~ OSCATASBFTEROTF ~ Our Smaller Cities And Towns Are Scaled Better For The Energy Realities Of The Future

~ OGCAPOTCEA ~ Our Giant Cities Are Products Of The Cheap Energy Age

~ LCCWCAD-ATOD-A-ATW-ITALTHT ~ Large Complex Cities Will Contract And Densify – Around Their Old Center – And – Around Their Waterfronts – If They Are Lucky To Have Them

~ TWTRT-T-T-TMBOKAE ~ The Wish To Resort To – Technomagic – Trumps – Time-Tested Methods Based On Knowledge And Experience

~ AFPWRALMHL ~ All Food Production Will Require A Lot More Human Labor

~ G-I-IE-DNWWWSOVRANP ~ Giant – Integrated – Industrial Economies – Do Not Work Well When Supplies Of Vital Resources Are Not Predictable

~ TM-I-C-E-O-CC-FP-I-FS ~ The Most – Immediate – Critical – Effect – Of – Climate Change – For People – Is – Food Scarcity

~ T-I-INATBAPFOHL-IWNLVFITF-TME ~ The – Internet – Is Now Assumed To Be A Permanent Fixture Of Human Life – It Will Not Last Very Far Into The Future – Too Much Electricity

~ GWSCITP-FDATTWDN-A-ITRL-TWWAUAWWDTTWAWWTWWD ~ Generations Will Soon Come Into Their Power – Feeling Differently About Themselves Than We Do Now – And – In Their Reenchanted Lives – They Will Wonder About Us And What We Did To Their World And What We Thought We Were Doing

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