~ TROGODWAPLABMFA-TFOWIMES ~ The Raising Of Ghosts Or Devils Was A Promise Liberally Accorded By My Favourite Authors – The Fulfillment Of Which I Most Eagerly Sought

~ IWRTECOBGFROLW ~ I Was Required To Exchange Chimeras Of Boundless Grandeur For Realities Of Little Worth

~ IBTCODSTTBCOL;ISHTWITWOTEAB ~ I Beheld The Corruption Of Death Succeed To The Blooming Cheek Of Life; I Saw How The Worm Inherited The Wonders Of The Eye And Brain

~ ISIDTCOGAL-IBMCOBAULM ~ I Succeeded In Discovering The Cause Of Generation And Life – I Became Myself Capable Of Bestowing Animation Upon Lifeless Matter

~ BTGOTH-EL-IS-TDYE-O-TC-O ~ By The Glimmer Of The Half-Extinguished Light – I Saw – The Dull Yellow Eye – Of – The Creature – Open

~ BNTIHF-TBOTDV-A-BHADFMH ~ But Now That I Had Finished – The Beauty Of The Dream Vanished – And – Breathless Horror And Disgust Filled My Heart

~ TDCTWIHSMGL ~ The Demoniacal Corpse To Which I Had So Miserably Given Life

~ O!-NMCSTHOTC-ATSAEDWNHC ~ Oh! – No Mortal Could Support The Horror Of That Countenance – A Thing Such As Even Dante Would Not Have Conceived

~ TW-TFD-TWIHGL ~ The Wretch – The Filthy Daemon – To Whom I Had Given Life

~ HWTM!-ICNDI-TMPOTIWAIPOTF ~ He Was The Murderer! – I Could Not Doubt It – The Mere Presence Of The Idea Was An Irresistible Proof Of The Fact

~ IHBTAOUE-A-ILIDF-L-TM-WIHC-SPSNW ~ I Had Been The Author Of Unalterable Evils – And – I Lived In Daily Fear – Lest – The Monster – Whom I Had Created – Should Perpetrate Some New Wickedness

~ IP-ATSCN-(STAA!)-TIW-TW-WIHC ~ I Perceived – As The Shape Came Nearer – (Sight Tremendous And Abhorred!) – That It Was – The Wretch – Whom I Had Created

~ HINSE-TYSTIMM? ~ Have I Not Suffered Enough – That You Seek To Increase My Misery?

~ L-AIMOBAAOA-I-DTM-A-IWDI ~ Life – Although It May Only Be An Accumulation Of Anguish – Is – Dear To Me – And – I Will Defend It

~ R-T-IATC ~ Remember – That – I Am Thy Creature

~ HCIMT?-WNECTTRAFEU-TC-WITGAC? ~ How Can I Move Thee? – Will No Entreaties Cause Thee To Run A Favourable Eye Upon – Thy Creature – Who Implores Thy Goodness And Compassion?

~ TF ~ The Fiend

~ WILA-ISAHONLM-WITAM-ABUTE-FWAMF-A-WAMD? ~ When I Looked Around – I Saw And Heard Of None Like Me – Was I Then A Monster – A Blot Upon The Earth – From Which All Men Fled – And – Whom All Men Disowned?

~ IHNYSABRM-O-WCAIWM-WWI?-TQ-AR-TBAOWG ~ I Had Never Yet Seen A Being Resembling Me – Or – Who Claimed Any Intercourse With Me – What Was I? – The Question – Again Recurred – To Be Answered Only With Groans

~ IEIA-CC!-WDYFAMSHTEYTFMID? ~ I Exclaimed In Agony – Cursed Creator! – Why Did You Form A Monster So Hideous That Even You Turned From Me In Disgust?

~ O!-MC-MMH;LMFGTYFOB!-LMSTIETSOSET ~ Oh! – My Creator – Make Me Happy; Let Me Feel Gratitude Towards You For One Benefit! – Let Me See That I Excite The Sympathy Of Some Existing Thing

~ HIAR-FMOB-TITCUEG? ~ Had I A Right – For My Own Benefit – To Inflict This Curse Upon Everlasting Generations?

~ ISTTTFAMCMATP-WSHNHTBIOPATPPOTEOTWHR ~ I Shuddered To Think That Future Ages Might Curse Me As Their Pest – Whose Selfishness Had Not Hesitated To Buy Its Own Peace At The Price Perhaps Of The Existence Of The Whole Human Race

~ MICUATITTASM ~ My Imagination Conjured Up A Thousand Images To Torment And Sting Me

~ TSTWIMLDUTGOADWIHMC ~ To See Those Whom I Most Loved Die Under The Grasp Of A Daemon Whom I Had Myself Created

~ NISPTTHMAAGASC ~ Nothing Is So Painful To The Human Mind As A Great And Sudden Change

~ P-P-LMM-DNSTIYO ~ Peace – Peace – Learn My Miseries – And – Do Not Seek To Increase Your Own

~ WY-IFAIIWDFSGE ~ When Younger – I Felt As If I Were Destined For Some Great Enterprise

~ IMPADTBTWIGE ~ I Must Pursue And Destroy The Being To Whom I Gave Existence

~ OMFWSWD-OV-OF-A-OE-OIFHTMWB-W-PMOF-WLMFTEQWIWCOBF ~ Once My Fancy Was Soothed With Dreams – Of Virtue – Of Fame – And – Of Enjoyment – Once I Falsely Hoped To Meet With Beings – Who – Pardoning My Outward Form – Would Love Me For The Excellent Qualities Which I Was Capable Of Bringing Forth

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