~ H-IF-IACTMBPF-C-A-D-PBEP ~ Happiness – In Fact – Is A Condition That Must Be Prepared For – Cultivated – And – Defended – Privately By Each Person

PWLTCIEWBATDTQOTL-WIACAAOUCCTBH ~ People Who Learn To Control Inner Experience Will Be Able To Determine The Quality Of Their Lives – Which Is As Close As Any Of Us Can Come To Being Happy

~ IIBBFIWEDOOL-W-GOB-TWFH-NBTTLFID ~ It Is By Being Fully Involved With Every Detail Of Our Lives – Whether – Good Or Bad – That We Find Happiness – Not By Trying To Look For It Directly

~ F:TSIWPASIIAATNESTM;TEIISETPWDIEAGC-FTSSODI ~ Flow: The State In Which People Are So Involved In An Activity That Nothing Else Seems To Matter; The Experience Itself Is So Enjoyable That People Will Do It Even At Great Cost – For The Sheer Sake Of Doing It

~ IIHPRTSTDWTWPFMOBM ~ It Is How People Respond To Stress That Determines Whether They Will Profit From Misfortune Or Be Miserable

~ HWFAO-TJWGFL-UDDOHTMFAIEE-WWAHDOIH-NOTCWAATEOTGFOTU ~ How We Feel About Ourselves – The Joy We Get From Living – Ultimately Depend Directly On How The Mind Filters And Interprets Everyday Experiences – Whether We Are Happy Depends On Inner Harmony – Not On The Controls We Are Able To Exert Over The Great Forces Of The Universe

~ TOTAADOCL-IMBIOTSETTDTTNLREITOIRAP-TATFEAPROEC-IR-DAP ~ To Overcome The Anxieties And Depressions Of Contemporary Life – Individuals Must Become Independent Of The Social Environment To The Degree That They No Longer Respond Exclusively In Terms Of Its Rewards And Punishments – The Ability To Find Enjoyment And Purpose Regardless Of External Circumstances – It Requires – Discipline And Perseverance

~ TMISIEOFSCITATFRITEOEM-ITPOLI–PRTTPWRANLRTOF-IOFSFTTPDJOOR-OBTHTGROL ~ The Most Important Step In Emancipating Oneself From Social Controls Is The Ability To Find Rewards In The Events Of Each Moment – In The Process Of Living Itself – Power Returns To The Person When Rewards Are No Longer Relegated To Outside Forces – Instead Of Forever Straining For The Tantalizing Prize Dangled Just Out Of Reach – One Begins To Harvest The Genuine Rewards Of Living

~ TST-T-TCOCDTQOL-HBKFALT-IF-FALAHRE ~ This Simple Truth – That – The Control Of Consciousness Determines The Quality Of Life – Has Been Known For A Long Time – In Fact – For As Long As Human Records Exist

~ C-IOI-TETADBPOIAMFTTLO ~ Consciousness – Intentionally Ordered Information – The Experiences That Actually Do Become Part Of It Are Much Fewer Than Those Left Out

~ EOUH-F-TCOSR ~ Each Of Us Has – Freedom – To Control Our Subjective Reality

~ TIWAICBEI;II-IF-WDTCATQOL ~ The Information We Allow Into Consciousness Becomes Extremely Important; It Is – In Fact – What Determines The Content And The Quality Of Life

~ TSACOLDOHAHBU-EDRWEDOWIII ~ The Shape And Content Of Life Depend On How Attention Has Been Used – Entirely Different Realities Will Emerge Depending On How It Is Invested

~ ACBIIIW-WTCMLE-R-O-M ~ Attention Can Be Invested In Innumerable Ways – Ways That Can Make Life Either – Rich – Or – Miserable

~ B-A-DWWOWNAIC-AB-IIUTTOIA-PE ~ Because – Attention – Determines What Will Or Will Not Appear In Consciousness – And Because – It Is Useful To Think Of It As – Psychic Energy

~ AILE-IT-WINWCBD-A-IDWIID-WCOBHWITE-H-AIOMIT-ITTOITQOE ~ Attention Is Like Energy – In That – Without It No Work Can Be Done – And – In Doing Work It Is Dissipated – We Create Ourselves By How We Invest This Energy – Hence – Attention Is Our Most Important Tool – In The Task Of Improving The Quality Of Experience

