~ PJ ~ Promotes Justice

~ RR ~ Restores Reciprocity

~ CDOIB ~ Confers Divisible Or Indivisible Benefits

~ FPOM ~ Favours People Over Machines

~ MGOMD ~ Maximizes Gain Or Minimizes Disaster

~ CIFOW ~ Conservation Is Favoured Over Waste

~ TRIFOTI ~ The Reversible Is Favoured Over The Irreversible


~ T-L-D-I-IAP-MAVMOR-A-LD-TCTSAIRBU ~ Technology – Like – Democracy – Includes – Ideas And Practices – Myths And Various Models Of Reality – And – Like Democracy – Technology Changes The Social And Individual Relationships Between Us

~ TIAS-I-I-O-P-S-NW-E-A-MOA-AM ~ Technology Is A System – It – Involves – Organization – Procedures – Symbols – New Words – Equations – And – Most Of All – A Mindset

~ WNT-E-TNSCOE-AWA-TCNOCACTHBBABTS-TANTBEAAAOPAC ~ We Need To – Examine – The New Social Class Of Experts – As Well As – The Changing Nature Of Community And Constituency That Has Been Brought About By Technological Systems – Technology Also Needs To Be Examined As An Agent Of Power And Control

~ TVO-T-L-D-DITEOTPOJAOTEOLTP ~ The Viability Of – Technology – Like – Democracy – Depends In The End On The Practice Of Justice And On The Enforcement Of Limits To Power

~ PTACITMAOWAHITLC-A-PM-MIQETCCFAI ~ Processes That Are Cheap In The Marketplace Are Often Wasteful And Harmful In The Larger Context – And – Production Models – Make It Quite Easy To Consider Contextual Factors As Irrelevant

~ TRWOTSTI-AITIMAD-A-ABAOP ~ The Real World Of Technology Seems To Involve – An Inherent Trust In Machines And Devices – And – A Basic Apprehension Of People

~ TPO-R-CC-O-EO-AEATTP-SINA ~ The Presence Of – Reporters – Camera Crews – Or – External Observers – Affects Events As They Take Place – Sometimes Initiating New Actions

~ MIHSPEFOLTTANLPAEIOAP ~ Media Images Have So Permeated Every Facet Of Life That They Are No Longer Perceived As External Intrusions Or As Pseudorealities

~ T-TR-HVMTFAAORD-ITNTTLIUTQDCAP ~ Today – Technological Rationales – Have Very Much The Force And Authority Of Religious Doctrine – Including The Notion That The Laity Is Unfit To Question Doctrinal Content And Practice

~ SECOIP ~ Shared Experience Carried Out In Private

~ IG-TA-ROE-R-RISMOIGAT-AGCAIP ~ In General – Technical Arrangements – Reduce Or Eliminate – Reciprocity – Reciprocity Is Some Manner Of Interactive Give And Take – A Genuine Communication Among Interacting Parties

~ WWIS-TIOC-L-TN-A-ALMTANLIU ~ When Work Isn’t Shared – The Instruments Of Cooperation – Listening – Taking Note – Adjusting – Atrophy Like Muscles That Are No Longer In Use

~ HWOSCWIP-WMAMPLI-TIHI? ~ How Will Our Society Cope With Its Problems – When More And More People Live In – Technologically Induced Human Isolation?

~ OC-Q-A-IH-M-TEOP ~ One Can – Question – And – I Hope – Mitigate – The Encroachments Of Pseudorealities

~ TFTCAMAMSCAM-IOCANAFBQ-AANFOTS ~ The Fact That Citizens Are More And More Stringently Controlled And Managed – Is Often Considered As Normal And Fundamentally Beyond Questioning – As A Necessary Feature Of Technological Societies

~ TORAP ~ Tools Often Redefine A Problem

~ TEIC-PLDITPOTBPOASL ~ Technology Exists In Context – Patterns Laid Down In The Practice Of Technology Become Part Of A Society’s Life

~ PACPOS-IIODTSWOEATOB-STIACOE-EACFPWMWEBGATTE-TAET-TAUOTSSC-A-RATATREOTPTD-ATST-PDAAATQITAIPTAITOC ~ Public And Corporate Planning Overlap Significantly – It Is Often Difficult To See Where One Ends And The Other Begins – Since There Is A Communality Of Expertise – Expert Advice Comes From Professionals Who Move With Ease Between Governments And Technological Enterprises – They Are Educated Together – They Are Usually Of The Same Social Class – And – Rarely Are They At The Receiving End Of The Plans They Devise – At The Same Time – Political Decisions Are Addressed As Technical Questions In Terms And In Places That Are Inaccessible To Ordinary Citizens

~ STTOT-IR-PPAPR-HP-TINFTEONT-A-FTDAUOTPOTNI ~ Since The Time Of The – Industrial Revolution – Public Planning And Public Resources – Have Provided – The Infrastructures Necessary For The Expansion Of New Technologies – And – For The Diffusion And Use Of The Products Of The New Industries

~ MTS-WEFCAOD-ABA-P-PASASOPWTISAASOS ~ Many Technological Systems – When Examined For Context And Overall Design – Are Basically Anti-People – People Are Seen As Sources Of Problems While Technology Is Seen As A Source Of Solutions

~ TNTMTCASOPAG-A-PMBLUAASOSHVREPPOEPC ~ The Notion That Maybe Technology Constitutes A Source Of Problems And Grievances – And – People Might Be Looked Upon As A Source Of Solutions Has Very Rarely Entered Public Policy Or Even Public Consciousness

~ JAIIETGGATIITAI-IIMMFTPTIITBSTPMBO ~ Just As It Is Easier To Give Good Advice Than It Is To Accept It – It Is Much More Fun To Plan Than It Is To Be Subjected To Plans Made By Others

~ TDOEOPBTPIL-TPO-ATMODITRWOT ~ The Degree Of Effectiveness Of Participation By The Plannees In Long-Term Planning Operations – A True Measure Of Democracy In The Real World Of Technology

~ PISFCOWTPKOC ~ Planning Is So Frequently Carried Out Without The Plannees’ Knowledge Or Consent

~ IAPOP-N-SBCAASAIP ~ In All Processes Of Planning – Nature – Should Be Considered As A Strong And Independent Power

~ APATFTIOTMFOCAITEAVOTPAWATPWDTT ~ Any Plausible Approach To Forecasting The Impact Of Technology Must Focus On Context And Involve The Experience And Views Of The Plannees A Well As The Planners Who Design The Technology

