~ TMI-TMD ~ Too Much Information – Too Many Decisions

~ AT-IAD-CWAC-DO ~ All This – Ignoring And Deciding – Comes With A Cost – Decision Overload

~ TD-MNIOBDP-WCHTSTTFTI-A-ATIPMUT-NALCWAM;TNOAGTS-A-WTBWH-E-WEF ~ The Decision-Making Network In Our Brain Doesn’t Prioritize – We Can Have Trouble Separating The Trivial From The Important – And – All This Information Processing Makes Us Tired – Neurons Are Living Cells With A Metabolism; They Need Oxygen And Glucose To Survive – And – When They’re Been Working Hard – We Experience Fatigue

~ T-PCOTCM-HBEA-120BPS-B-TSLFTTOIWCPCATAAOT-IOFSTBEAPOYE-YNTHPCATI ~ The – Processing Capacity Of The Conscious Mind – Has Been Estimated At – 120 Bits Per Second – Bandwidth – The Speed Limit For The Traffic Of Information We Can Pay Conscious Attention To At Any One Time – In Order For Something To Become Encoded As Part Of Your Experience – You Need To Have Paid Conscious Attention To It

~ A-ITMEMRFAO-IDWAOTEWDW-A-MOTT-VASP-MTCCAWGPTTOCA ~ Attention – Is The Most Essential Mental Resource For Any Organism – It Determines Which Aspects Of The Environment We Deal With – And – Most Of The Time – Various Automatic Subconscious Processes – Make The Correct Choice About What Gets Passed Through To Our Conscious Awareness

~ HSP ~ Highly Successful Persons

~ TBIAECD ~ The Brain Is An Exquisite Change Detector

~ A-IAL-CR-TADLTTNOTWCATAO ~ Attention – Is A Limited-Capacity Resource – There Are Definite Limits To The Number Of Things We Can Attend To At Once

~ WDKWWM-B-OBCCITTANIPATM-EITARIFOOE-IB ~ We Don’t Know What We’re Missing – Because – Our Brain Can Completely Ignore Things That Are Not Its Priority At The Moment – Even If They Are Right In Front Of Our Eyes – Inattentional Blindness

~ B-WASC-WAESB-F-PS-A-VA-O-ASE-OBFO-V-S-A-MT-D-B-SA ~ But – We Are Social Creatures – We Are Easily Swayed By – First-Person Stories – And – Vivid Accounts – Of – A Single Experience – Our Brains Focus On – Vivid – Social – Accounts – More Than – Dry – Boring – Statistical Accounts

~ OBTD-MS ~ Our Brains Take Decision-Making Shortcuts

~ AS-T-OWOA-IIAEPOB-O-E-A-P ~ Active Sorting – Triage – One Way Or Another – It Is An Essential Part Of Being – Organized – Efficient – And – Productive

~ WTWAOEGOAU-HLOTWWAP-ISOTOFTWGIA ~ We Think We’re Aware Of Everything Going On Around Us – How Little Of The World We Actually Perceive – In Spite Of The Overwhelming Feeling That We’re Getting It All

~ D-A-M-W-A-ANSOTB ~ Daydreaming – And – Mind-Wandering – Are – A Natural State Of The Brain

~ PA-AHAC-WWPATOT-WANTAAFSE ~ Paying Attention – Attention Has A Cost – When We Pay Attention To One Thing – We Are Necessarily Taking Attention Away From Something Else

~ WTTR-TMRI-WEOAL-B-NAWA-TFI ~ We Tend To Remember – The Most Recent Items – We Encountered On A List – But – Not As Well As – The First Item

~ OOT-BR-I-NLT-IT-R-O-TDP ~ One Of The – Big Rules – In – Not Losing Things – Is The – Rule – Of – The Designated Place

~ A-O-LTIFOBAITE;UTEITRYOWNTBD ~ Affordances – Off-Loading The Information From Our Brain And Into The Environment; Use The Environment Itself To Remind You Of What Needs To Be Done

~ TBIAECD-B-TBHTTTDC ~ The Brain Is An Exquisite Change Detector – But – The Brain Habituates To Things That Don’t Change

~ W-OP-FTRBTKATHOATTTGAPOS-TBAEP ~ When – Organized People – Find Themselves Running Between The Kitchen And The Home Office All The Time To Get A Pair Of Scissors – They Buy An Extra Pair

~ E-PD-O-CARDSS-WW ~ Either – Providing Duplicates – Or – Creating A Rigidly Defined Special Spot – Works Well

~ MCPFTTTBCPB-S-UAUTM ~ Many Creative People Find The Time To Be Creative Precisely Because – Systems – Unburdening And Uncluttering Their Minds

~ TFTOBAIGACCIAPLFOOL-WCCOHAWEISAWTTBEOOB-C-LTNOTOTTC ~ The Fact That Our Brains Are Inherently Good At Creating Categories Is A Powerful Lever For Organizing Our Lives – We Can Construct Our Home And Work Environments In Such A Way That They Become Extensions Of Our Brains – Categories – Limit The Number Of Types Of Things They Contain

