~ TGB-WTSIAUTD-A-WMPAWTA-WTCI-‘P’-GUV ~ The Gap Between – What The Science Is Asking Us To Do – And – What Most People Are Willing To Accept – What They Claim Is – “Possible” – Gives You Vertigo

~ D-KRDM-A-BLSWIC ~ Deniers – Keep Repackaging Debunked Material – And – Badgering Legitimate Scientists With Irrelevant Concerns

~ WLIA-PC-WT-SO-O-AOCE-AP-O-ATC-CAMWFTGPA-TSKOAG ~ We Live In A – Public Cyberspace – Where The – Scientific Opinions – Of – An Oil Company Executive – A Politician – Or – A Television Commentator – Carry As Much Weight For The General Public As – The Scientific Knowledge Of A Geophysicist

~ WDPBTTAPF? ~ Why Do People Believe Things That Are Patently False?

~ AOM ~ Axis Of Melt

~ ML-IWWTOA-TPA-ABF-THITW-TMFITAMTFSIC-V-AAOC ~ Mercury Levels – In What We Think Of As – The Pristine Arctic – Are By Far – The Highest In The World – The Mercury Found In The Arctic Migrated There From Southern Industrial Centers – Via – Atmospheric And Ocean Currents

~ MGH-BOMLIWC-‘FH’-LEIBTOSATDP-CATAMOCAAOFFROE ~ Methane Gas Hydrates – Bits Of Methane Locked Inside Water Crystals – “Frozen Heat” – Literally Everywhere In Both The Ocean Sediment And The Deep Permafrost – Contains About Twice As Much Organic Carbon As All Other Fossil Fuel Reserves On Earth

~ TDTARAEI ~ They Describe Themselves As Research And Educational Institutions

~ WCTPOFI-APS-HBC-A-RB-LAPOASOTS ~ We Continue To Place Our Faith In – A Political System – Hijacked By Corporations – And – Run By – Liars And Propagandists On All Sides Of The Spectrum

~ OBMIFUT-SSITREOTWWHCTKAT-Y-OBAHAAATCNC ~ Our Brains May Instinctively Force Us To – Seek Shelter In The Reassuring Equilibrium Of The World We Have Come To Know And Trust – Yet – Our Brains Also Have An Amazing Ability To Chart New Courses


~ UI-APIIDF-C/PV/TPG ~ Unbridled Individualism – Almost Pathological In Its Disdain For – Community / Public Values / The Public Good

~ TGP-ANPTFA-PC-O-TER-WSIFTS-SA-A-CANATGUA-IOTB ~ The General Public – Almost Never Points The Finger At – Powerful Corporations – Or – The Elite Rich – Who Seem Immune From The Shared-Sacrifice Argument – And – Consequently Are Not Asked To Give Up Anything – Including Obscene Tax Breaks

~ UTRO-MF-MITWMTLHSAMHBEWOA ~ Under The Regime Of – Market Fundamentalism – Many Institutions That Were Meant To Limit Human Suffering And Misfortune Have Been Either Weakened Or Abolished

~ AVO-TGS-HBRWVO-IH-CB-AESFIG ~ A Vision Of – The Good Society – Has Been Replaced With Visions Of – Individual Happiness – Characterized By – An Endless Search For Instant Gratification

~ OOTMDOFTLOPVITDSOOTCFAOTOOPI ~ One Of The Most Devastating Outcomes From This Loss Of Public Values Is The Diminished Sense Of Obligation To Care For Anything Other Than Our Own Personal Interests

~ IO-PS-TP-D-D-A-AWSE-WH-ES-T-IAETT-WOOT-UD-R-T-A-C ~ Instead Of – Public Spheres – That Promote – Dialogue – Debate – And – Arguments With Supporting Evidence – We Have – Entertainment Spheres – That – Infantilize Almost Everything They Touch – While Offering Opinions That – Utterly Disregard – Reason – Truth – And – Civility

~ PBD-WASCTPTCFPTB-S-C-R-A-SR ~ Politics Becomes Dysfunctional – Without A Supportive Culture To Provide The Conditions For People To Become – Self-Critical – Reflexive – And – Socially Responsible

~ MDC-RTAT-FIASEIWS-IISTTAOPV ~ Market-Driven Culture – Rejects The Assumption That – Freedom Is A Shared Experience In Which Self-Interest Is Subordinated To The Affirmation Of Public Values

~ DTOD-B-DACC-CTPIASMBAWGBPDASC ~ Democracy Thrives On Dissent – But – Dissent And Critical Citizenship – Cannot Take Place In A Society Marked By A Widening Gap Between Political Democracy And Socioeconomic Capacities

~ W-TIH-T-A-TDR-WPGTNAMDPS-RTBS ~ Whether – The Information Highway – Technoculture – And – The Digital Revolution – Will Provide Gateways To New And More Democratic Public Spheres – Remains To Be Seen