~ AMAMODLITRWOTICV-PT-TLOTBTOADOTOSL-SA-TLOC-O-TLOO-TLOES-O-TLOLIN ~ As More And More Of Daily Life In The Real World Of Technology Is Conducted Via – Prescriptive Technologies – The Logic Of Technology Begins To Overpower And Displace Other Types Of Social Logic – Such As – The Logic Of Compassion – Or – The Logic Of Obligation – The Logic Of Ecological Survival – Or – The Logic Of Linkages Into Nature

~ IODWTIONTAPWTITE-POLTTCBATTE ~ If One Doesn’t Watch The Introduction Of New Technologies And Particularly Watch The Infrastructures That Emerge – Promise Of Liberation Through Technology Can Become A Ticket To Enslavement

~ TOPOTSSHBABANBGOTTMTS-‘TC’-AASOIB ~ The Ongoing Provision Of Technological Support Structures Has Been Accompanied By A Neglect By Governments Of Their Traditional Mandate To Safeguard – “The Commons” – As A Source Of Indivisible Benefits

~ WHLTIOGITO-RAATTP-WNHNBABOM-WRTCTMISFT-WIN-T-ITCORTIOGITORAATTPAP ~ We Have Lost The Institution Of Government In Terms Of – Responsibility And Accountability To The People – We Now Have Nothing But A Bunch Of Managers – Who Run The Country To Make It Safe For Technology – What Is Needed – Then – Is To Change Or Reform The Institution Of Government In Terms Of Responsibility And Accountability To The People As People

~ FOA-IINTTTBTTPUARAHC-MOTITNTBAABAAIOJ-WBNAECOJAFTTMTFIA ~ First Of All – It Is Necessary To Transcend The Barriers That Technology Puts Up Against Reciprocity And Human Contact – Many Of The Issues That Need To Be Addressed Are Best Addressed As Issues Of Justice – We Badly Need An Expanded Concept Of Justice And Fairness That Takes Mortgaging The Future Into Account

~ TVOTPANUHITD ~ The Voices Of The Powerless Are Not Usually Heard In Technological Deliberations

~ A:’WBAWC?’~ Ask: “Whose Benefits And Whose Costs?”

~ RTWWHAMIOPLTESOTIIRNTMTA ~ Requiring Those Whose Work Has A Major Impact On People’s Lives To Experience Some Of The Impact Is Really Not Too Much To Ask

~ GHTTATTBSOTAIGATEOOO ~ Governments Have Turned Their Attention To The Blind Support Of Technology And Its Growth At The Expense Of Other Obligations

~ ATO-SAEA-DNYE-TNTBDAI ~ Adequate Technologies Of – Social And Environmental Accounting – Do Not Yet Exist – They Need To Be Developed And Implemented

~ NETITP-IEDONFTW-BOAC ~ Not Everything That Is Technologically Possible – Is Either Desirable Or Necessary For The Well-Being Of A Country

~ WHTPINAMFTAER-B-SBTCFFAOGAC ~ What Happens To People Is Not A Mere Footnote To An Economic Report – But – Should Be The Central Focus For Action Of Governments And Communities


~ TWOATW-WBCOTL-MPOL-H/S/SI-AT-WS-SFAAC-WHCTAAVDWOB-WNEBOOLICETTEICB ~ There Was Once A Time When – Whether By Convention Or Technological Limitation – Many Parts Of Life – Home / School / Social Interaction – Among Them – Were Sanctuaries – Sheltered From Advertising And Commerce – We Have Come To Accept A Very Different Way Of Being – Whereby Nearly Every Bit Of Our Lives Is Commercially Exploited To The Extent It Can Be

~ WAAR-WQFRI-O-LLTALOOTWI ~ We Are At Risk – Without Quite Fully Realizing It – Of – Living Lives That Are Less Our Own Than We Imagine

~ ITHOACTUAIIT-TLAOT-A-WR-R-S-I ~ If The History Of Attention Capture Teaches Us Anything It Is That – The Limits Are Often Theoretical – And – When Real – Rarely – Self-Imposed

~ ARA-O-ATSOH-I-O-CTD ~ As Remarkable As – Our – Ability To See Or Hear – Is – Our – Capacity To Disregard

~ BTDAUIBTNC-MPPHNNTITG ~ Before The Democratic Age Ushered In By The Nineteenth Century – Most Political Powers Had No Need To Influence The Governed

~ TTSUTS-PM-ASRUT-EI-TSDODABSIPI ~ The Techniques Successfully Used To Sell – Patent Medicine – Are Still Routinely Used Today – Exotic Ingredients – The Supposed Degree Of Difference Afforded By Some Ingenious Proprietary Innovation

~ FAOSRATA-PF-STTCOMT-REITHP-AOTATAI ~ For All Our Secular Rationalism And Technological Advances – Potential For – Surrender To The Charms Of Magical Thinking – Remains Embedded In The Human Psyche – Awaiting Only The Advertiser To Awaken It

~ SA: CTDFPTOMNE-‘DE’+TRNDO-‘B’-CL-BCTI-VON-TSTSIAFOLI-+-TFDO-‘T’-A-ATTYMBIS-ANCKA-TFC ~ Scientific Advertising: Creating The Desire For Products That Otherwise Might Not Exist – “Demand Engineering” + The Relatively New Discipline Of – “Branding” – Creating Loyalty – By Creating The Impression – Valid Or Not – That Something Truly Set It Apart From Others Like It + The First Deployment Of – “Targeted” – Advertisements – Addressed To The Yet Mysterious But Increasingly Sought-After New Creature Known As – The Female Consumer

~ DWEBSNSMTTPWSTPBTTPEAA ~ Demand Was Engineered By Showing Not So Much That The Product Would Solve The Problem But That The Problem Existed At All

~ TMOPFFP ~ The Manipulation Of Public Fears For Profit

~ GFBTQOUOEQAAMOBD-ABTIPWTAATCCIW ~ Going Far Beyond The Question Of Usefulness Or Even Quality As A Matter Of Brand Development – Advertisers Began To Imbue Products With Traits And Associations That Consumers Could Identify With

~ CE ~ Celebrity Endorsements

~ TIV-‘S’-T-TAIHBAIEEFCAIR-IDSBBINFPO-GC-PW-ACRITSA-PSPHADS-BN-NSOACWDSITSOC-AIMIAUFTSC ~ Through Its Variously – “Scientific” – Techniques – The Advertising Industry Had Become An Increasingly Efficient Engine For Converting Attention Into Revenue – It Did So By Beginning Its Now Familiar Practice Of – Giving Consumers – Particularly Women – A Constantly Receding Ideal To Strive After – Perhaps Social Practice Had Always Done So – But Now – New Strategies Of Attention Capture Were Doing So In The Service Of Commerce – An Infinitely More Insatiable And Unyielding Force Than Social Convention