~ MVTTYNR-A-HTTYD ~ Make Visible The Things You Need Regularly – And – Hide Things That You Don’t

~ T-H-DTRFUIWAAOWAPSL-OWTETHNSOMSITCDWSFTDKOWWD ~ The – Hippocampus – Does The Remembering For Us If We Associate An Object With A Particular Spatial Location – One Way To Exploit The Hippopotamus’s Natural Style Of Memory Storage Is To Create Different Work Spaces For The Different Kinds Of Work We Do

~ DSMT-FAC-TYRO-S ~ Don’t Spend More Time – Filing And Classifying – Than You’ll Reap On – Searching

~ ETWTWGALD-I-M-T-MUDLE ~ Even Though We Think We’re Getting A Lot Done – Ironically – Multi-Tasking – Makes Us Demonstrably Less Efficient

~ M-T-HBFTITPOTSHCAWATF-O-FHA-WCOYBACMFOST ~ Multi-Tasking – Has Been Found To Increase The Production Of The Stress Hormone Cortisol As Well As The Fight-Or-Flight Hormone Adrenaline – Which Can Overstimulate Your Brain And Cause Mental Fog Or Scrambled Thinking

~ ITOT-D-M-I-VHOYNR-A-LDATTUAMEABO-OOTFTWLI-IC-AM-LOID-WCEUM-TBDASI ~ It Turns Out That – Decision-Making – Is – Very Hard On Your Neural Resources – And – Little Decisions Appear To Take Up As Much Energy As Big Ones – One Of The First Things We Lose Is – Impulse Control – After Making – Lots Of Insignificant Decisions – We Can End Up Making – Truly Bad Decisions About Something Important

~ O-L-MF-ITPW-RTIYC-MW ~ Off-Load – Memory Functions – Into The Physical World – Rather Than Into Your Crowded – Mental World

~ TPOCE:WHTRWSI?-PIPWYWNI ~ The Principle Of Cognitive Efficiency: Why Have To Remember Where Something Is? – Put It Precisely Where You Will Need It

~ WNTB-PARS-BDTT-ROWB-ENAA-ATM-WMTKIR-A-STWF ~ We Need To Be – Proactive About Reducing Stress – By Doing Things That – Reset Our Working Brains – Experiencing Nature And Art – Allowing The Mind-Wandering Mode To Kick In Regularly – And – Spending Time With Friends

~ T-A-R-STTYM ~ Tickler – A – Reminder – Something That Tickles Your Memory

~ EM-CI-OP-TM ~ Externalizing Memory – Can Include – Other People – Transactive Memory

~ ALPOOOSWS-LAE-IIWWWFI ~ A Large Part Of Organizing Our Social World Successfully – Like Anything Else – Is Identifying What We Want From It

~ SMTA-UTITTBS ~ Spending More Time Alone – Under The Illusion That They’re Being Social

~ HTTBISOO ~ Humans Tend To Be Innately Suspicious Of Outsiders

~ OWHA-S-WTNT-RTS-WI-DA-N-D-E-A-‘E’ ~ Once We Have A – Stereotype – We Tend Not To – Reevaluate The Stereotype – We Instead – Discard Any – New – Disconfirming – Evidence – As – “Exceptions”

~ YMST-TFOTWD-AOT-O-AO-GB ~ You Might Say That – The Fate Of The World Depends – Among Other Things – On – Abolishing Out-Group Bias

~ IYH-SBYWTGD-BIUI-C-M/I/D-C-TNSATCOES ~ If You Have – Something Big You Want To Get Done – Break It Up Into – Chunks – Meaningful / Implementable / Doable – Chunks – There’s Neurochemical Satisfaction At The Completion Of Each Stage

~ PAD-RSPOTB ~ Planning And Doing – Require Separate Parts Of The Brain

~ D-TMUT-FTITM-WGIH-B-WDATDMO ~ Do – The Most Unpleasant Task – First Thing In The Morning – When Gumption Is Highest – Because – Willpower Depletes As The Day Moves On

~ RWADHGOOCIOOTGCOL ~ Realizing When A Diversion Has Gotten Out Of Control Is One Of The Great Challenges Of Life

~ DNSMTOADTIW ~ Do Not Spend More Time On A Decision Than It’s Worth

~ WTTORE ~ We Tend To Overweight Rare Events

~ WFBWWAUSCAAATEICWTC ~ We Function Best When We Are Under Some Constraints And Are Allowed To Exercise Individual Creativity Within Those Constraints

~ MSTAAOTIH-IICTEOUTRFVTIWE-TIAEI ~ More So Than At Any Other Time In History – It Is Crucial That Each Of Us Takes Responsibility For Verifying The Information We Encounter – Testing It And Evaluating It

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