~ VEMOTNUACCAMA ~ Virtual Encounters More Often Than Not Undermine Authentic Communication And Minimize Accountability

~ PVM ~ Public Values Matter

~ N-AIAE ~ Nowadays – All Ideas Are Equal

~ T-WS-IBD;IIBRBTHROT-PS ~ The – Welfare State – Is Being Dismantled; It Is Being Replaced By The Harsh Realities Of The – Punishing State

~ WPIRTPA ~ Widespread Poverty Is Relegated To Private Anecdotes

~ D-IA-‘WOL’ ~ Democracy – Is A – “Way Of Life”

~ ED-SMTE;IAP-I-V-P-M-A-ROT ~ Economic Darwinism – Shapes More Than Economics; It Also Produces – Ideas – Values – Power – Morality – And – Regimes Of Truth

~ MO-J-E-A-E-HOABETTMOP ~ Matters Of – Justice – Ethics – And – Equality – Have Once Again Been Exiled To The Margins Of Politics

~ SA-GC-TI-GIS-YP-HSAMTTWTTRTLALURPRSBAMBNW ~ Signalling A – Generational Crisis – That Is – Global In Scope – Young People – Have Sent A Message To The World That They Refuse To Live Any Longer Under Repressive Political Regimes Sustained By A Morally Bankrupt Neoliberal World

~ ‘ZOSA’ ~ “Zones Of Social Abandonment”

~ TMYPATGNLI-‘ASOPE’ ~ Too Many Young People Around The Globe Now Live In – “A State Of Perpetual Emergency”

~ OTOH-AMATRAAN ~ On The Other Hand – Austerity Measures Against The Rich Are Almost Nonexistent

~ T-DC ~ Trickle-Down Cruelty

~ A-UAC-EM-BS-SALN-HTTC-N-HTCPTWLPI ~ As – Universities And Colleges – Emphasize Market-Based Skills – Student Are Learning Neither – How To Think Critically – Nor – How To Connect Private Troubles With Larger Public Issues

~ AKHBSOIVAASG ~ Academic Knowledge Has Been Stripped Of Its Value As A Social Good

~ ASIWPIVAI ~ A Society In Which Politics Is Viewed As Irrelevant

~ IOT-OTIOTWAPC-T-FC-SF-A-I-NFAVD-AU-AIAW-RA ~ In Order To – Protect The Interests Of The Wealthy And Powerful Corporations – The – Formative Culture – Social Formations – And – Institutions – Necessary For A Viable Democracy – Are Under – An Intense And Wide-Ranging Assault

~ D-HBAR-CB-ASNOEWIACPM ~ Democracy – Has Become A Ritual – Controllable By – A Small Number Of Extremely Wealthy Individuals And Corporate Power Mongers

~ S-HB-H-I-TBTLOMSASOAOTTO ~ Society – Has Become – Hyper-Individualized – Trapped By The Lure Of Material Success And Stripped Of Any Obligation To The Other


~ WC-WF? ~ Whose Crisis – Whose Future?

~ T-A-G-F-R-W ~ Towards – A – Greener – Fairer – Richer – World

~ TO-AN-T-P-O-F-B-P-I-A-I ~ The Obstacles – Are Not – Technical – Practical – Or – Financial – But – Political – Intellectual – And – Ideological

~ TE-C-TSDOTE-‘E’-JUSE ~ The Economists – Call – The Systematic Destruction Of The Environment – “Externalities” – Just Unfortunate Side Effects

~ BTEIU-A-GVI-SINUAW ~ Because The Economy Is Unjust – And – Generates Vast Inequalities – Society Is Necessarily Unjust As Well

~ F-F-H-R-UIC ~ Further – Faster – Higher – Richer – Until It Crashes

~ AG-BOSMDTKTOWOTOABL ~ A Grab-Bag Of Stopgap Measures Designed To Keep The Old World Order Ticking Over A Bit Longer

~~ ITF-PWAH-TB-S-RT-TRC-WATFATPET ~ It’s Tempting For – People Who Are Hurting – To Blame – Scapegoats – Rather Than – The Real Culprits – Who Are Too Far Away To Provide Easy Targets

~ T-RL-A-FFP-TPTC-WIJATTBAPBI-MS-R-TPF-TAPW-PR-POEK-AT-MCNL ~ The – Risky Loans – And – Fancy Financial Products – That Precipitated The Crisis – Were Intellectually Justified At The Time By A Pious Belief In – Market Self-Regulation – The Patent Fiction – That All Participants Were – Perfectly Rational – Possessed Of Equal Knowledge – And That – Markets Could Not Lie

~ DASPAUWTCIOTRAPAAS ~ Dark And Secret Plots Are Unnecessary When The Common Interests Of The Rich And Powerful Are At Stake

~ P/S;C/S ~ Primes / Subprimes; Crimes / Subcrimes

~ WDYM-‘NSTC’-? ~ What Do You Mean – “Nobody Saw This Coming” – ?

