~ TMVTFIAOOOL-TMWAOB-A-TMAIG ~ The More Value That Flows In And Out Of Our Lives – The More We And Others Benefit – And – The More Affluence Is Generated

~ SIIOS ~ Success Is Its Own Skill

~ TT-SOTC-TT-TSOS-F-YCLTSOSWYALYC-B-DGFITYONTGGAYC ~ There’s The – Skill Of The Craft – Then There’s – The Skill Of Success – Fortunately – You Can Learn This Skill Of Success While You Also Learn Your Craft – But – Don’t Get Fooled Into Thinking You Only Need To Get Good At Your Craft

~ IYCGPW-DKAY-O-YSOYC-TBAO-Y-TY-SIM ~ If You Can Get People Who – Don’t Know About You – Or – Your Service Or Your Company – To Become Aware Of – You – Then You’re – Successful In Marketing

~ TDKAY-SH-AN-TKAY-T-SM ~ They Didn’t Know About You – Something Happened – And Now – They Know About You – That’s – Successful Marketing

~ LHTS-BC-TR-A-EEFIP ~ Learn How To Sell – By Creating – Trusting Relationships – And – Everything Else Falls Into Place

~ TEO-B-I-KEL-GIRA(EIIJALB)-A-CRAMOTIAEAPIEOFI ~ The Essence Of – Bootstrapping – Is – Keeping Expenses Low – Generating Income Right Away (Even If It’s Just A Little Bit) – And – Continually Reinvesting As Much Of That Income As Effectively As Possible Into Expanding Our Future Income

~ OC-IOTEYO-YHTBO ~ Of Course – In Order To Express Your Originality – You Have To Be Original

~ BTAOYOL ~ Become The Author Of Your Own Life

~ F-100%-O-YE-OWIYC-WCYDN?-HCYLABFTE?-HCYMF? ~ Focus – 100 Percent – Of – Your Energy – On What’s In Our Control – What Can You Do Now? – How Can You Learn And Benefit From The Experience? – How Can You Move Forward?

~ IT-IUACW-TWCFTAFITFYEOC-S-H-A-WOB-TWWFYUAWROMCAER-AWW-AYTBBAAT-C-S-S-C-A-NO-ATA-TIC-CR ~ In This – Increasingly Unpredictable And Chaotic World – The Wisest Choice For Thriving And Flourishing Is To Focus Your Efforts On Cultivating – Skills – Habits – And – Ways Of Being – That Will Work For You Under A Wide Range Of Market Circumstances And Economic Realities – And Which Will – Allow You To Bounce Back And Adapt To – Changes – Shifts – Shocks – Crashes – And – New Opportunities – As They Arise – This Is Called – Cultivating Resilience

~ IOTIS-ITWAGTNALO-R/F/A-IWWT-SAT-ATWOC ~ If One Thing Is Sure – It’s That We’re All Going To Need A Lot Of – Resilience / Flexibility / Adaptability – If We Want To – Survive And Thrive – Amid The Waves Of Change


~ D-HAIAISE-FATPOMDTTGBSIIS-TFTTWV-I-F-F-G-TTOTWATP ~ Denial – Has An Interesting And Insidious Side Effect – For All The Peace Of Mind Deniers Think They Get By Saying It Isn’t So – The Fall They Take When Victimized – Is – Far – Far – Greater – Than That Of Those Who Accept The Possibility

~ D-A-S-N-P-L-S-ACWEISP-FITLR-TDPKTTOSL-A-ICACL-GA-DKTFTATCRTR(ATW) ~ Denial – A – Save-Now-Pay-Later – Scheme – A Contract Written Entirely In Small Print – For In The Long Run – The Denying Person Knows The Truth On Some Level – And – It Causes A Constant Low-Grade Anxiety – Denial Keeps Them From Taking Action That Could Reduce The Risks (And The Worry)

~ WWTBTPAIC-WMOMAVOB-IINS ~ We Want To Believe That People Are Infinitely Complex – With Millions Of Motivations And Varieties Of Behaviour – It Is Not So

~ W-ICTEOCIN-CNTE-AETI-SS ~ We – In Contrast To Every Other Creature In Nature – Choose Not To Explore – And Even To Ignore – Survival Signals

~ ERTUWAKTA-JAWWTC-TWOC ~ Experts Rarely Tell Us We Already Know The Answers – Just As We Want Their Checklist – They Want Our Check

