~ SOTWMCP-EB-T-BT-TH-CFI-ELP-A-EGEI ~ Some Of The World’s Most Celebrated Philanthropists – Earned Billions – Through – Business Tactics – That Have – Compounded – Financial Instability – Eroded Labour Protections – And – Entrenched Global Economic Inequalities

~ WTMOTFTGPAGISTGHIH?-DPAMTRRATPP? ~ What To Make Of The Fact That Growing Philanthropy And Growing Inequality Seem To Go Hand In Hand? – Does Philanthropy Actually Make The Rich Richer And The Poor Poorer?

~ PIA:IPT-CWITUEOSITHTTWWDTTFSR ~ Philanthrocapitalism In Action: Introducing Polices That Help – Concentrate Wealth In The Upper Echelons Of Society In The Hope That The Wealthy Will Donate To The Financially Strapped Rest

~ TW-DSI-A-TTSP-WCAICDOSS ~ Those Who – Decry State Interference – Are – Typically The Same People – Whose Capital And Investment Choices Depend On State Support

~ CATBOS-RSBLITHOTWVT ~ Claims About The Benefits Of Self-Regulation Shouldn’t Be Left In The Hands Of Those Who Voice Them

~ DTFT-LFABM-HLLAARTCLTMRITAOSASIPF-TCABEAPITFAOAOCD ~ Despite The Fact That – Large Food And Beverage Manufacturers – Have Long Lobbied Against Any Regulations That Could Lead To Mandatory Reductions In The Amount Of Sugar And Sodium In Processed Food – These Companies Are Being Embraced As Partners In The Fight Against Obesity And Other Chronic Diseases

~ TSG ~ The Selfish Gift

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