~ R-S ~ Regulation – Shmegulation

~ LTER ~ Let Them Eat Research

~ HNWI ~ High Net Worth Individuals

~ PAB-TKPWT-GIF ~ People Aren’t Blind – They Know Perfectly Well That – Globalization Isn’t Fair

~ NAOWTMPH ~ New And Original Ways To Make People Hungry

~ W:TPCP ~ Water: The Perfect Capitalist Product

~ CSBAPG ~ Credit – Should Be A – Public Good


~ CATMBWGBTTPDW ~ Criminals Are The Main Beneficiaries When Governments Ban Things That People Desperately Want

~ WDATMG?-TMHGA;IWNRT ~ Where Did All The Money Go? – The Money Hasn’t Gone Anywhere; It Was Never Really There

~ TKT-AB-IT-TLBHDLAHPIS-R ~ The Key To – Asset Bubbles – Is That – The Link Between Higher Debt Levels And Higher Prices Is Self-Reinforcing

~ HB-AC-A-PHTS-TIBSBHALOSWTAI-B-EA-L ~ Housing Bubbles – Are Common – And – Particularly Hard To Stop – That Is Because Such Bubbles Have A Lot Of Supporters While They Are Inflating – Banks – Estate Agents – Lawyers

~ ALSHTBRITBWTBKG ~ And Lending Standards Had To Be Relaxed If The Boom Was To Be Kept Going

~ W-CE-IIHTGB-TATBM-CTTFITS ~ Without – Credit Expansion – It Is Hard To Generate Bubbles – The Ability To Borrow Money – Creates The Temptation For Investors To Speculate

~ B-DOD-TGS-H-TEO-BW-RTRBOTS-TWNLTTAOMACTCBC ~ Bubbles – Did Occur During – The Gold Standard – However – The End Of – Bretton Woods – Released The Remaining Brake On The System – There Was No Limit To The Amount Of Money And Credit That Could Be Created

~ FER-A-LTD-A-GICM-TA-TFS-TGAA-F-F-SM-A-CAVIFHA(ASO)E-RR ~ Floating Exchange Rates – Allowed – Larger Trade Deficits – And – Greater International Capital Movements – This Allowed – The Financial Sector – To Grow As A – Facilitator – For – Such Movements – And – Created A Vast Industry For Hedging Against (And Speculating On) Exchange-Rate Risk

~ LFM-AA-CGTA-CBDNRIATDTPTRB-I-B-IWMF-B-NWTR-TES ~ Liberalizing Financial Markets – Also Allowed – Credit Growth To Accelerate – Central Banks Did Not Regard It As Their Duty To Pop The Resulting Bubbles – Instead – By – Intervening When Markets Fell – But – Not When They Rose – They Encouraged Speculation

~ TP-BWEHNJPB-IHABAB-TPGOTFS ~ The Post-Bretton Woods Era Has Not Just Produced Bubbles – It Has Also Been Accompanied By – The Phenomenal Growth Of The Financial Sector

~ TBWLCIAC-TTACETMFRTS-ATMFFAF-TTGBAB-SAPWRR-IBN(ODM)TFCUOTP ~ The Bankers Were Like Croupiers In A Casino – They Took A Cut Every Time Money Flowed Round The System – As The Money Flowed Faster And Faster – Their Take Got Bigger And Bigger – Since Asset Prices Were Rising Rapidly – Investors Barely Noticed (Or Didn’t Mind) The Finance Sector’s Cut Of Their Profits

~ TSMCTBDBTFS-THEOALTAGWOTBTTOR-BHLCATA-TUM-L ~ The Stock Market Came To Be Dominated By The Finance Sector – This Huge Expansion Owed A Lot To A Greater Willingness Of The Banks To Take On Risk – Banks Held Less Capital Against Their Assets – They Used More – Leverage

~ ‘MH’-DHNITMTHOTBSGSBTAWGTD ~ “Moral Hazard” – Depositors Have No Incentive To Monitor The Health Of Their Banks Since Governments Stand Behind Them And Will Guarantee Their Deposits

~ BFWTGRTR-MROTBS-A-TRDNSATKUWTB-PCITPS ~ Banks Found Ways To Get Round The Rules – Moving Risk Off Their Balance Sheets – And – The Regulators Did Not Seem Able To Keep Up With Their Better-Paid Counterparts In The Private Sector

~ T-FS-HBWECA-‘R-S’-CEPFIS ~ The – Finance Sector – Has Become What Economists Call A – “Rent-Seeker” – Charging Excessive Prices For Its Services