~ LTTJ-W-DSPH-H-P-DH-IACWTCTCWTROFSA-AWOSF ~ Listen To The Jokes – When – Discussing Some Possible Hazard – Humor – Particularly – Dark Humor – Is A Common Way To Communicate True Concern Without The Risk Of Feeling Silly Afterward – And Without Overtly Showing Fear

~ WYATSSAAWM-A-QETEOS-FSIAI ~ When You Accept The Survival Signal As A Welcome Message – And – Quickly Evaluate The Environment Or Situation – Fear Stops In An Instant

~ TI-ITEOO-LIF ~ Trusting Intuition – Is The Exact Opposite Of – Living In Fear

~ RF-IASITBVB-AMSOI-B-TFWAT-E-U-F-I-D-MCTST ~ Real Fear – Is A Signal Intended To Be Very Brief – A Mere Servant Of Intuition – But – Though Few Would Argue That – Extended – Unanswered – Fear – Is – Destructive – Millions Choose To Stay There

~ I-WTIF-WLA-FTF-AWWAP ~ Ideally – When There Is Fear – We Look Around – Follow The Fear – Ask What We Are Perceiving

~ IWALFS-S-E-D-WALLTST-UD-PRAT-E-RT-PRAT-I ~ If We Are Looking For Some – Specific – Expected – Danger – We Are Less Likely To See The – Unexpected Danger – Pay Relaxed Attention To – Environment – Rather Than – Paying Rapt Attention To – Imagination

~ IITWMCNTWF-NWIHN-FSSMH-IIDH-WSFIASTRTI-WSTFTNOWPMBC ~ It Is That Which Might Come Next That We Fear – Not What Is Happening Now – Fear Says Something Might Happen – If It Does Happen – We Stop Fearing It And Start To Respond To It – Or – We Start To Fear The Next Outcome We Predict Might Be Coming

~ WYFIRWYTYF-IIWYLTF ~ What You Fear Is Rarely What You Think You Fear – It Is What You Link To Fear

~ W-WNBS-IWMLDYFFS-WITFWM ~ Worry – Will Not Bring Solutions – It Will More Likely Distract You From Finding Solutions – Worry Is The Fear We Manufacture

~ WIAC-A-TCGWATICBUD ~ Worry Is A Choice – And – The Creative Genius We Apply To It Can Be Used Differently

~ WYFF-L ~ When You Feel Fear – Listen

~ WYDFF-DMI ~ When You Don’t Feel Fear – Don’t Manufacture It

~ IYFYCW-EADW ~ If You Find Yourself Creating Worry – Explore And Discover Why

~ A-URF-IACB-U ~ Anxiety – Unlike Real Fear – Is Always Caused By – Uncertainty

~ WYIBI-LUFOP-RYATRSS-SHOITSWIE-A-LLMFITCSBT ~ With Your Intuition Better Informed – Less Unwarranted Fear Of People – Respect Your Ability To Recognize Survival Signals – See Hazard Only In Those Stormclouds Where It Exists – And – Live Life More Fully In The Clear Skies Between Them


~ WLTE-EO ~ We Lie To Everyone – Especially Ourselves

~ WD-CAS-AMAWWIWWPRAAOIOOS-I ~ We Don’t – Cheat And Steal – As Much As We Would If We Were Perfectly Rational And Acted Only In Our Own Self-Interest

~ TPOGCDHASIOTAOC ~ The Probability Of Getting Caught Doesn’t Have A Substantial Influence On The Amount Of Cheating

~ Rather – Our Sense Of Our Own Morality Is Connected To The Amount Of Cheating We Feel Comfortable With – Essentially – We Cheat Up To The Level That Allows Us To Retain Our Self-Image – As A Reasonably Honest Individual

~ EOUHALT-HMWCC-BIBA-‘S’ ~ Each Of Us Has A Limit To – How Much We Can Cheat – Before It Becomes Absolutely – “Sinful”

~ TFF-TDBBTCDTMAPS-IATBFC ~ The Fudge Factor – The Delicate Balance Between The Contradictory Desires To Maintain A Positive Self-Image And To Benefit From Cheating

