~ WLTE-EO ~ We Lie To Everyone – Especially Ourselves

~ WD-CAS-AMAWWIWWPRAAOIOOS-I ~ We Don’t – Cheat And Steal – As Much As We Would If We Were Perfectly Rational And Acted Only In Our Own Self-Interest

~ TPOGCDHASIOTAOC ~ The Probability Of Getting Caught Doesn’t Have A Substantial Influence On The Amount Of Cheating

~ Rather – Our Sense Of Our Own Morality Is Connected To The Amount Of Cheating We Feel Comfortable With – Essentially – We Cheat Up To The Level That Allows Us To Retain Our Self-Image – As A Reasonably Honest Individual

~ EOUHALT-HMWCC-BIBA-‘S’ ~ Each Of Us Has A Limit To – How Much We Can Cheat – Before It Becomes Absolutely – “Sinful”

~ TFF-TDBBTCDTMAPS-IATBFC ~ The Fudge Factor – The Delicate Balance Between The Contradictory Desires To Maintain A Positive Self-Image And To Benefit From Cheating

~ AITO-PAMATBDITPONO-SAPAT-TAM ~ As It Turns Out – People Are More Apt To Be Dishonest In The Presence Of Nonmonetary Objects – Such As Pencils And Tokens – Than Actual Money

~ IST-WWASRO-ES-WBMH ~ It Seems That – When We Are Simply Reminded Of – Ethical Standards – We Behave More Honorably

~ WPSTNTSKOP-IPTIAMHD(ALT)-IPSBTEADOTF-TCL ~ When People Sign Their Names To Some Kind Of Pledge – It Puts Them Into A More Honest Disposition (At Least Temporarily) – If People Sign Before They Enter Any Data Onto The Form – They Cheat Less

~ AAFW-IDTIRQATVOTWWPM ~ After A Few Weeks – I Discovered That I Rather Quickly Adopted The Viewpoint Of Those Who Were Paying Me

~ GS-IYWDY-WP-YWHCMTRYD-A-TDCWDYHAW ~ Generally Speaking – If You Wear Down Your – Will Power – You Will Have Considerably More Trouble Regulating Your Desires – And – That Difficulty Can Wear Down Your Honesty As Well

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