~ TMEBA-DNTTCYTMAC-B-RTCYTTINC-TBA-ITAENSMTPATC-AIMS-ICA-PC-WLCBIB-MI ~ The Most Effective Brand Advertising – Does Not Try To Convince You To Make A Choice – But – Rather To Convince You That There Is No Choice – True Brand Advertising – Is Therefore An Effort Not So Much To Persuade As To Convert – At Its Most Successful – It Creates A – Product Cult – Whose Loyalists Cannot Be Influenced By – Mere Information

~ BMONT-AAIM-C-WEWHBFMOAMS-TH ~ By Means Of New Technologies – Advertising And Its Master – Commerce – Would Enter What Had Been For Millennia Our Attention’s Main Sanctuary – The Home

~ R-‘S’-I-15MS-TAOTS-TPO-AEO-TBIGAWTHAEAUMBTBOEPATOA-BTP-RWHITAAEDNM ~ Radio – “Serial” – In – 15 Minute Instalments – The Ancestor Of The Sitcoms – The Power Of – An Entertainment Offering – To Bring In Giant Audiences Willing To Hear Advertising Effected An Unlikely Merger Between The Business Of Entertainment Producers And That Of Advertisers – Before This Point – Received Wisdom Had It That Advertising And Entertainment Did Not Mix

~ HPTFITEH-BWPTCOPOTDLWAAYU-R-STWFSWDSO-TWAHWLTD-TTATMCTHBS ~ Having Planted The Flag In The Evening Hours – Broadcasters Would Proceed To Colonize Other Parts Of The Day Laden With Attention As Yet Un-Reaped – Soon They Would Find Success With Daytime Soap Operas – Targeting Women At Home With Little To Do – Thanks To All The Modern Conveniences They Had Been Sold

~ TIO-PT-IAWAI-EF-TSD-BWWPAT-TNFOAEPLTTSSATSTEDCNHBC-ANDOSA-ESI-PT-W(ATALDR)AMROCA-AFDPT ~ The Invention Of – Prime Time – Insofar As We Are Influenced – Even Formed – To Some Degree – By Whatever We Pay Attention To – The Novel Fact Of An Entire Population Listening To The Same Show At The Same Time Every Day Could Not Help But Create – A New Degree Of Shared Awareness – Even Shared Identity – Prime Time – Was (And To A Lesser Degree Remains) A Massive Ritual Of Collective Attention – A Force Drawing People Together


~ Broadcast Radio – Was – In Its Early Days – Thought Of As A Miracle Of Science – A – Sacred And Blessed Realm – That Ought Be Free Of Commercial Intrusion – It Was To Be For The – Education – Entertainment – And – Enlightenment – Of The – Public

~ QMOAC-ATBTPAMAVOTA ~ Quantitative Measure Of Attention Capture – Allowed The Broadcaster To Put A More Accurate Value On The Airtime

~ C-MBTCOIF-B-ATHOHS-TUTSTSLATTTSCBJAU-INMS-TPAAHAUT ~ Choice – May Be The Cornerstone Of Individual Freedom – But – As The History Of Humanity Shows – The Urge To Surrender To Something Larger And To Transcend The Self Can Be Just As Urgent – If Not More So – The Greatest Propagandists And Advertisers Have Always Understood This

~ ATIPOTMSWBITH-SCASTIMBAFFGON-JWUWTAGBTBPT? ~ As The Immersive Power Of The Movie Screen Was Brought Into The Home – Some Could Already See That It Might Be A Force For Greatness Or Nothingness – Just What Uses Would The Attention Gathered By Television Be Put To?

~ TTTEOT-PIM-BWFTAWST ~ Thanks To The Erosion Of The – Public Interest Model – Broadcasters Were Free To Air What Suited Them

~ AI-OC-HASO-N ~ All Individualism – Of Course – Harbor A Strain Of – Narcissism

~ TAEI ~ Technology Always Embodies Ideology

~ TDTIOCOOAWSHTVOE ~ Technologies Designed To Increase Our Control Over Our Attention Will Sometimes Have The Very Opposite Effect

~ TTS ~ The Third Screen

~ TMEWOMABINWACPR-B-RWWIT-‘VR’-TI-RTVITFOM-BCRIIFMPT-‘E’-TBIR ~ The Most Effective Way Of Maintaining A Behaviour Is Not With A Consistent Predictable Reward – But – Rather With What Is Termed – “Variable Reinforcement” – That Is – Rewards That Very In Their Frequency Or Magnitude – Behavior Consistently Rewarded Is In Fact More Prone To – “Extinction” – Than Behaviour Inconsistently Rewarded

~ E-A-OOHGFOMSC-TAPO-C-I-TRCHA ~ Email – Arguably – One Of History’s Greatest Feats Of Mass Skinneresque Conditioning – The Almighty Power Of – Check-In – To Regularly Collect Human Attention

~ TPOTAMIR-FICCFCIQAE ~ The Path Of The Attention Merchants Is Risky – For It Can Call For Compromises In Quality And Ethics

~ T-C-I-C ~ The – Celebrity-Industrial – Complex

~ C-A-P-E ~ Celebrity-Attention-Product-Endorsers

~ PV ~ Pathology Voyeurism

~ HCE ~ Here Comes Everyone

~ AVAP ~ A Virtual Attention Plantation

~ TIOBM ~ The Importance Of Being Microfamous

~ TD-L ~ The D-List

~ TFSATMON ~ The Fourth Screen And The Mirror Of Narcissus

~ TAMMD-FNO-WTG-YSG-T-A-OC-TA ~ The Attention Merchant’s Manifest Destiny – From Now On – Whither Thou Goest – Your Smartphone Goes – Too – And – Of Course – The Ads

~ OTCC-TMVHR-INO-CAP-ILTB-OOCAMS ~ Over The Coming Century – The Most Vital Human Resource – In Need Of – Conservation And Protection – Is Likely To Be – Our Own Consciousnesses And Mental Space


