard Or Prevent Others From Using

~ T-GR-DNOO-MPSG-B-O-I-AP-BHROTS-MTP-TINMWTBH-IIITAOSS-A-PHPAUAOWLIL-A-TIGOPINNWFGTASTBM ~ The – Green Revolution – Depended Not Only On – More Productive Seed Grains – But – On – Irrigation – And – Pesticides – Both Have Run Out Their String – Maximized Their Potential – There Is No More Water To Be Had – Irrigation Is Increasing The Amount Of Saline Soil – And – Pesticides Have Poisoned An Unsettling Amount Of What Land Is Left – And – The Inexorable Grind Of Population Is Now Negating What Few Gains There Are Still To Be Made

~ BINSYWIYDW ~ Benzene Is Not Something That You Want In Your Drinking Water

~ D-TPE-DW-TMUTEOAD-SR-WCBOD ~ Desalination – To Produce Enough – Desal Water – To Make Up The Equivalent Of A Decent-Sized River – Would Cost Billions Of Dollars

~ IYCGMW-WT-ULOI ~ If You Can’t Get More Water – Well Then – Use Less Of It

~ DC ~ Dew Collectors

~ F-DI ~ Fog-Drip Irrigation

~ W-WRICBIF ~ Waste-Water Reuse Is Coming Back Into Favour

~ LFAATT ~ Learn From And Adapt Traditional Techniques

~ IIITS-WV-A-TPISTWH ~ It Is Important To Signal – Water’s Value – And – To Price It So That Waste Hurts

~ PPAAFSOGP ~ Population Projections Are A Familiar Source Of Gloomy Prognostications

~ WS-MNLTW-B-TMCLT-FS-IP-A-TTSOD-TMPP-TITMOP-FSTMMOTDW-SOLD-SUAVI ~ Water Shortages – May Not Lead To War – But – They Most Certainly Lead To – Food Shortages – Increased Poverty – And – To The Spread Of Disease – They Make People Poorer – They Increase The Migrations Of Peoples – Further Straining The Massive Megaslums Of The Developing World – Standards Of Living Deteriorate – Social Unrest And Violence Increase