~ NCBNTGCAC~TRNOTPITWOP-T-RTBE-A-LUTAOTBDT-CAC-RNOTBOMRAC ~ Narcissists Can Be Nudged Toward Greater Caring And Compassion ~ To Remind Narcissists Of Their Place In The World Of People – To – Reactivate Their Blocked Empathy – And – Light Up The Areas Of Their Brain Devoted To – Concern And Consideration – Reminding Narcissists Of The Benefits Of Mutual Respect And Caring

~ CCB~YNMBEOTC-OSOSIOGB-CFIAN-N;IOFUN ~ Catching Good Behavior ~ You’re Not Making Blanket Endorsements Of Their Conduct – Only Singling Out Specific Instances Of Good Behavior – Constant Flattery Is A No-No; It Only Feeds Unhealthy Narcissism

~ CGABB~C-IMTSA-C-ETYDTPATPATST-NBB-BFME-WIPWSROMCB ~ Contrasting Good And Bad Behavior ~ Contrasting – Is Much The Same As – Catching – Except That You’re Describing The Past And The Present At The Same Time – Noting Bad Behavior – Becomes Far More Effective – When It’s Paired With Some Recollection Of More Communal Behavior

~ BA~CS-WWAWNTC-II-ER-SNMUYFAY-B-SYODTTOP-YSSFUYHACSOWSFITS ~ Becoming Assertive ~ Clearly Stating – What’s Wrong And What Needs To Change – It Involves – Emotional Risk – Some Narcissists Might Use Your Feelings Against You – By – Shaming You Or Disclosing Them To Other People – You Shouldn’t Share Feelings Until You Have A Clear Sense Of Where Someone Falls In The Spectrum

~ ETR~WSWITTSIIFY?-IIBHAW ~ Evaluating The Results ~ What Signs Would Indicate That The Situation Is Improving For You?

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