~ AITO-PAMATBDITPONO-SAPAT-TAM ~ As It Turns Out – People Are More Apt To Be Dishonest In The Presence Of Nonmonetary Objects – Such As Pencils And Tokens – Than Actual Money

~ IST-WWASRO-ES-WBMH ~ It Seems That – When We Are Simply Reminded Of – Ethical Standards – We Behave More Honorably

~ WPSTNTSKOP-IPTIAMHD(ALT)-IPSBTEADOTF-TCL ~ When People Sign Their Names To Some Kind Of Pledge – It Puts Them Into A More Honest Disposition (At Least Temporarily) – If People Sign Before They Enter Any Data Onto The Form – They Cheat Less

~ AAFW-IDTIRQATVOTWWPM ~ After A Few Weeks – I Discovered That I Rather Quickly Adopted The Viewpoint Of Those Who Were Paying Me

~ GS-IYWDY-WP-YWHCMTRYD-A-TDCWDYHAW ~ Generally Speaking – If You Wear Down Your – Will Power – You Will Have Considerably More Trouble Regulating Your Desires – And – That Difficulty Can Wear Down Your Honesty As Well


~ PC ~ Peep Culture

~ WAPOPC-WALTLWOAON ~ We’re All Part Of Peep Culture – We’re All Learning To Love Watching Ourselves And Our Neighbors

~ IP-LILOCR-B-YNKWYGTWTBATRS ~ In Peep – Life Is Lived On Constant Record – Because – You Never Know When You’re Going To Want To Be Able To Rewind Something

~ TIUNC ~ The Increasingly Ubiquitous Nanny Cam

~ P-E-ALIP-FOIAODTA-TMOC-A-TOLLIFOAFAA ~ Peep – Emerges – At Least In Part – From Our Increasing And Ongoing Desire To Adopt The Mantel Of Celebrity – And – Try Out Life Lived In Front Of And For An Audience

~ TMWETRO-TMWBUTBOCAP-ITITWOP ~ The More We’re Encouraged To Reveal Ourselves – The More We’re Becoming Used To Being Observed Constantly And Perpetually

~ AWTSOTP?~ Increasingly Tangled In The Web Of Peep – Are We The Spiders Or Their Prey?

~ PCII ~ Peep Culture Is Infectious

~ S-ATOSAP-F-RCTAOC-TTLMOLI-ATB-OAC ~ Suddenly – All Things Once Sacred And Private – From – Religious Ceremonies To Acts Of Copulation – To The Last Moments Of Life Itself – Are To Be – Observed And Consumed

~ PACOS-IAA-HS-A-INLWIOW ~ Put A Camera On Something – Introduce An Audience – However Small – And – It’s No Longer What It Once Was

~ TAPDATWPOTTFTSPOHITRHOP ~ There’s A Profound Discomfort About The Whole Process Of Trying To Fit The Square Peg Of Humanity Into The Round Hole Of Product

~ T-MTE-WWTBTS-A-WTT-Y-WCASAPWB-S ~ Today – More Than Ever – We Want To Be The Stars – And – We’re Told That – Yes – We Can And Should And Probably Will Be Stars

~ M-WALTBTOPIISW-‘ATS’-WHPOAR-EAWASTJ-TS-I-E-MC-L-S ~ Meanwhile – We Are Led To Believe That Our Participation Is In Some Way – “Against The System” – We Happily Perceive Ourselves As Rebels – Even As We Actively Seek To Join – The System – In – Ever-More Cyborg-Like – Symbiosis

~ TYLIAEP-GYTPT-IANP-TPYTYSB-AOT-TPYAA ~ Turning Your Life Into An Entertainment Product – Gives You The Power To – Invent A New Person – The Person You Think You Should Be – As Opposed To – The Person You Actually Are

~ PWCTEHAC-EWIFOGIF ~ Peep Will Continue To Engender Horror And Confusion – Even While It Fixes Our Gaze In Fascination

~ ISHBBA-MF-A-MI-HIFAT-I-ICOMA-CAOS ~ I Should Have Been Blogging About – My Failures – And – Most Importantly – How I Felt About Them – Instead – I Concentrated On Maintaining A – Convincing Aura Of Success

~ FTR ~ Faking The Real

~ AMOPCAM ~ All Manifestations Of Peep Culture Are Mediated

~ WWW-NMWWW-WASTSO ~ What We Watch – No Matter What We Watch – We Always Seem To See Ourselves

~ TSMSC-ATVIOHASISTFO-WHASWYCUITG-M/A/F/C? ~ The Secrets Might Stop Coming – Already The Very Idea Of Having A Secret Is Starting To Feel Outmoded – Why Hoard A Secret When You Can Use It To Get Money, Attention, Friendship, Or Community?