~ FPAOCWTRTTEPIO;CMBPOTOWRI ~ Financial Products Are Often Complex With The Result That The Effective Price Is Obscure; Clients May Be Paying Over The Odds Without Realizing It

~ TROCBTIIAB-OSTTFOEIBHAP-H-TMMW-I ~ The Reluctance Of Central Banks To Intervene In Asset Bubbles – Owed Something To The Feeling Of Euphoria Induced By Higher Asset Prices – However – The Main Motivation Was – Ideology

~ FA-HD-‘E-MT’-WSTCPWALTBABROTFSOTMTTVOAGOOCB-B-RA-HBCAATE-MHESIWD-ICBSTHANOB ~ Finance Academics – Had Developed – “Efficient-Market Theory” – Which Suggested That Current Prices Were Always Likely To Be A Better Reflection Of The Fundamental State Of The Market Than The View Of A Government Official Or Central Banker – But – Rival Academics – Have Been Chipping Away At The Efficient-Market Hypothesis Ever Since It Was Developed – Investors Can Be Shown To Have A Number Of Biases

~ ATBB-A-S-A-D-C-A-ATCILG-SRI-R-H-CTATTMCHTRI ~ As The Banks Became – All-Singing – All-Dancing – Conglomerates – And – As They Consolidated Into Larger Groups – Systemic Risk Increased – Regulators – However – Continued To Assume That The Market Could Handle The Risks Itself

~ STDFTPTTPS-SLTSWAALODOIB ~ Shifting The Debts From The Private To The Public Sector – Still Leaves The System With An Awful Lot Of Debt On Its Books

~ ‘C’-W-PP-GIO-TNTRTS-W-J-TB-A-S-OATBARA-WADPGO-GAHOTDC ~ “Clientelism” – When – Political Parties – Get Into Office – They Need To Reward Their Supporters – With – Jobs – Tax Breaks – And – Subsidies – Once Added These Boondoggles Are Rarely Abolished – When A Different Party Gains Office – Goodies Are Handed Out To Different Clients

~ J-FODF ~ Jubilee – Festival Of Debt Forgiveness

~ ‘OD’-TPO-DIBTAK ~ “Odious Debt” – The Problem Of – Deficits Incurred By Tyrants And Kleptocrats

~ ESGTOD-YGHHTPTDOTO-B-EGHBBTTL-TAOTDWMTINLTC-TPSIROOS ~ Ever Since Governments Took On Debt – Younger Generations Have Had To Pay The Debts Of The Old – But – Each Generation Has Been Bigger Than The Last – The Aging Of The Developed World Means This Is No Longer The Case – The Ponzi Scheme Is Running Out Of Suckers

~ TWHSCACIWMADHE ~ The World Has Seen Cycle After Cycle In Which Money And Debts Have Expanded

~ E-AHWBJAPTLANTBFAIS ~ Eventually – A House Will Be Just A Place To Live And Not The Basis For An Investment Strategy

~ SMOBAIATOOTO-IAD ~ Stagnation May Only Be An Interim Alternative To Our Other Two Options – Inflation And Default

~ TURIT-OCE-CTTASPOTITF-YIAYO-UTAUO ~ The Underlying Reality Is That – One Cannot Expect – Countries To Transfer A Significant Proportion Of Their Income To Foreigners – Year In And Year Out – Unless They Are Under Occupation

~ WDIOIOEII-TFILOAP ~ Whether Debt Is Owed Internally Or Externally Is Important – The Former Is Less Of A Problem

~ FRHBMMVTTSE ~ Floating Rates Have Been Much More Volatile Than Their Supporters Expected

~ TTISITDO-CC ~ The Tide Is Shifting In The Direction Of – Capital Controls

~ TDWHMIF-WAFBOAP-A-AEROTFS ~ The Developed World Has Mortgaged Its Future – With A Foolish Bet On Asset Prices – And – An Excessive Reliance On The Finance Sector

~ TDMBRIIM-O-DC-;TMBPOTOGWAGCTR;TMRIOD ~ The Debts May Be Repaid In Inflated Money – Or – Devalued Currency; They May Be Passed On To Other Governments With A Greater Capacity To Repay; They May Result In Outright Default

~ TGEIC;FMITW-IWNBFTB ~ The Global Economy Is Changing; For Many In The West – It Will Not Be For The Better


~ ATGCATNHE ~ Any Technology Gradually Creates A Totally New Human Environment

~ EANPWBAP ~ Environments Are Not Passive Wrappings But Active Processes

~ ‘TMITM’-M-ITO-TEA-T-ATNEHBC-T-‘C’-OTNE-ITOMEOTIA ~ “The Medium Is The Message” – Means – In Terms Of – The Electronic Age – That – A Totally New Environment Has Been Created – The – “Content” – Of This New Environment – Is The Old Mechanized Environment Of The Industrial Age

