~ TGB-WTSIAUTD-A-WMPAWTA-WTCI-‘P’-GUV ~ The Gap Between – What The Science Is Asking Us To Do – And – What Most People Are Willing To Accept – What They Claim Is – “Possible” – Gives You Vertigo

~ D-KRDM-A-BLSWIC ~ Deniers – Keep Repackaging Debunked Material – And – Badgering Legitimate Scientists With Irrelevant Concerns

~ WLIA-PC-WT-SO-O-AOCE-AP-O-ATC-CAMWFTGPA-TSKOAG ~ We Live In A – Public Cyberspace – Where The – Scientific Opinions – Of – An Oil Company Executive – A Politician – Or – A Television Commentator – Carry As Much Weight For The General Public As – The Scientific Knowledge Of A Geophysicist

~ WDPBTTAPF? ~ Why Do People Believe Things That Are Patently False?

~ AOM ~ Axis Of Melt

~ ML-IWWTOA-TPA-ABF-THITW-TMFITAMTFSIC-V-AAOC ~ Mercury Levels – In What We Think Of As – The Pristine Arctic – Are By Far – The Highest In The World – The Mercury Found In The Arctic Migrated There From Southern Industrial Centers – Via – Atmospheric And Ocean Currents

~ MGH-BOMLIWC-‘FH’-LEIBTOSATDP-CATAMOCAAOFFROE ~ Methane Gas Hydrates – Bits Of Methane Locked Inside Water Crystals – “Frozen Heat” – Literally Everywhere In Both The Ocean Sediment And The Deep Permafrost – Contains About Twice As Much Organic Carbon As All Other Fossil Fuel Reserves On Earth

~ TDTARAEI ~ They Describe Themselves As Research And Educational Institutions

~ WCTPOFI-APS-HBC-A-RB-LAPOASOTS ~ We Continue To Place Our Faith In – A Political System – Hijacked By Corporations – And – Run By – Liars And Propagandists On All Sides Of The Spectrum

~ OBMIFUT-SSITREOTWWHCTKAT-Y-OBAHAAATCNC ~ Our Brains May Instinctively Force Us To – Seek Shelter In The Reassuring Equilibrium Of The World We Have Come To Know And Trust – Yet – Our Brains Also Have An Amazing Ability To Chart New Courses

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