~ TS-‘TSFTPODIMD’-SH-AYDTIO-RI ~ The Slogan – “The Solution For The Problems Of Democracy Is More Democracy” – Sounds Hollow – After You Digest The Idea Of – Rational Ignorance

~ VI-IAPO-NHS-N-ATCA ~ Voter Ignorance – Is A Product Of – Natural Human Selfishness – Not – A Transient Cultural Aberration

~ NA-METOP-BAT-TTCUEAVA ~ Nearly All – Modern Economic Theories Of Politics – Begin By Assuming That – The Typical Citizen Understands Economics And Votes Accordingly

~ MVNTASCIE ~ Most Voters Never Take A Single Course In Economics

~ PWR-FC-T-TL ~ People Would Rather – Feel Compassionately – Than – Think Logically

~ S-SB-HBGT-SCB ~ Self-Serving Bias – Human Beings Gravitate Toward – Selfishly Convenient Beliefs

~ TTWTWITTSACATIAFOD ~ The Trouble With The World Is That The Stupid Are Cocksure And The Intelligent Are Full Of Doubt

~ D-ITWS-ALA-TEIPAC ~ Demagoguery – Is The Winning Strategy – As Long As – The Electorate Is Prejudiced And Credulous

~ L-P-TM-SVWTWTSATTWTWTH ~ Like – Politicians – The Media – Show Viewers What They Want To See And Tell Them What They Want To Hear

~ BBAE-MDWAWIDM-UTBITI-NJFE-B-FEWSP ~ Biased Beliefs About Economics – Make Democracy Worse At What It Does Most – Understanding These Biases Is Therefore Important – Not Just For Economists – But – For Everyone Who Studies Politics

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