~ ENT-RACAD-Y-TNOTIPIAAF ~ Each New Technology – Regarded As Corrupt And Degrading – Yet – The New One Turns Its Predecessor Into An Art Form

~ TPOTATAFSATD-BAGAM-HLBR-A-AR-AA-‘AEWS’-AIW-EUTDSAPTILOTTPTCWT ~ The Power Of The Arts To Anticipate Future Social And Technological Developments – By A Generation And More – Has Long Been Recognized – Art – As Radar – Acts As – “An Early Alarm System” – As It Were – Enabling Us To Discover Social And Psychic Targets In Lots Of Time To Prepare To Cope With Them

~ TMITM-TIMTST-TPASCOAM-TI-OAEOO-RFTNSTIIIOA-B-EEOO-O-BANT ~ The Medium Is The Message – This Is Merely To Say That – The Personal And Social Consequences Of Any Medium – That Is – Of Any Extension Of Ourselves – Result From The New Scale That Is Introduced Into Our Affairs – By – Each Extension Of Ourselves – Or – By Any New Technology

~ T-‘C’-OAMIAAM ~ The – “Content” – Of Any Medium Is Always Another Medium

~ WWAAC-H-H-AT-PASC-O-TDOPATAOAEP-FT-‘M’-O-AMOT-I-TCOSOPOPTIIIHA-IITMTSACTSAFOHAAA ~ What We Are Considering – Here – However – Are The – Psychic And Social Consequences – Of – The Designs Or Patterns As They Amplify Or Accelerate Existing Processes – For The – “Message” – Of – Any Medium Or Technology – Is – The Change Of Scale Or Pace Or Pattern That It Introduces Into Human Affairs – It Is The Medium That Shapes And Controls The Scale And Form Of Human Association And Action

~ TMISTM ~ The Medium Is Socially The Message

~ TOTFAAFN ~ That One Thing Follows Another Accounts For Nothing

~ TEOTDNOATLOOOC-B-ASR-O-POPSAWAR ~ The Effects Of Technology Do Not Occur At The Level Of Opinions Or Concepts – But – Alter Sense Ratios – Or – Patterns Of Perception Steadily And Without Any Resistance

~ M-ITIVOACPTOEOALP-WL-M-B-CTTFAOSP ~ Myth – Is The Instant Vision Of A Complex Process That Ordinarily Extends Over A Long Period – We Live – Mythically – But – Continue To Think Fragmentary And On Single Planes

~ CW-E-RT-M-I-ABCOOET ~ Concern With – Effect – Rather Than – Meaning – Is – A Basic Change Of Our Electric Time

~ ITTOMRTMEMTP? ~ Is The Threat Of Massive Retaliation The Most Effective Means To Peace?

~ TSOBUADCB ~ The Spectacle Of Brutality Used As Deterrent Can Brutalize

~ NITROAPT ~ Numbness Is The Result Of Any Prolonged Terror

~ TPOEVII ~ The Price Of Eternal Vigilance Is Indifference

~ AEILR-AAKOMWSAKONOF-FTIMAMITROSCAITSOP ~ As Electric Information Levels Rise – Almost Any Kind Of Material Will Serve Any Kind Of Need Or Function – Forcing The Intellectual More And More Into The Role Of Social Command And Into The Service Of Production

~ TGL:NAN ~ The Gadget Lover: Narcissus As Narcosis

~ AIOTAAEOS-AOOPB-A-SEADNRONEATOOAEOTB ~ Any Invention Or Technology Is An Extension Or Self-Amputation Of Our Physical Bodies – And – Such Extension Also Demands New Ratios Or New Equilibriums Among The Other Organs And Extensions Of The Body

~ WHTNOCNSWIIEAE-O-WWD-TTAOAAOEMIATAOTUAOA-B-IISTAOCOTU ~ We Have To Numb Our Central Nervous System When It Is Extended And Exposed – Or – We Will Die – Thus The Age Of Anxiety And Of Electric Media Is Also The Age Of The Unconscious And Of Apathy – But – It Is Strikingly The Age Of Consciousness Of The Unconscious

~ ITEA-WWAMAOS ~ In The Electric Age – We Wear All Mankind As Our Skin

~ OWH-SOSANS-TTPMOTWWTTBF-TALOOEAEAN-WDRHARL ~ Once We Have – Surrendered Our Senses And Nervous Systems – To The Private Manipulation Of Those Who Would Try To Benefit From – Taking A Lease On Our Eyes And Ears And Nerves – We Don’t Really Have Any Rights Left

~ WTTOATIPTIOD-WMWCFACT ~ When The Technology Of A Time Is Powerfully Thrusting In One Direction – Wisdom May Well Call For A Countervailing Thrust