~ TA-TD-TTO-TIG-TP-A-TIT-SARTTT:TSIABTP-ITCGTROUSTFOB-THATG ~ The Autocrat – The De-Territorialzied Terrorist Organization – The Insurgent Group – The Prankster – And – The Internet Troll – Share A Relationship To The Truth: They See It As Beside The Point – If They Can Get The Rest Of Us Scrambling To Find Our Balance – They Have Achieved Their Goals

~ ‘ML’-ATWCEAOWTTM ~ “Media Literacy” – Assume That We Could Even Agree On What That Term Means

~ U-TOUWWFA-HPC-WHT-SOI-SA-L-S-U-A-CSO-TMOREWKAC ~ Ultimately – Those Of Us Who Wish For A – Healthier Public Culture – Will Have To – Strengthen Other Institutions – Such As – Libraries – Schools – Universities – And – Civil Society Organizations – That Might Offer Richer Engagement With Knowledge And Community

~ WMSOCT-WMSAT ~ We Must Sharpen Our Critical Tools – We Must Stop And Think

~ I-COA-METTTTPUTBHAMETTTCUAOU-MOWWE-IMOORAI-LUTB-S-F-A-A-E-YWKCB-A-WCSTQ ~ It – Captures Our Attention – Maximize Exposure To The Things That Push Us To Be Happier And Minimize Exposure To Things That Cause Us Anxiety Or Unhappiness – Much Of What We Encounter – Including Many Of Our Responses And Interactions – Leads Us To Be – Sad – Frustrated – Angry – And – Exhausted – Yet We Keep Coming Back – And – We Can’t Seem To Quit


~ Designed To Be – Habit-Forming – Like A – Skinner Box – It Conditions Us By Intermittent Reinforcement – Through – Instant – Constant – Low-Level – Feedback

~ WHSAPOCATWAWVAADGM-ATVMT-OADMHCTO-OH-OM-OW-OFO-A-OM ~ We Have Seen A Proliferation Of Casinos Across The World Along With Video And Algorithmically Driven Gambling Machines – At The Very Movement That – Other Algorithmically Driven Machines Have Come To Occupy – Our Hands – Our Minds – Our Time – Our Work – Our Family Obligations – And – Our Money

~ WFCIDO-TM-WPTBWWWPAS ~ We Find Comfort In Declaring Our – Tribal Membership – We Perform Tribal Membership With What We Post And Share

~ AFFT ~ A Forum For Tribalism

~ APM-BA-AAM-AAM-A-A-RM ~ A Pleasure Machine – But Also – An Anxiety Machine – An Anger Machine – And – A – Resentment Machine

~ SS-PO-IPS-TCBS ~ Surveillance System – Part Of – Its Pleasure System – They Cannot Be Severed

~ TMPSSITHOTW ~ The Most Pervasive Surveillance System In The History Of The World

~ CSOIUOBOIAC ~ Commercial Surveillance Of Its Users On Behalf Of Its Advertising Clients

~ S-AL-M-A-A-TSDAJ-T-GCOHAPEAC-SCU-BPT-I-GDTROCTG ~ States – Authoritarian Leaders – Monitor – Activity – And – Track Suspected Dissidents And Journalists – They – Generate Campaigns Of Harassment Against Perceived Enemies And Critics – States Can Use – Bogus Profiles To – Infiltrate – Groups Devoted To Reforming Or Challenging The Government

~ DCISCAETIUTJAPWATDMGI-FAS-CFAAQL ~ Data Collection Is So Cheap And Easy That It’s Unnecessary To Judge A Priori What Among The Data Might Be Important – Firms And States – Collect First And Ask Questions Later

~ TC:AIIEOMCASS ~ The Cryptopticon: An Inscrutable Information Ecosystem Of Massive Corporate And State Surveillance

~ TWOTCA-C-H-S-AM-OCNBSWIWWAFWP ~ The Workings Of The Cryptopticon Are – Cryptic – Hidden – Scrambled – And – Mysterious – One Can Never Be Sure Who Is Watching Whom And For What Purpose

~ TLBSACSHMA-ASSSRRSDSOPMAHJBAFOBLTDOTOM ~ The Line Between State And Commercial Surveillance Hardly Matters Anymore – A State Security Services Regularly Receive Significant Data Sets On People’s Movement And Habits Just By Asking For Or By Licensing The Data On The Open Market

~ WSPETAO(P)N-T-ACMS-TWFTWOICDAPPATNFCNTUTCG ~ We So Precipitously Entered The Age Of (Potentially) Near-Total And Continuous Mutual Surveillance – That We Failed To Weigh Our Individual Consumer Desires And Personnel Predilections Against The Need For Certain Norms To Uphold The Common Good

~ OPADUDNMITAE-TAIAD ~ Our Privacy And Dignity Ultimately Do Not Matter In The Attention Economy – They Are Inconvenient And Disposable

~ TAE ~ The Attention Economy

~ TVONBFRHACOAFTBT ~ The Virtues Of Not Being Famous Rarely Have A Champion Or A Fairy Tale Behind Them

~ TMWS-GOS-PADOTA-TMWGATTH ~ The More Time We Spend – Grooming Our Self-Presentation And Declaring Our Tribal Affiliations – The More We Grow Acculturated To This Habit

~ WMHR-‘PA’ ~ We May Have Reached – “Peak Advertising”

~ PDIP ~ Personal Data Into Propaganda

~ TGS ~ The Great Scramble

~ ‘R’-HNRT-TH-TE-TM-TE-O-TT ~ “Relevance” – Has No Relationship To – The Helpful – The Enlightening – The Moral – The Educational – Or – The True

~ SIESPC ~ Specializing In Ethically Suspect Paid Content

~ JIFTBTSI-A-TINJCDAI ~ Journalism Is Feeding The Beast That Starves It – And – There Is Nothing Journalists Can Do About It

~ FAGAQLTHOC-T-R-C-A-W-TAFON-TNAIATHEITAU-MPM-C-HS-O-P-CHOBDADSODF ~ Firms And Governments Are Quickly Learning The Hazards Of – Connecting – Thermostats – Robots – Cars – And – Watches – To A Fairly Open Network – These Networks Are Insecure And The Humans Embedded In Them Are Undependable – Malevolent Political Movements – Criminals – Hostiles States – Or – Pranksters – Can Hijack Or Bring Down A Delicate System Of Data Flows

~ LWATS-WSTTAMA-INMT-TSU ~ Like With Any Technological System – We Shape These Technologies As Much As – If Not More Than – They Shape Us

~ DI ~ Digital Imperialism

~ DBV-C-RT-P-BTF-A-M-RT-EAL-BTAOP ~ Dollars Became Votes – Commerce – Rather Than – Politics – Became The Forum – And – Markets – Rather Than – Elections And Legislatures – Became The Aggregators Of Preferences

