~ P-‘MM’ ~ Psychedelic – “Mind Manifesting”

~ TEOPIPIBOE ~ The Experience Of Psychedelics Is Powerfully Influenced By One’s Expectation

~ I-IOCAHO-TME-B-AWT-FOI-TCTSPOTHBDTYIAHOTME-ROWIHBOB-AD-M-F-F-O-SD-PFTHBLIOADSOTU-A-TCBSFTC-‘ND’ ~ Ineffability – Is Of Course A Hallmark Of – The Mystical Experience – But – Along With The – Feeling Of Ineffability – The Conviction That Some Profound Objective Truth Has Been Disclosed To You Is A Hallmark Of The Mystical Experience – Regardless Of Whether It Has Been Occasioned By – A Drug – Meditation – Fasting – Flagellation – Or – Sensory Deprivation – People Feel They Have Been Let In On A Deep Secret Of The Universe – And – They Cannot Be Shaken From That Conviction – “No Doubt”

~ TMJ-STO-AGEITO-YPCOOTEUTPIANW:WWMKINF-TOTAOADRC-A-MOTN-TCCTSIOL ~ The Mystical Journey – Seems To Offer – A Graduate Education In The Obvious – Yet People Come Out Of The Experience Understanding These Platitudes In A New Way: What Was Merely Known Is Now Felt – Takes On The Authority Of A Deeply Rooted Conviction – And – More Often Than Not – That Conviction Concerns The Supreme Importance Of Love

~ HSMHAAOOTPOCTCFSMABD ~ Homo Sapiens Might Have Arrived At One Of Those Periods Of Crisis That Calls For Some Mental And Behavioral Depatterning

~ OP-‘D’-CBA-‘SOO’-IWAAMOPAV ~ One Person’s – “Depersonalization” – Could Be Another’s – “Sense Of Oneness” – It Was All A Matter Of Perspective And Vocabulary

~ ‘MF’ ~ “Microdosing Fridays”

~ PCMETMCOUIFEOTO ~ Psychedelics Can Make Even The Most Cynical Of Us Into Fervent Evangelists Of The Obvious

~ RAFD ~ Relax And Float Downstream

~ MEQ ~ Mystical Experience Questionnaires

~ 5-HT2A ~ 5-HT2A

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