~ TVSWEI-SASF-IOTH-S-H-IATSTTCOIAUOTS ~ The Very Success We Enjoy In – Specializing And Separating Functions – In Order To Have – Speedup – However – Is At The Same Time The Cause Of Inattention And Unawareness Of The Situation

~ AM-A-NRTEBVOTSKASOAC ~ All Media – Are – Natural Resources That Exist By Virtue Of The Shared Knowledge And Skill Of A Community

~ L-SD-A-NFOW-D-A-MATE ~ Labor-Saving Devices – Are – New Forms Of Work – Decentralized – And – Made Available To Everybody

~ TBRFAPATMFC ~ The Brothel Remains Firm And Permanent Amidst The Most Furious Changes

~ NCCPA ~ Nobody Can Commit Photography Alone

~ COCWSTCIMNWIBAOI ~ Control Over Change Would Seem To Consist In Moving Not With It But Ahead Of It

~ RN-I-BN-BNASOBNFS ~ Real News – Is – Bad News – Bad News About Someday Or Bad News For Somebody

~ AATH-IBOTIITCC-A-TSPAMITIM ~ As Automation Takes Hold – It Becomes Obvious That Information Is The Crucial Commodity – And – That Solid Products Are Merely Incidental To Information Movement

~ TGOPRAGDAT ~ The Games Of A People Reveal A Great Deal About Them

~ AITTEOEO-IBINIAITRTHSTTCBCAO ~ Any Innovation Threatens The Equilibrium Of Existing Organization – In Big Industry New Ideas Are Invited To Rear Their Heads So That They Can Be Clobbered At Once

~ WANMOHEO-ICANMFI-UAWAMF ~ Whenever Any New Medium Or Human Extension Occurs – It Creates A New Myth For Itself – Usually Associated With A Major Figure

~ TOESTM ~ The Organic Everywhere Supplants The Mechanical

~ DSTL ~ Dialogue Supersedes The Lecture

~ A-IAFFDABIAO ~ Acceleration – Is A Formula For Dissolution And Breakdown In Any Organization

~ RO-EAP-CBA-NB-TSOP-B-B-APOC ~ Restraints On – Electric Absolutist Power – Can Be Achieved – Not By – The Separation Of Powers – But – By – A Pluralism Of Centers

~ EWBRACDAMF ~ Education Will Become Recognized As Civil Defense Against Media Fallout

~ SONETINAEOOBBOOCNS-WNSAT-IL-AAMO-PE-AMO-SASI-A-ISAS-ATCPBRAW ~ Since Our New Electric Technology Is Not An Extension Of Our Bodes But Of Our Central Nervous Systems – We Now See All Technology – Including Language – As A Means Of – Processing Experience – A Means Of – Storing And Speeding Information – And – In Such A Situation – All Technology Can Plausibly Be Regarded As Weapons

~ T-FOW-CO-LAL-IT-AA ~ The – Future Of Work – Consists Of – Learning A Living – In The – Automation Age


~ TIABWIG-TPDOT-O-O-C-S-CS-JAWATAA ~ There Is A Basic Weakness In Governments – Their Power Depends On The Obedience – Of – Citizens – Soldiers – Civil Servants – Journalists – Writers – Teachers – Artists

~ IINATCTA-BIYDHNOBOAC-IIITIPWD ~ It Is Not Accurate To Call Them Accidents – Because If You Drop Huge Numbers Of Bombs On A City – It Is Inevitable That Innocent People Will Die

~ TLNAWTHBSL-IDOATIBAU-IIAMV ~ To Live Now As We Think Human Beings Should Live – In Defiance Of All That Is Bad Around Us – Is Itself A Marvelous Victory

~ W-OG-OM-A-OIOHL-SCEFRAIO-WHTRTSTMI ~ When – Our Government – Our Media – And – Our Institutions Of Higher Learning – Select Certain Events For Remembering And Ignore Others – We Have The Responsibility To Supply The Missing Information

~ HSWLOLIASTMBHMAMD? ~ How Shall We Live Our Lives In A Society That Makes Being Human More And More Difficult?

~ WMRTWCDOTGOTWTAW-BTATEITRBFW-T-W-TPOTW-MTUTC ~ We Must Recognize That We Cannot Depend On The Governments Of The World To Abolish War – Because They And The Economic Interests They Represent Benefit From War – Therefore – We – The People Of The World – Must Take Up The Challenge

~ WYLATHOW-YSH-WCEI ~ When You Look At The History Of Wars – You See How – War Corrupts Everyone Involved

~ TCTGP-A-TO-BOSC-B-WANBTHTC ~ The Committees That Give Prizes – Are – Too Often – Bereft Of Social Conscience – But – We Are Not Bound To Honor Their Choices


~ TMI-TMD ~ Too Much Information – Too Many Decisions

~ AT-IAD-CWAC-DO ~ All This – Ignoring And Deciding – Comes With A Cost – Decision Overload