~ IA-GAC-LIVAODOI-TBU-T-LC-A-I-AF-TIICW-D-DS-SMTBU-A-TLWCCLAUAC ~ If A – Global Advertising Company – Leverages Its Vast Array Of Dossiers On Its – Two Billion Users – To – Limit Competition – And – Invite – Antidemocratic Forces – To Infest Its Channels With – Disinformation – Democratic States – Should Move To Break It Up – And – To Limit What Companies Can Learn And Use About Citizens

~ BE ~ Be Evil

~ BTEO-2010-TITSMW-RR-SABAT-A-UDP-W-ATISOE ~ By The End Of – 2010 – The Idea That Social Media Would – Revolutionize Revolutions – Strike A Blow Against Tyranny – And – Unleash Democratic Participation – Was – A Theory In Search Of Evidence

~ T-N-A-IOPHOT-T-A-T-TLWIAI ~ Techno-Narcissism – Assumes – If Only People Had Our Tools – Toys – And – Techniques – Their Lives Would Improve Almost Instantly

~ D-CG ~ Democracy-Colored Glasses

~ ITHO-PM-NMWAI-YSCODTTO ~ In The History Of – Protest Movements – New Media Were Always Important – Yet Seldom Crucial Or Determinative To Their Outcomes

~ P-Q-CQC? ~ Psychographics – Qu’est-Ce Que C’est?

~ TDAOP ~ The Dark Arts Of Psychometrics

~ PE-TPOHDAC-A-GATTEFROTMLTBMBTM ~ Political Engineering – The Process Of Harvesting Data About Citizens – And – Generating Algorithmic Tools That Efficiently Focus Resources On Those Most Likely To Be Moved By Tailored Messages

~ M-HCFSL-P-TSL-E-SH-P ~ Marketing – Has Changed From Something Like – Poetry – To Something Like – Engineering – So Has – Politics

~ TCOPHBC:EOUIAWACOPIGFUAOIGRTGFO-C-N-O-W ~ The Culture Of Politics Has Become Customized: Each Of Us Is Asked Whether A Candidate Or Platform Is Good For Us And Our Immediate Gratification Rather Than Good For Our – Community – Nation – Or – World

~ C-G-‘T’-ATMILWCR-BI-C-C-A-C ~ Citizenship – Grows – “Thin” – As Too Much Information Lies Within Convenient Reach – But Is – Cacophonous – Confusing – And – Contradictory

~ NO-TR-WDIH-OU-O-HIUTD ~ No Obligation – To Reveal – What Data It Has – On Us – Or – How It Uses Those Data

~ WW-MACOT-A-WIIRACIOLWCOTL-TC-WMFOO ~ When We – Make A Cult Of Technology – And – Welcome Its Immediate Rewards And Conveniences Into Our Lives Without Consideration Of The Long-Term Costs – We Make Fools Of Ourselves

~ WHB-D-PFA-D-A-D ~ We Have Become – Data-Producing Farm Animals – Domesticated – And – Dependent

~ ‘TI’-A-ID ~ “The Internet” – And – Its Discontents

~ IWAGT-R-TRIO-A-ROIE-WMDIS-TGD-Q ~ If We Are Going To – Resist – The Rising Illiberal Oliopoly – And – Reform Our Information Ecosystem – We Must Do It Soon – It’s Getting Dark – Quickly


~ BAC-PAPGASOATWG-F-30%-TAS-60%-O-TGR-HBFTDFPG ~ By Any Count – Problem And Pathological Gamblers Are Significantly Overrepresented Among Those Who Gamble – From – 30 Percent – To A Staggering – 60 Percent – Of – Total Gambling Revenues – Have Been Found To Derive From Problem Gamblers

~ RFDOGA-TIATROMSM-A-‘R’-F-A-A-‘R’-WBTD-WAFOGIRPOP-MGIDBI-S-C-A-R-MOW-IIPTCAGETTFS ~ Relatively Few Discussions Of – Gambling Addiction – Take Into Account The Role Of Modern Slot Machines – Although – “Reliable – Fast-Acting – And – Robust” – Well Describes The Devices – While All Forms Of Gambling Involve Random Patterning Of Payouts – Machine Gambling Is Distinguished By Its – Solitary – Continuous – And – Rapid – Mode Of Wagering – It Is Possible To Complete A Game Every Three To Four Seconds

~ TSO-‘PG’-INJASOPG;IIAASOPM-PE-A-PBP ~ The Story Of – “Problem Gambling” – Is Not Just A Story Of Problem Gamblers; It Is Also A Story Of Problem Machines – Problem Environments – And – Problem Business Practices

~ IDFIS-A-A-A-A ~ Interior Design For Interior States – Architecture – Ambience – And – Affect

~ ‘CA’ ~ “Casino Atmospherics”

~ LOAE-M-WBAABMWIRITB ~ Like Other Atmospheric Elements – Music – Works Best As A Behavioral Modulator When It Remains In The Background

~ EE-TPEOP-CD ~ Engineering Experience – The Productive Economy Of Player-Centric Design

~ ‘CGP’ ~ “Continuing Gaming Productivity”

~ DO-TGMI-PCATTPRO-TZE ~ Designers Of – The Gambling Machine Interface – Pay Careful Attention To The Phenomenological Requirements Of – The Zone Experience

~ AP ~ Accelerating Play

~ S-IACEO-TZE-GASOSAAKOS-EWILTTMHTMHW ~ Speed – Is A Critical Element Of – The Zone Experience – Gambling Addicts Speak Of Speed As A Kind Of Skill – Even When It Leads Them To Miss Hands They Might Have Won

~ E-T-O-D ~ Extending – Time-On-Device

~ IFF ~ Intensifying Financial Flow

~ AC ~ Asymmetric Collusion

~ PC-TCOE ~ Programming Chance – The Calculation Of Enchantment

~ TSOMAWTGMPITUHAGDTDWTHAOOT-‘MAC’-BWTMC-UCGPAT-TRAOOWAAT-TIMAOOGDHABCIAB-PO-IKTTSAOGM ~ The Sense Of Magic And Wonder That Gambling Machines Provoke In Their Users Has A Great Deal To Do With The Hiddenness And Opacity Of The – “Means And Calculations” – By Which They Mediate Chance – Unlike Card Games Played Around Tables – The Rules And Odds Of Which Are Always Transparent – The Inner Mechanisms And Odds Of Gambling Devices Have Always Been Concealed In A Box – Purposive Obfuscation – Is Key To The Seductive Appeal Of Gambling Machines