~ A-STS-AIIT-SBI ~ Attention – Shapes The Self – And Is In Turn – Shaped By It

~ OOTMFTACAI-PD-TI-ITCWEI-O-DUFCTO-WGTCMN-DOHWEI:P/F/R/A/J ~ One Of The Main Forces That Affects Consciousness Adversely Is – Psychic Disorder – That Is – Information That Conflicts With Existing Intentions – Or – Distracts Us From Carrying Them Out – We Give This Condition Many Names – Depending On How We Experience It: Pain / Fear / Rage / Anxiety / Jealously

~ OIC:F ~ Order In Consciousness: Flow

~ TOO-PE-N ~ The Opposite Of – Psychic Entropy – Negentropy

~ WWCAGAIOIITTLOOC-WWDWBE-A-OWHTTJ-WWROETTIA ~ When We Choose A Goal And Invest Ourselves In It To The Limits Of Our Concentration – Whatever We Do Will Be Enjoyable – And – Once We Have Tasted This Joy – We Will Redouble Our Efforts To Taste It Again

~ TA-TMS-WCAT-ITQOL-TFITTMECMOG-TSITCHWEECTMTFOGB ~ There Are – Two Main Strategies – We Can Adopt To – Improve The Quality Of Life – The First Is To Try Making External Conditions Match Our Goals – The Second Is To Change How We Experience External Conditions To Make Them Fit Our Goals Better

~ OOTMFMDOTFEIT-WIL-OIATFATUAOL ~ One Of The Most Frequently Mentioned Dimensions Of The Flow Experience Is That – While It Lasts – One Is Able To Forget All The Unpleasant Aspects Of Life

~ TFE-ITDAI-ASOC-O-MP-A-LTSOWALC ~ The Flow Experience – Is Typically Descried As Involving – A Sense Of Control – Or – More Precisely – As – Lacking The Sense Of Worry About Losing Control

~ T-KE-OA-OE-IT-IIAEII-EIIUFOR-TATCUB-IR-‘A’-S-CA ~ The – Key Element – Of An – Optimal Experience – Is That – It Is An End In Itself – Even If Initially Undertaken For Other Reasons – The Activity That Consumes Us Becomes – Intrinsically Rewarding – “Autotelic” – Self-Contained Activity

~ NHACBTA-TFW-WMCRWWD-LHAPWBUTNP ~ No Human Achievement Can Be Taken As – The Final Word – We Must Constantly Reevaluate What We Do – Lest Habits And Past Wisdom Blind Us To New Possibilities

~ TTITLHTEELWDOPCTET ~ The Task Is To Learn How To Enjoy Everyday Life Without Diminishing Other People’s Chances To Enjoy Theirs

~ FA ~ Flow Activities

~ W-ASAUOTBAOCI-Y-WCBA-CFA-A-AAF ~ Walking – As Simple A Use Of The Body As One Can Imagine – Yet – Which Can Become A – Complex Flow Activity – Almost – An Art Form

~ TJOM ~ The Joys Of Movement

~ FTTS ~ Flow Through The Senses

~ RINTWTV-OT-FCD-CLBE ~ Repression Is Not The Way To Virtue – Only Through – Freely Chosen Discipline – Can Life Be Enjoyed

~ TFOT ~ The Flow Of Thought

~ SOTM-EE-WU-A-GITM-TBITCOATT ~ Some Of The Most – Exhilarating Experiences – We Undergo – Are – Generated Inside The Mind – Triggered By Information That Challenges Our Ability To Think

~ PWIIEE ~ Playing With Ideas Is Extremely Exhilarating

~ ‘AP’ ~ “Autotelic Personality”

~ AE-EA-T-L-I-PI;TTBLCITQACOE ~ An Exclusively – Economic Approach – To – Life – Is – Profoundly Irrational; The True Bottom Line Consists In The Quality And Complexity Of Experience

~ NSCCCAUTCOIICF ~ No – Social Change – Can Come About Until – The Consciousness Of Individuals Is Changed First

~ PWFTLM-UHAGTICETTUATE-AGTCGSTTL-P ~ People Who Find Their Lives Meaningful – Usually Have A Goal That Is Challenging Enough To Take Up All Their Energies – A Goal That Can Give Significance To Their Lives – Purpose

~ IC-ITRO-CCOA ~ Inner Conflict – Is The Result Of – Competing Claims On Attention

~ LT ~ Life Theme

~ TFPIS-OM-I-IAA-PC ~ To Find Purpose In Suffering – One Must – Interpret – It – As A – Possible Challenge

~ IIETDTLMS-IOIB-D/P/O ~ It Is Easier To Doubt That Life Makes Sense – If One Is Born – Deformed / Poor / Oppressed

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