~ ACIAPSC ~ Anyone Can Initiate A Profound Social Change

~ TVCIW-NA-FMOU-PIASS-WO-TD ~ The Vast Crowd Is Watching – Not Acting – For Most Of Us – Politics Is A Spectator Sport – We Observe – They Do

~ TDCBVATR ~ The Deepening Chasm Between Voters And Their Representatives

~ TPSIOMAMNBC-BB-BBATW ~ The Political Space Is Occupied More And More Not By Citizens – But By – Big Business And The Wealthy

~ WPUTF-A-FP-TPTPP ~ Wealthy Philanthropists Use Their Foundations – And – Financial Pull – To Promote Their Political Preferences

~ IGCPF-TSSAJAOO-CA-WC? ~ If Government Cannot Provide For – The – Stability – Safety – And – Just Arbitration – Of Our Common Affairs – Who Can?

~ SOG-IOT-A-RMLT-I-A ~ Self-Organized Government – Is One Term – Another – Rather More Loaded Term – Is – Anarchism

~ TMAOVILLALAAAS ~ The Minimalist Act Of Voting Is Looking Less And Less Adequate As A Solution

~ IINCT-CPI-WNOI-DIF-SGSATTCIOH-I-IIETTII-ETIOTMPIGOCI-A-NL-TPN-ITE ~ It Is Not Clear That Contemporary Political Institutions – Whether National Or International – Do In Fact Successfully Give Sufficient Attention To The Common Interest Of Humanity – Instead – It’s Increasingly Evident That These Institutions Instead – Elevate The Interests Of The Most Powerful Interest Groups Over Collective Interests – And – Neglect Long-Term Primary Needs – Including The Environment

~ SUFPDP-AATWSU-PATNT-S ~ Setting Up Fake Pro-Democracy Pages – Arresting All Those Who Showed Up – Power Adapts To New Technology – Swiftly

~ IOED-TW-OMLTFT-OAW-ATATOD-‘TDM’ ~ Instead Of Encouraging Debate – The Web – Offers Multiple Locations To Find Those – One Agrees With – And To Avoid Those One Doesn’t – “The Daily Me”

~ ‘DD’-MP ~ “Deliberative Democracy” – Meeting People

~ IPATTDSABSWICIA-ATOTDI ~ If People Are Told To Do Something Awful By Someone Who Is Clearly In Authority – All Too Often They Do It

~ WPFNAANRFTA-TCCHC ~ When People Feel No Agency And No Responsibility For Their Actions – They Can Commit Horrific Crimes

~ AIAIUFO-THO-‘G’-WAFOUOLGOPM ~ As In All Institutions Unscrutinized From Outside – The Hold Of – “Groupthink” – Was A Firm One Upon Our Little Group Of Policy Makers

~ TAIO-CIWTCOTA-RTMUT-EOUIRFTWAII-AFEO ~ The Answer Is Obvious – Confront Individuals With The Consequences Of Their Actions – Restore The Moral Understanding That Each Of Us Is Responsible For The World As It Is – And For Each Other

~ HCATGOPPKWIBFTCOM? ~ How Can A Tiny Group Of People Possibly Know What Is Best For Their Country Of Millions?

~ TMEOA-‘P’-CTEITSIBD-WIIN ~ The Mere Existence Of A – “Process” – Created The Erroneous Impression That Something Is Being Done – When It Is Not

~ TMDEOTS-INTIDW-IITW-IWNIISTF-CI-PTBI-CTAE-A-PITC ~ The Most Dangerous Effect Of The System – Is Not That It Doesn’t Work – It Is That We – In Whose Name It Is Supposed To Function – Condone It – Pretend To Believe It – Contrary To All Evidence – And – Permit It To Continue

~ CTCA-IACHAFGPTCTC-AITOTWW-TGP ~ Contrary To Common Assumptions – Individuals Acting Collectively Have A Far Greater Power To Control Their Circumstances – And Indeed Those Of The Whole World – Than Governments Pretend

~ TMATE ~ The Means Are The Ends

~ PCMRTW-WRIBTA-I-REOT-EWC-CRMWA-A-AIDTMTCRWIPTTBFEI ~ People Can Manage Resources Tolerably Well – Without Rules Imposed By The Authorities – If – Rules Evolved Over Time – Entitlements Were Clear – Conflict Resolution Measures Were Available – And – An Individual’s Duty To Maintain The Common Resource Was In Proportion To The Benefits From Exploiting It

~ LYC-AIDOWYCMA-DNLOTYWTCA-MUYOM ~ Locate Your Convictions – An Individual Discovery Of What You Care Most About – Do Not Let Others Tell You What To Care About – Make Up Your Own Mind

~ WGTM-WGTG-? ~ Who’s Got The Money – Who’s Got The Gun – ?

~ AAITMATE-IAH-AIAN ~ Act As If The Means Are The End – It’s All Here – And It’s All Now

~ GCTTNOO-BUWTSATN-NWWTTNA-APWTW ~ Give Consideration To The Needs Of Others – Based Upon What They Say Are Their Needs – Not What We Think Their Needs Are – Ask People What They Want

~ ATSTM-H-YCMTMD ~ Address Those Suffering The Most – Here – You Can Make The Most Difference

~ C&N ~ Consult And Negotiate

~ UN ~ Use Nonviolence

~ DNBSW-P-OW-R ~ Do Not Be Satisfied With – Process – Only With – Results

~ IITATBOTPWMH-EITDNKI ~ It Is Those At The Base Of The Pyramid Who Make History – Even If They Do Not Know It

~ EFIBTA ~ Even Failure Is Better Than Acquiescence

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