~ TD-MNIOBDP-WCHTSTTFTI-A-ATIPMUT-NALCWAM;TNOAGTS-A-WTBWH-E-WEF ~ The Decision-Making Network In Our Brain Doesn’t Prioritize – We Can Have Trouble Separating The Trivial From The Important – And – All This Information Processing Makes Us Tired – Neurons Are Living Cells With A Metabolism; They Need Oxygen And Glucose To Survive – And – When They’re Been Working Hard – We Experience Fatigue

~ T-PCOTCM-HBEA-120BPS-B-TSLFTTOIWCPCATAAOT-IOFSTBEAPOYE-YNTHPCATI ~ The – Processing Capacity Of The Conscious Mind – Has Been Estimated At – 120 Bits Per Second – Bandwidth – The Speed Limit For The Traffic Of Information We Can Pay Conscious Attention To At Any One Time – In Order For Something To Become Encoded As Part Of Your Experience – You Need To Have Paid Conscious Attention To It

~ A-ITMEMRFAO-IDWAOTEWDW-A-MOTT-VASP-MTCCAWGPTTOCA ~ Attention – Is The Most Essential Mental Resource For Any Organism – It Determines Which Aspects Of The Environment We Deal With – And – Most Of The Time – Various Automatic Subconscious Processes – Make The Correct Choice About What Gets Passed Through To Our Conscious Awareness

~ HSP ~ Highly Successful Persons

~ TBIAECD ~ The Brain Is An Exquisite Change Detector

~ A-IAL-CR-TADLTTNOTWCATAO ~ Attention – Is A Limited-Capacity Resource – There Are Definite Limits To The Number Of Things We Can Attend To At Once

~ WDKWWM-B-OBCCITTANIPATM-EITARIFOOE-IB ~ We Don’t Know What We’re Missing – Because – Our Brain Can Completely Ignore Things That Are Not Its Priority At The Moment – Even If They Are Right In Front Of Our Eyes – Inattentional Blindness

~ B-WASC-WAESB-F-PS-A-VA-O-ASE-OBFO-V-S-A-MT-D-B-SA ~ But – We Are Social Creatures – We Are Easily Swayed By – First-Person Stories – And – Vivid Accounts – Of – A Single Experience – Our Brains Focus On – Vivid – Social – Accounts – More Than – Dry – Boring – Statistical Accounts

~ OBTD-MS ~ Our Brains Take Decision-Making Shortcuts

~ AS-T-OWOA-IIAEPOB-O-E-A-P ~ Active Sorting – Triage – One Way Or Another – It Is An Essential Part Of Being – Organized – Efficient – And – Productive

~ WTWAOEGOAU-HLOTWWAP-ISOTOFTWGIA ~ We Think We’re Aware Of Everything Going On Around Us – How Little Of The World We Actually Perceive – In Spite Of The Overwhelming Feeling That We’re Getting It All

~ D-A-M-W-A-ANSOTB ~ Daydreaming – And – Mind-Wandering – Are – A Natural State Of The Brain

~ PA-AHAC-WWPATOT-WANTAAFSE ~ Paying Attention – Attention Has A Cost – When We Pay Attention To One Thing – We Are Necessarily Taking Attention Away From Something Else

~ WTTR-TMRI-WEOAL-B-NAWA-TFI ~ We Tend To Remember – The Most Recent Items – We Encountered On A List – But – Not As Well As – The First Item

~ OOT-BR-I-NLT-IT-R-O-TDP ~ One Of The – Big Rules – In – Not Losing Things – Is The – Rule – Of – The Designated Place

~ A-O-LTIFOBAITE;UTEITRYOWNTBD ~ Affordances – Off-Loading The Information From Our Brain And Into The Environment; Use The Environment Itself To Remind You Of What Needs To Be Done

~ TBIAECD-B-TBHTTTDC ~ The Brain Is An Exquisite Change Detector – But – The Brain Habituates To Things That Don’t Change

~ W-OP-FTRBTKATHOATTTGAPOS-TBAEP ~ When – Organized People – Find Themselves Running Between The Kitchen And The Home Office All The Time To Get A Pair Of Scissors – They Buy An Extra Pair

~ E-PD-O-CARDSS-WW ~ Either – Providing Duplicates – Or – Creating A Rigidly Defined Special Spot – Works Well

~ MCPFTTTBCPB-S-UAUTM ~ Many Creative People Find The Time To Be Creative Precisely Because – Systems – Unburdening And Uncluttering Their Minds

~ TFTOBAIGACCIAPLFOOL-WCCOHAWEISAWTTBEOOB-C-LTNOTOTTC ~ The Fact That Our Brains Are Inherently Good At Creating Categories Is A Powerful Lever For Organizing Our Lives – We Can Construct Our Home And Work Environments In Such A Way That They Become Extensions Of Our Brains – Categories – Limit The Number Of Types Of Things They Contain

