~ TGLB ~ The Great Leap Backward

~ OTE-IME-B-HMOICTIAUS? ~ Our Technocratic Elite – It Must Exist – But – How Much Of It Can The Industrious Among Us Support?

~ TTO-SE-WCBTOFTLS-IAITS-TSABAWBTARBCAASOW-BOTI ~ The Reaction Of – Sophisticated Elites – When Confronted By Their Own Failure To Lead Society – Is Almost Invariably The Same – They Set About Building A Wall Between Themselves And Reality By Creating An Artificial Sense Of Well-Being On The Inside

~ NWAEBANA-PCG-TM-AHA-T ~ Now We Are Enthralled By A New All-Powerful Clockmaker God – The Marketplace – And His Archangel – Technology

~ OC-TSWFOO ~ Of Course – The Suffering Will Fall On Others

~ HHBFOMAWWHTSOTOAFTS ~ History Has Been Full Of Men And Women Who Had To Sing One Tune Or Another For Their Supper

~ WDLL? ~ Where’s Does Legitimacy Lie?

~ WLIACSWSPTD ~ We Live In A Corporatist Society With Soft Pretensions To Democracy

~ CTDMASIPATCDOSIIADUTE ~ Clearly The Democratic Mechanisms Are Still In Place And The Citizens Do Occasionally Succeed In Imposing A Direction Upon The Elites

~ CR-NMHNADTP-ITFSTCTTWI ~ Confronting Reality – No Matter How Negative And Depressing The Process – Is The First Step Towards Coming To Terms With It

~ WDNCIHRATBCTRFU ~ What Does Not Change In Human Relationships Are The Basic Choices That Repeatedly Face Us

~ AOOM-DWBCBTROTE ~ An Oversupply Of Managers – Dead Weight Being Carried By The Rest Of The Economy

~ G-ITOOMTMPTLOSDKA-TPG ~ Government – Is The Only Organized Mechanism That Makes Possible That Level Of Shared Disinterest Known As – The Public Good

~ TI-LI-S-TITPCO-I-TOQIWFTSWT ~ The Individual – Lives In – Society – That Is The Primary Characteristic Of – Individualism – The Only Question Is What Form That Society Will Take

~ TPWROGSE ~ The Power We Refuse Ourselves Goes Somewhere Else

~ PBSOBHGTTFIIMTBTGAITOPPFTHPO ~ People Become So Obsessed By Hating Government That They Forget It Is Meant To Be Their Government And Is The Only Powerful Public Force They Have Purchase On

~ TC-IRTTSO-ASATFOTTOTM ~ The Citizen – Is Reduced To The Status Of – A Subject At The Foot Of The Throne Of The Marketplace

~ CCAPL ~ Corporatism Cuts Across Political Lines

~ OTPOLCHBA-TMOCTOTBI ~ Once The Principle Of Legalized Corruption Had Been Accepted – The Methods Of Corruption Turned Out To Be Inexhaustible

~ GCTDSTAAHBHBITLRTTPBTPS-OLAFWTS ~ Governments Continue To Deliver Services That Are And Have Been Historically Better In The Long Run Than Those Provided By The Private Sector – Our Lives Are Filled With These Services

~ SIAWOOQ-R-II-POOIOAAFFSAFAOA-IQBI ~ Sensibly Integrated Along With Our Other Qualities – Reason – Is Invaluable – Put Out On Its Own As A Flagship For Society And For All Of Our Actions – It Quickly Becomes Irrational

~ MO-TRTBP-WTRNOS-IABODA-CCTBTPIIOTWTPG ~ Most Of – The Reforms That Brought Prosperity – Were The Result Not Of Self-Interested Action But Of Disinterested Action – Citizens Committing Themselves Beyond Their Personal Interest In Order To Widen The Public Good

~ TM-DN-L-B-O-E-D-H-PR-IITMEWTCB ~ The Market – Does Not – Lead – Balance – Or – Encourage – Democracy – However – Properly Regulated – It Is The Most Effective Way To Conduct Business

~ ASCSTBRTSUGARTOTRTL ~ A Severe Crisis Seems To Be Required To Shake Up Governments And Remind Them Of Their Responsibility To Lead

~ CTTFI? ~ Can The Technology Free Itself?

~ T-DS-F ~ Technology – Doesn’t Seek – Freedom

~ T-LAOEM-CBEHITRC-ICIAOISSP ~ Trade – Like Any Other Economic Mechanism – Can Be Extremely Helpful In The Right Circumstance – It Cannot In And Of Itself Solve Societal Problems

~ P-TKEOG-HBTFGTSTTBFLCOTMC ~ Perhaps – The Key Effect Of Globalization – Has Been To Force Governments To Shift The Tax Burden From Large Corporations Onto The Middle Class

~ TMDITRAOTI-AS-THWAETGAP ~ The Market Disciples Ignore The Repeated Admonition Of Their Idol – Adam Smith – That High Wages Are Essential To Growth And Prosperity

~ MM-UTFRA-A-PI ~ Money Markets – Unrelated To Financing Real Activity – Are – Pure Inflation

~ TUMM-HNGUOTYO-C-I-GS-A-NRW-B-IIGWNOW? ~ The Unregulated Money Markets – Have Now Given Us Over Twenty Years Of – Crisis – Instability – Gratuitous Speculation – And – No Real Growth – But – Is It Growth We Need Or Want?

~ B-L-WIW-ITTTMIPT-IR ~ But – Language – When It Works – Is The Tool That Makes It Possible To – Invoke Reality

~ TDOBAUI ~ The Danger Of Becoming An Unconscious Ideologue

~ C-AITDAUTLOTIATCIAD ~ Corporatism – An Ideology That Denies And Undermines The Legitimacy Of The Individual As The Citizen In A Democracy

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