~ CG~SAFCEISO-A-EBAIORDE ~ Confirmation Bias ~ Seeking And Finding Confirmatory Evidence In Support Of Already Existing Beliefs – And – Ignoring Or Reinterpreting Disconfirming Evidence

~ A~RTHOAPROOOPOIWMD ~ Anchoring ~ Relying Too Heavily On A Past Reference Or On One Piece Of Information When Making Decisions

~ A~ADCFOOBAATTOO ~ Attribution ~ Attributing Different Causes For Our Own Beliefs And Actions Than That Of Others

~ A~VTOOAA-EITEOSWKLA ~ Authority ~ Valuing The Opinions Of An Authority – Especially In The Evaluation Of Something We Know Little About

~ A~APOPOBOETAIATU-ETTA-V/U/EC-WATGICUWCAB ~ Availability ~ Assigning Probabilities Of Potential Outcomes Based On Examples That Are Immediately Available To Us – Especially Those That Are – Vivid / Unusual / Emotionally Charged – Which Are Then Generalized Into Conclusions Upon Which Choices Are Based

~ BE~HBTOPIYSGHBOTSRP ~ Bandwagon Effect ~ Holding Beliefs That Other People In Your Social Group Hold Because Of The Social Reinforcement Provided

~ BE~TVAGDOPAHAAS ~ Barnum Effect ~ Treating Vague And General Descriptions Of Personality As Highly Accurate And Specific

~ B~ETSOAABOTBOIC ~ Believability ~ Evaluating The Strength Of An Argument Based On The Believability Of Its Conclusion

~ BB~RTPOCBIOP-B-TBBTTIUYOB ~ Bias Blindness ~ Recognizing The Power Of Cognitive Biases In Other People – But – To Be Blind To Their Influence Upon Your Own Beliefs

~ CI~SCOPT-IF-CBTROR ~ Clustering Illusion ~ Seeing Clusters Of Patterns That – In Fact – Can Be The Result Of Randomness

~ C~CMWIAOPAAOO ~ Confabulation ~ Conflating Memories With Imagination And Other People’s Accounts As One’s Own

~ C~RO-P-B-A-A-B-AR-P-B-A-A-B-MTTAD ~ Consistency ~ Recalling One’s – Past – Beliefs – Attitudes – And – Behaviors – As Resembling – Present – Beliefs – Attitudes – And – Behaviors – More Than They Actually Do

~ EE~VWWOMTWWDNO ~ Endowment Effect ~ Valuing What We Own More Than What We Do Not Own

~ E~NDTAWEFTO-A-T-NN-D-O-D-D-TATCWE ~ Expectation ~ Noticing Data That Agree With Expectations For The Outcome – And – To – Not Notice – Discard – Or – Disbelieve – Data – That Appear To Conflict With Expectations

~ F-CE~OTDTWOAWTBOTWGAWTIAB ~ False-Consensus Effect ~ Overestimating The Degree To Which Others Agree With Their Beliefs Or That Will Go Along With Them In A Behaviour

~ FE~DDCBOHDAP ~ Framing Effects ~ Drawing Different Conclusions Based On How Data Are Presented

~ HE~GOPTOAPTATOTOTP ~ Halo Effect ~ Generalizing One Positive Trait Of A Person To All The Other Traits Of That Person

~ H~ATBAFTBOTMOMIAGIOTAC ~ Herd ~ Adopting The Beliefs And Following The Behaviours Of The Majority Of Members In A Group In Order To Avoid Conflict

~ H~RTPTFWPK ~ Hindsight ~ Reconstructing The Past To Fit With Present Knowledge

~ IOC~BTOCC-O-AL-OTMPCCOI ~ Illusion Of Control ~ Believing That One Can Control – Or – At Least – Influence Outcomes That Most People Cannot Control Or Influence

~ IC~ATACC(C)EBTV ~ Illusory Correlation ~ Assuming That A Causal Connection (correlation) Exists Between Two Variables