~ MVTTYNR-A-HTTYD ~ Make Visible The Things You Need Regularly – And – Hide Things That You Don’t

~ T-H-DTRFUIWAAOWAPSL-OWTETHNSOMSITCDWSFTDKOWWD ~ The – Hippocampus – Does The Remembering For Us If We Associate An Object With A Particular Spatial Location – One Way To Exploit The Hippopotamus’s Natural Style Of Memory Storage Is To Create Different Work Spaces For The Different Kinds Of Work We Do

~ DSMT-FAC-TYRO-S ~ Don’t Spend More Time – Filing And Classifying – Than You’ll Reap On – Searching

~ ETWTWGALD-I-M-T-MUDLE ~ Even Though We Think We’re Getting A Lot Done – Ironically – Multi-Tasking – Makes Us Demonstrably Less Efficient

~ M-T-HBFTITPOTSHCAWATF-O-FHA-WCOYBACMFOST ~ Multi-Tasking – Has Been Found To Increase The Production Of The Stress Hormone Cortisol As Well As The Fight-Or-Flight Hormone Adrenaline – Which Can Overstimulate Your Brain And Cause Mental Fog Or Scrambled Thinking

~ ITOT-D-M-I-VHOYNR-A-LDATTUAMEABO-OOTFTWLI-IC-AM-LOID-WCEUM-TBDASI ~ It Turns Out That – Decision-Making – Is – Very Hard On Your Neural Resources – And – Little Decisions Appear To Take Up As Much Energy As Big Ones – One Of The First Things We Lose Is – Impulse Control – After Making – Lots Of Insignificant Decisions – We Can End Up Making – Truly Bad Decisions About Something Important

~ O-L-MF-ITPW-RTIYC-MW ~ Off-Load – Memory Functions – Into The Physical World – Rather Than Into Your Crowded – Mental World

~ TPOCE:WHTRWSI?-PIPWYWNI ~ The Principle Of Cognitive Efficiency: Why Have To Remember Where Something Is? – Put It Precisely Where You Will Need It

~ WNTB-PARS-BDTT-ROWB-ENAA-ATM-WMTKIR-A-STWF ~ We Need To Be – Proactive About Reducing Stress – By Doing Things That – Reset Our Working Brains – Experiencing Nature And Art – Allowing The Mind-Wandering Mode To Kick In Regularly – And – Spending Time With Friends

~ T-A-R-STTYM ~ Tickler – A – Reminder – Something That Tickles Your Memory

~ EM-CI-OP-TM ~ Externalizing Memory – Can Include – Other People – Transactive Memory

~ ALPOOOSWS-LAE-IIWWWFI ~ A Large Part Of Organizing Our Social World Successfully – Like Anything Else – Is Identifying What We Want From It

~ SMTA-UTITTBS ~ Spending More Time Alone – Under The Illusion That They’re Being Social

~ HTTBISOO ~ Humans Tend To Be Innately Suspicious Of Outsiders

~ OWHA-S-WTNT-RTS-WI-DA-N-D-E-A-‘E’ ~ Once We Have A – Stereotype – We Tend Not To – Reevaluate The Stereotype – We Instead – Discard Any – New – Disconfirming – Evidence – As – “Exceptions”

~ YMST-TFOTWD-AOT-O-AO-GB ~ You Might Say That – The Fate Of The World Depends – Among Other Things – On – Abolishing Out-Group Bias

~ IYH-SBYWTGD-BIUI-C-M/I/D-C-TNSATCOES ~ If You Have – Something Big You Want To Get Done – Break It Up Into – Chunks – Meaningful / Implementable / Doable – Chunks – There’s Neurochemical Satisfaction At The Completion Of Each Stage

~ PAD-RSPOTB ~ Planning And Doing – Require Separate Parts Of The Brain

~ D-TMUT-FTITM-WGIH-B-WDATDMO ~ Do – The Most Unpleasant Task – First Thing In The Morning – When Gumption Is Highest – Because – Willpower Depletes As The Day Moves On

~ RWADHGOOCIOOTGCOL ~ Realizing When A Diversion Has Gotten Out Of Control Is One Of The Great Challenges Of Life

~ DNSMTOADTIW ~ Do Not Spend More Time On A Decision Than It’s Worth

~ WTTORE ~ We Tend To Overweight Rare Events

~ WFBWWAUSCAAATEICWTC ~ We Function Best When We Are Under Some Constraints And Are Allowed To Exercise Individual Creativity Within Those Constraints

~ MSTAAOTIH-IICTEOUTRFVTIWE-TIAEI ~ More So Than At Any Other Time In History – It Is Crucial That Each Of Us Takes Responsibility For Verifying The Information We Encounter – Testing It And Evaluating It