~ P-AIDTEGMTBPAAD-CAPFADOUCTNLE ~ Paradoxically – Advances In Digital Technology Enable Gambling Machines To Better Pose As Analog Devices – Communicating A Physical Functionality And Degree Of User Control That No Longer Exist

~ LTO-VRM ~ Lengthening The Odds – Virtual Reel Mapping

~ MMOO-‘PRDF’ ~ Machines’ Misrepresentation Of Odds – “Physical Reel Distortion Factor”

~ RL:NM ~ Reconfiguring Loss: Near Misses

~ VRM-HBUNOTDPPOGO-BA-TDTPOL-BC-‘NM’-E-‘AHTJ’ ~ Virtual Reel Mapping – Has Been Used Not Only To Distort Players’ Perception Of Games’ Odds – But Also – To Distort Their Perception Of Losses – By Creating – “Near Miss” – Effects – “Almost Hitting The Jackpot”

~ GAAWATTABR-ITZ-AT-KOTMIF-WDLTCTD ~ Gambling Addicts Are Well Aware That They Are Beyond Reason – In The Zone – And That – Knowledge Of The Machines’ Inner Functions – Will Do Little To Curb Their Drive

~ MLODAAWITEWGM ~ Multiple Lines Of Delusion Are At Work In The Encounter With Gambling Machines

~ IDAMTTDG-AT-WATDT-AAOT-DTTBITTGG-‘WTW’ ~ Industry Designers Actively Marshal Technology To Delude Gamblers – At Times – Worrying About Their Delusionairy Tactics – And At Other Times – Defending These Tactics By Insisting That They Give Gamblers – “What They Want”

~ ITGB-CAI-RAA-TGIS-R-WPS-TZ ~ In The Gap Between – Calculation And Intuition – Rationality And Affect – The Gambling Industry Seeks – Revenue – While Players Seek – The Zone

~ MTM-I/I/H ~ Matching The Market – Innovation / Intensification / Habituation

~ FHTH ~ From Hook To Hold

~ PFT:VP-LT-O-D-N-TWAWA-J-B-TETPS ~ Playing For Time: Video Poker – Longer Time-On-Device – Not – To Walk Away With A – Jackpot – But – To Extend The Play Session

~ ASR:VS ~ A Smoother Ride: Video Slots

~ T-I-T-O-T ~ Ticket-In – Ticket-Out – Technology

~ LD-TP-GP ~ Live Data – Tracking Players – Guiding Play

~ TROPT-GM-T-F-S-AGB-I-N-‘ESD’ ~ The Rise Of Player Tracking – Gambling Machines – Transformed – From – Stand-Alone Game Boxes – Into – Networked – “Electronic Surveillance Devices”

~ IETTCIJOC-PTS-SATATFTADCS-B-LM-I-T-S-P-A-CS ~ Initially Engineered To Track Consumers Inside Just One Casino – Player Tracking Systems – Soon Acquired The Ability To Follow Them Across Diverse Consumer Spaces – By – Linking Machines – In – Taverns – Supermarkets – Pharmacies – And – Convenience Stores

~ RI-ODTMTPMOCOASTEBROTTTPOCP-AIC-RFID-UTTEIPCTFPATMTAS-IRT ~ Radiofrequency Identification – Originally Devised To Monitor The Peripatetic Movements Of Criminal Offenders And Soon Thereafter Employed By Retail Operations To Trace The Purchase Of Consumer Products – Applied In Casinos – RFID – Uses Tracking Tags Embedded In Player Cards To Follow Patrons As They Move Through A Space – In Real Time

~ BA:AI ~ Behavioral Analytics: Actionable Intelligence

~ AINOBASSHBDTHMOTGINTDISTHFITWOTT ~ An Increasing Number Of Behavioral Analytic Software Suites Have Been Developed To Help Members Of The Gambling Industry Navigate The Deep Informational Seas That Have Formed In The Wake Of Tracking Technology

~ T:RM ~ Touchpoint: Relationship Management

~ AIOSI-‘R’-IEAEFASEIWCRPDTCTUTBMTTATGT-‘L’ ~ As In Other Service Industries – “Relationship” – Is Essentially A Euphemism For A Strategic Exchange In Which Customers Relinquish Personal Data That Corporations Then Use To Better Market To Them And Thus Gain Their – “Loyalty”

~ AG-‘O’-FAV-GAM-FBATC ~ A Gambler – “Overdue” – For A Visit – Gets A Mailer – Followed By A Telephone Call

~ CDMPRST-IQRFTS ~ Customers Deemed Most Profitable Receive Special Treatment – Including Quicker Responses From Telephone Systems

~ EA-PS-OR-TRM-S-FAPDTAATCHMTPCLASFS-TE-P-‘PP’-ATT-ID-MC-TTSOGS ~ Enacting A – Pavlovian System – Of Real-Time Relationship Management – Software – Feeds A Players Data Through An Algorithm That Calculates How Much That Player Can Lose And Still Feel Satisfied – Thereby Establishing – Personalized – “Pain Points” – Approach The Threshold – It Dispenses – Meal Coupons – Tickets To Shows Or Gambling Shows

~ DG ~ Downloadable Gaming

~ LTRDTOSB ~ Let The Rats Design Their Own Skinner Box

~ PC-FCTC-GMR-ETZ-ATPWTOABIFTFOTM-TETPAAKOCBTIATMR ~ Perfect Contingency – From Control To Compulsion – Gamblers Most Readily – Enter The Zone – At The Point Where Their Own Actions Become Indistinguishable From The Functioning Of The Machine – They Explain This Point As A Kind Of Coincidence Between Their Intentions And The Machine’s Responses

~ GA ~ Gambled Away

~ LL ~ Liquidating Life

~ SCT-G-DT-BTIIADSOE ~ Suspending Clock Time – Gambling – Dechronologizes Time – By Turning It Into A Disconnected Series Of Events

~ ML ~ Machine Life

~ TPPIOOAOITNOCG:ATST-T-TSC-TSTBROI ~ The Paradox Plays Itself Out Over And Over In The Narratives Of Compulsive Gamblers: At The Same Time – That – They Seek Control – They Seek To Be Rid Of It