~ NAOUWOSR-NAOUWTOUOLTAGMOPG-MAMOUAGCITCPU ~ Not All Of Us Want Our Secrets Revealed – Not All Of Us Want To Offer Up Our Lives To A Global Maelstrom Of Peep Gossip – More And More Of Us Are Getting Caught In The Culture Of Peep Unwillingly

~ WTBMPWSTUOPLASATSFTFPF?-OCTW ~ Will There Be More People Who Seek To Use Other People’s Lives And Secrets As The Source For Their For-Profit Feed? – Of Course There Will

~ SDWVWA-OSACHC ~ Shaming Doesn’t Work Very Well Anymore – Our Societies And Communities Have Changed

~ WASLFRFTT ~ We Are Still Looking For Recognition From The Tribe

~ CG ~ Cyber-Groom

~ ITAOP-WS-R/S/G-L-M-PAT-WAATCOITEAA ~ In The Age Of Peep – We Spread – Rumor / Shame / Gossip – Like – Margarine – Plentiful And Tasteless – We Apply A Thick Coat Of It To Everything And Anything

~ WS-TWBNP-TAOPITGAOS ~ Without Surveillance – There Would Be No Peep – The Age Of Peep Is The Golden Age Of Surveillance

~ NITNTWABWMPTITW ~ Nowhere Is The Need To Watch And Be Watched More Prevalent Than In The Workplace

~ TMWUTBWITW-TMWLTISTIODL ~ The More We’re Used To Being Watched In The Workplace – The More We’re Likely To Incorporate Similar Techniques Into Our Domestic Lives

~ S-INJ-TCBMROWWO-I-AO-TI-THF-TTW/D/H/D/E-O-TPBAIFOTC ~ Surveillance – Is Never Just – The Cold-Blooded Methodical Record Of What Went On – It’s – Always Open – To Interpretation – To Human Foible – To The Weaknesses / Desires /Hopes / Dreams / Egos – Of – The People Behind And In Front Of The Camera

~ PCLAPAMAC ~ People Care Less About Privacy And More About Connection

~ PIBMAMCTMAA-TMYH-TMPYDTH ~ Privacy Is Becoming More And More Connected To Money And Acquisition – The More You Have – The More Privacy You Deserve To Have

~ OEOPIAAHODAA ~ Our Enclaves Of Private Individualism Are Also Havens Of Depression And Anxiety

~ TIGFOLP-ISTANOGC-AEGA ~ The Information Generated From Our Loyalty Programs – Is Sold To Any Number Of Gigantic Companies – And Even Government Agencies

~ ITEOP-YNKWPSIGTSTONF ~ In The Era Of Peep – You Never Know What Past Silliness Is Going To Stick To Our Name Forever

~ M&M-TWHNICOWEBMP-AUAU-ACTTF ~ More And More – Things We Had No Idea Could Or Would Ever Be Made Public – And Used Against Us – Are Coming To The Fore

~ ESD-WETSEAA-B-VCAI-CE-W-ATST-PTSOP ~ Every Single Day – We’re Encouraged To Share Everything And Anything – By – Various Corporations And Information-Collecting Entities – Who – At The Same Time – Promise To Safeguard Our Privacy

~ U-TALOMTBMOOP-BA-ASOSAA-A-A-ACWWTEDTOIDTCABC ~ Ultimately – There’s A Lot Of Money To Be Made Off Of Privacy – Both As – A Symbol Of Status And Attainment – And – As – A Commodity We’re Willing To Exchange Due To Our Inherent Desire To Connect And Be Connected

~ FP ~ Future Peep

~ FTLHOSY-PC-HRPHIATPTFAS ~ For The Last Hundred Or So Years – Pop Culture – Has Relentlessly Peddled Hyper- Individualism As The Path To Fulfilment And Success

~ TAPOT-WAAJUIOO-PP-SU-A-B? ~ There Are People Out There – Who Are Actually Judging Us On Our – Profile Pages – Status Updates – And – Blogs?