~ IB~MSOAGWATSSAS ~ Inattentional Blindness ~ Missing Something Obvious And General While Attending To Something Special And Specific

~ I-G~VTBAAOTWTPTBFMOTG-A-TDTBAAOTWTPTBMOADG ~ In-Group ~ Valuing The Beliefs And Attitudes Of Those Whom They Perceive To Be Fellow Members Of Their Group – And – To Discount The Beliefs And Attitudes Of Those Whom They Perceive To Be Members Of A Different Group

~ JW~SFTTTVOAUEMHDTDI ~ Just World ~ Searching For Things That The Victim Of An Unfortunate Event Might Have Done To Deserve It

~ N~PCAAGMWT-N-E-B-A-I-TT-P ~ Negativity ~ Paying Closer Attention And Giving More Weight To – Negative – Events – Beliefs – And – Information – That To – Positive

~ N~DTPOAETHNHB ~ Normalcy ~ Discounting The Possibility Of An Event That Has Never Happened Before

~ N-I-H~DTVOABOITDNCFW ~ Not-Invented-Here ~ Discounting The Value Of A Belief Or Source Of Information That Does Not Come From Within

~ PE~N-R-A-A-AMV-IEMTSE ~ Primacy Effect ~ Noticing – Remembering – And – Assessing – As More Valuable – Initial Events More Than Subsequent Events

~ P~ATOS-TSOS-B-A-A-V-A-TOTPOOBBOOOB ~ Projection ~ Assuming That Others Share – The Same Or Similar – Beliefs – Attitudes – And – Values – And – To Overestimate The Probability Of Others’ Behaviours Based On Our Own Behaviours

~ RE~N-R-A-A-AMV-REMTEE ~ Recency Effect ~ Noticing – Remembering – And – Assessing – As More Valuable – Recent Events More Than Earlier Events

~ R~AEIJPTTETIRTEFOIPPOGP ~ Representative ~ An Event Is Judged Probable To The Extent That It Represents The Essential Features Of Its Parent Population Or Generating Process

~ RI~RPEABMPTTAW ~ Rosy Retrospection ~ Remembering Past Events As Being More Positive Than They Actually Were

~ S-FP~BIIABIWTCTEFBAA ~ Self-Fulfilling Prophecy ~ Believing In Ideas And Behaving In Ways That Conform To Expectations For Beliefs And Actions

~ S-J~RDATFTCOTWWDWTBTWCHD ~ Self-Justification ~ Rationalizing Decisions After The Fact To Convince Ourselves That What We Did Was The Best Thing We Could Have Done

~ SQ~OFWWAUT ~ Status Quo ~ Opting For What We Are Used To

~ S(G)~ATAMOAGWHCCBTRTGWHAIATPM ~ Stereotyping (Generalization) ~ Assuming That A Member Of A Group Will Have Certain Characteristics Believed To Represent The Group Without Having Actual Information About That Particular Member

~ SC~BISBOTCSITB ~ Sunk Cost ~ Believing In Something Because Of The Cost Sunk Into That Belief

~ T-A~APBABAMVALDTTOO ~ Trait-Ascription ~ Assessing Personal Behaviour And Beliefs As More Variable And Less Dogmatic Than Those Of Others


~ YAAR-YWBTW ~ You Are Already Rich – You Were Born That Way

~ Y-IYLC-YMU-T/W/Q/R/I-TASWAF ~ Yet – If You Look Carefully – You Might Unearth – Talents / Wisdom / Qualities / Resources / Ideas – That Are Secretly Worth A Fortune

~ TAMWTCTFOPSTIITLOOP ~ There Are Many Ways To Channel The Flow Of Plenitude So That It Rushes Into The Lives Of Other People

~ LGOYFT-T-I-‘E’ ~ Let Go Of Your Fears That – There – Isn’t – “Enough”