~ WL ~ Willing Loss

~ PTD ~ Playing To Death

~ TRI ~ The Recovery Industry

~ ACA-ACBA ~ Anything Can Addict – Anyone Can Become Addicted

~ IINUFGATDTEOTMPAP-L-PDMC-‘T’-FCO-R-IEO-A-WGD-ITCOAT-HWTCSTAOGAEFTZE ~ It Is Not Unusual For Gambling Addicts To Describe The Effects Of Their Machine Play As Pharmaceutical-Like – Pharmaceutical Drugs Most Clearly – “Turn” – From Conditions Of – Recovery – Into Elements Of – Addiction – When Gamblers Discover – In The Course Of Administering Them – How Well They Can Supplement The Act Of Gambling And Even Facilitate The Zone Experience

~ TITTGIAIPMSAPORFPGB-IOTR-TCBTIRRATPIRFI ~ The Idea That The Gambling Industry And Its Products Might Share A Portion Of Responsibility For Problematic Gambling Behavior – Is On The Rise – The Conflict Between The Industry’s Responsibility Rhetoric And The Profits It Reaps From Irresponsibility


~ NCBNTGCAC~TRNOTPITWOP-T-RTBE-A-LUTAOTBDT-CAC-RNOTBOMRAC ~ Narcissists Can Be Nudged Toward Greater Caring And Compassion ~ To Remind Narcissists Of Their Place In The World Of People – To – Reactivate Their Blocked Empathy – And – Light Up The Areas Of Their Brain Devoted To – Concern And Consideration – Reminding Narcissists Of The Benefits Of Mutual Respect And Caring

~ CCB~YNMBEOTC-OSOSIOGB-CFIAN-N;IOFUN ~ Catching Good Behavior ~ You’re Not Making Blanket Endorsements Of Their Conduct – Only Singling Out Specific Instances Of Good Behavior – Constant Flattery Is A No-No; It Only Feeds Unhealthy Narcissism

~ CGABB~C-IMTSA-C-ETYDTPATPATST-NBB-BFME-WIPWSROMCB ~ Contrasting Good And Bad Behavior ~ Contrasting – Is Much The Same As – Catching – Except That You’re Describing The Past And The Present At The Same Time – Noting Bad Behavior – Becomes Far More Effective – When It’s Paired With Some Recollection Of More Communal Behavior

~ BA~CS-WWAWNTC-II-ER-SNMUYFAY-B-SYODTTOP-YSSFUYHACSOWSFITS ~ Becoming Assertive ~ Clearly Stating – What’s Wrong And What Needs To Change – It Involves – Emotional Risk – Some Narcissists Might Use Your Feelings Against You – By – Shaming You Or Disclosing Them To Other People – You Shouldn’t Share Feelings Until You Have A Clear Sense Of Where Someone Falls In The Spectrum

~ ETR~WSWITTSIIFY?-IIBHAW ~ Evaluating The Results ~ What Signs Would Indicate That The Situation Is Improving For You?


~ ILPV-WWLCTLIPAM?-IFDNCV-HDTBSR? ~ If Labour Produced Value – Why Was Labour Continuing To Live In Poverty And Misery? – If Financiers Did Not Create Value – How Did They Become So Rich?

~ TLTOVDWN-TEOANSOITITEAT-VWNIOCOP-T-CE-LTCTAND-TN ~ The Labour Theory Of Value’s Days Were Numbered – The Emergence Of A New Set Of Ideas That Inverted The Earlier Argument That – Value Was Nested In Objective Conditions Of Production – The – Classical Economists – Lost Their Crown To A New Dynasty – The Neoclassicals

~ T-MUTOV-STAIIRFAPU ~ The – Marginal Utility Theory Of Value – States That All Income Is Reward For A Productive Undertaking

~ TMCIAT-S-O-GAA-WBM-PB-MAM-TNAMVOP-LT-COCB-BTFATSC-B-LOUFSB-TCO-IU-WHTIW-NAGOB-B-HCGCBRTEITTMTBTHOH ~ The Medieval Church Inveighed Against The – Sin – Of – Greed And Avarice – Which Broadly Meant – Profiteering By – Middlemen And Moneylenders – This Normative And Moral View Of Price – Linked To – Cheating Or Criminal Behaviour – Began To Fade After The Seventeenth Century – But – Lingered On Until Firmly Supplanted By – The Concept Of – Individual Utility – Which Held That It Was – Not About Good Or Bad – But – How Common Goals Could Be Reached Through Each Individual Trying To Maximize The Benefit To His- Or Herself

~ TN-VT-M-IBOTNO-UAS-AI-S:TVOTIMBTUTTC-TI-T-N-‘O’-SOV-SUMVBIAADT-TUDATAOATTIHOCI-P-TR-T-U-T-BGFT-TSTA-THT-MU-TMCWBWTPFT ~ The – New – Value Theory – Marginalism – It Is Based On The Notions Of – Utility And Scarcity – And Is – Subjective: The Value Of Things Is Measured By Their Usefulness To The Consumer – There Is – Therefore – No – “Objective” – Standard Of Value – Since Utility May Vary Between Individuals And At Different Times – This Utility Decreases As The Amount Of A Thing That Is Held Or Consumed Increases – Prices – Then – Reflect – The – Utility – That – Buyers Get From Things – The Scarcer They Are – The Higher Their – Marginal Utility – The More Consumers Will Be Willing To Pay For Them

~ TPAWACMIWMTHOHTTA(M)UOAC-TTMWP-IWTSII-‘E’-AIRO-HGHTUT-TS-CCOTEAEF-DASTI-P-A-P-‘O’-S-E-T-STOV-B-TRFTPOE-PIADMOV-W-NLM-TLTPTGITE-A-BTM-A-HMWWC ~ The Point At Which A Consumer’s Money Is Worth More To Him Or Her Than The Additional (Marginal) Unit Of A Commodity – That Their Money Would Purchase – Is Where The System Is In – “Equilibrium” – An Idea Reminiscent Of – How Gravity Held The Universe Together – The Smooth – Continuous Curves Of These Equilibrating And Evolutionary Forces – Depict A System That Is – Peaceful – And – Potentially – “Optimal” – Self-Equilibrating – This – Scarcity Theory Of Value – Became – The Rationale For The Price Of Everything – Price Is A Direct Measure Of Value – We – No Longer Measure – The Labour That Produced The Goods In The Economy – And – By This Means – Assess – How Much Wealth Was Created

~ T-MOU-HBEBTEST-EHB ~ The – Maximization Of Utility – Has Been Extended Beyond The Economic Sphere To – Explain Human Behavior

