~ The Path Is Extremely Long And Demanding – And – Only A Few Will Follow It All The Way To Its End – No Matter How Far One Goes – However – The Journey Is Always Beneficial

~ I-AS-YCDDTTWHMYMB-A-TADIYH-RCTA-S-R ~ In – Any Situation – You Can Do Different Things That Will Help Make You Much Better – And – They’re All Done In Your Head – Researchers Call These Activities – Self-Regulation

~ ES-RISYD-B-D-A-A-TWAI ~ Effective Self-Regulation Is Something You Do – Before – During – And – After – The Work Activity Itself

~ S-R-BW-SG ~ Self-Regulation – Begins With – Setting Goals

~ PPDSGAA-MPSGTAGAAOFOSAAGO-TBPSGTANATOBATPORTO-FOHTCGBASSEOTW ~ Poorest Performers Don’t Set Goals At All – Mediocre Performers Set Goals That Are General And Are Often Focused On Simply Achieving A Good Outcome – The Best Performers Set Goals That Are Not About The Outcome But About The Process Of Reaching The Outcome – Focused On How They Can Get Better At Some Specific Element Of The Work

~ FO-SGAP-FWYBDEDSH-II-DICRHM ~ Figuring Out – Specific Goals And Plans – For What You’ll Be Doing Every Day Sounds Hard – It Is – And – Doing It Consistently Requires High Motivation

~ TMI-S-RS-TTPUDTWI-S-O-OTC-SOT-MWIHITOW-A-AHIG ~ The Most Important – Self-Regulatory Skill – That Top Performers Use During Their Work Is – Self-Observation – Observe Themselves Closely – Step Outside Themselves – Monitor What Is Happening In Their Own Minds – And – Ask How It’s Going

~ M-KAYOK-TAYOT-MHTPFPOIES ~ Metacognition – Knowledge About Your Own Knowledge – Thinking About Your Own Thinking – Metacognition Helps Top Performers Find Practice Opportunities In Evolving Situations

~ PAAWWUFATR-S-TPOTWFIWWDAGIWDETA ~ Practice Activities Are Worthless Without Useful Feedback About The Results – Similarly – The Practice Opportunities That We Find In Work Won’t Do Any Good If We Don’t Evaluate Them Afterward

~ EPJTDFTWOPD-TMS ~ Excellent Performers Judge Themselves Differently From The Way Other People Do – They’re More Specific

~ TK-AIA-DP-IT-CACTSYJBYCL-THASIDANVI-WTLASPNA ~ The Key – As In All – Deliberate Practice – Is To – Choose A Comparison That Stretches You Just Beyond Your Current Limits – Too High A Standard Is Discouraging And Not Very Instructive – While Too Low A Standard Produces No Advancement

~ ACPOS-EIDWCTE-APBTEWCBFOTC-TPBTARFTE ~ A Critical Part Of Self-Evaluation Is Deciding What Caused The Errors – Average Performers Believe Their Errors Were Caused By Factors Outside Their Control – Top Performers Believe They Are Responsible For Their Errors

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