~ B-DTC-MUT-P-AI-HI-TNEVTWWABFPC-H-I-A-CTI-GPATOPMB ~ But – Despite The Critiques – Marginal Utility Theory – Prevails – And Is – Highly Influential – The Narrow Equilibrium View That We Will All Benefit From Perfect Competition – Has – Influenced – And – Continues To Influence – Government Policies And Those Of Powerful Multilateral Bodies

~ WSLAMITC-HPAD-TANTTTI-OOOMDATTAV ~ When Students Learn About Microecnomics In The Classroom – How Prices Are Determined – They Are Not Told That This Is – Only One Of Many Different Approaches To Thinking About Value

~ AT-M-B-VDFP-SEAVHSIIOTPAW-ATST-AHDAJAA-ISTRTPFW:TUOWATOL ~ According To – Marginalists – Because – Value Derives From Price – Somebody Earning A Very High Salary Is Indicative Of Their Productivity And Worth – At The Same Time – Anybody Holding Down A Job At All – Is Supposed To Reflect Their Preference For Work: The Utility Of Work Against That Of Leisure

~ MUT-HAFTAFOOTKPIMC:TEAOTFS ~ Marginal Utility Theory – Has Also Failed To Account For One Of The Key Problems In Modern Capitalism: The Extractive Activities Of The Financial Sector

~ ITCOCUPIBB-SOTTP-IICA-E-TCI-‘O’-TPP-A-LA-A-I-GDP ~ If The Cost Of Cleaning Up Pollution Is Borne By – Someone Other Than The Polluter – It Is Called An – Externality – The Cost Is – “Outside” – The Polluter’s Profit-And-Loss Account – And – Increases – GDP

~ T-‘BP’-HTETPOF-PVR ~ The – “Banking Problem” – How To Estimate The Productiveness Of Finance – Profits Versus Rents

~ T-FS-FSA-U-N-ACOV ~ The – Financial Sector – Formerly Seen As – Unproductive – Now – A Creator Of Value

~ TCOF-B-PLAEB-I-H-NUSA-E ~ The Celebration Of Finance – By – Political Leaders And Expert Bankers – Is – However – Not Universally Shared Among – Economists

~ PFITVOFWUBI2008I-I-TRTTGFCWTITMOEE-‘C’-SBATP-SB-A-TSTWAU-RMP-N-ZIR-SB-CBBUOGOECBTKTPH ~ Policymakers’ Faith In The Value Of Finance Was Undiminished By Its 2008 Implosion – Indeed – Their Reaction To The Global Financial Crisis Was To Insist That More Of Each Economy’s – “Capital” – Should Be Assigned To Private-Sector Banks – And – To Support Them With An Ultra-Relaxed Monetary Policy – Near-Zero Interest Rates – Supplemented By – Central Banks’ Buying Up Of Government Or Even Corporate Bonds To Keep Their Prices High

~ FSWHR-B-ALIHOBCAFOFIS-SH-LTT-FFCELDM-A-ISD-DREAAECSU-WBC-TTTOEMIHRTSFEMRIP-UD(AB)S ~ Financial Sectors Were Heavily Regulated – Because – A Long International History Of Bank Crashes And Failed Or Fraudulent Investment Schemes – Showed How – Left To Themselves – Financial Firms Could Easily Lose Depositors’ Money – And – In So Doing – Disrupt Real Economic Activity And Even Cause Social Unrest – When Banks Competed – They Tended To Offer Ever More Improbably High Returns To Savers By Funding Ever More Risky Investment Projects – Until Disaster (And Bankruptcy) Struck

~ IITTWICOT-TTRR-BOTB ~ It Is The Taxpayer Who Is Called On To – Take The Real Risk – Bailing Out The Banks

~ TCOHRALRTOTBASI ~ The Golden Combination Of High Return And Low Risk Turned Out To Be A Statistical Illusion

~ SEGTHB-‘PK’ ~ Sustaining Economic Growth Through Household Borrowing – “Privatized Kenesianism”

~ ‘SB’-DFITCB-LABANRAB-P-L-F-MAFAMAAQOTGFS ~ “Shadow Banking” – Diverse Financial Intermediaries That Carryout Bank-Like Activities But Are Not Regulated As Banks – Pawnbrokers – Lenders – Funds – May Account For As Much As A Quarter Of The Global Financial System

~ TFSNAFASAGSOTEVAAP-B-O-15%-OTFGGT-BIN-FI-TRITBFI-MMSFMCH-S-NT-‘RE’-B-I ~ The Financial Sector Now Accounts For A Significant And Growing Share Of The Economy’s Value Added And Profits – But – Only – 15 Per Cent – Of The Funds Generated Go To – Businesses In Non-Financial Industries – The Rest Is Traded Between Financial Institutions – Making Money Simply From Money Changing Hands – Serving – Not The – “Real Economy” – But – Itself

~ MUT:FIVBIIV-A-IEPAPOTV ~ Marginalism’s Ultimate Tautology: Finance Is Valuable Because It Is Valued – And – Its Extraordinary Profits Are Proof Of That Value

~ RINP-FR-CBUT-RL-T-A-AHT-DFTTRE-AOT-FOI ~ Reform Is Not Impossible – Financial Regulation – Can Be Used To – Reward Long-Termism – And – Also Help To – Direct Finance Towards The Real Economy – As Opposed To – Feeding On Itself

~ MSV ~ Maximizing Shareholder Value

~ S-TAUI ~ Short-Termism And Unproductive Investment

~ FAI ~ Financialization And Inequality

~ SV ~ Stakeholder Value

~ PVE ~ Patented Value Extraction

~ IA-COTFT-TI-SB-RTT-N-STB ~ If Anything – Companies Owing Their Fortunes To – Taxpayer Investment – Should Be – Repaying The Taxpayer – Not – Seeking Tax Breaks

~ UTPS ~ Undervaluing The Public Sector

~ TMOA ~ The Myths Of Austerity

~ MN-TOOTA-SBNTNP ~ Magic Numbers – Taken Out Of Thin Air – Supported By Neither Theory Nor Practice

~ T-A-PO-CTAGS-DNRIAEG-WTRPIWD ~ The – Austerity – Policy Of – Cutting Taxes And Government Spending – Does Not Revive Investment And Economic Growth – When The Real Problem Is Weak Demand

~ TOIHWOE ~ Too Often Ideology Has Won Over Experience

~ TCOVMOAFIRPATCOET ~ The Concept Of Value Must Once Again Find Its Rightful Place At The Centre Of Economic Thinking