~ WYLGOE-YLGOI ~ When You Let Go Of Envy – You Let Go Of Ignorance

~ LTCA-IPITDTDE-A-AUTHIIO-T-F-A-A-STWCTTIMLO ~ Love Truly Conquers All – It Provides Illumination That Dispels The Dark Emotions – And – Allows Us To Have Insight Into Our – Thoughts – Feelings – And – Actions – So That We Can Transform Them Into More Loving Ones

~ TMJYA-TMYFTJSAPAAIYL ~ The More Joyful You Are – The More You’ll Find That Joyous Situations And People Are Appearing In Your Life

~ OTWTC-AFOG-IT-KA-GJ ~ One Terrific Way To Create – A Feeling Of Gratitude – Is To – Keep A – Gratitude Journal

~ PODTO-CAAE-B-TWII-IAFO-OOC-THYTSATPYOWYENEOI ~ People Often Don’t Think Of – Creativity As An Emotion – But – That’s What It Is – It’s A Feeling Of – Openness Or Curiosity – That Helps You To See All The Possibilities You Overlook When You’re Experiencing Negative Emotions Or Indifference

~ DINESTFOA ~ Dwelling In Negative Emotions Slows The Flow Of Abundance

~ NEDHSV-TSTWYUTHTABTYNTBCOSTYCDCTRTWPBAA ~ Negative Emotions Do Have Some Value – They Serve To Wake You Up To Harmful Thoughts And Behaviors That You Need To Be Conscious Of So That You Can Deliberately Choose To Replace Them With Positive Beliefs And Actions

~ IINTBAOOAOY-NE-TANPOLTCBAA-A-TCBVBWUATFDAH ~ It’s Important Not To Be Afraid Of Or Ashamed Of Your – Negative Emotions – They’re A Natural Part Of Life That Can’t Be Avoided Altogether – And – They Can Be Very Beneficial When Used As Tools For Discovery And Healing

~ YDTHABACMAFY ~ Your Desire To Help Another Become Abundant Creates More Abundance For You

~ TAMFOWAMWTSI ~ There Are Many Forms Of Wealth And Many Ways To Share It

~ SSAAPCBATPAOG ~ Simply Smiling At Another Person Can Be A Tremendously Powerful Act Of Giving

~ AFWYW ~ Ask For What You Want

~ ATWTLHTBMCOYR-ITS-KTOATMYS ~ A Terrific Way To Learn How To Be More Conscious Of Your Resources – Is To Start – Keeping Track Of All The Money You Spend

~ UIE-YHTAWYK ~ Understanding Isn’t Enough – You Have To Apply What You Know


~ OE-N-CBADDTWLEABPG ~ Once Established – Narcissism – Can Become A Destructive Dynamic That Warps Life’s Energy And Blocks Psychological Growth

~ N-LEI-H-UDFSCV/R/R ~ Narcissism – Like – Extreme Individualism – Has – Utter Disdain For Society’s Collective Values / Rules / Regulations

~ NSTAS-SAAAOP ~ Narcissists See Themselves As Special – Set Apart And Above Ordinary People

~ NRAQOTLITO-WC-ITD-TRLTTAAQS-RBTSTAII ~ Narcissists Rarely Ask Questions Of The Listener In Their One-Way Conversations – If They Do – They Rarely Listen To The Answers And Quickly Self-Reference Back To Something They Are Interested In

~ N-ITWA-I-I-AO-A-VOWTWTB-OMI-WTWTB[S]TB-AITCWTPOFIQRODAI ~ Narcissists – Identify Themselves With An – Idealized – Inflated – And Often – Arrogant – View Of What They Wish To Be – Or More Importantly – What They Wish To Be [Seen] To Be – Any Information That Conflicts With This Perception Of Reality Is Quickly Rejected Or Dismissed As Irrelevant

~ RDTAAMU-CTTA-‘R’-ATWI-‘B’-THST-UVOR-RDTSAIICTVBSOOOB ~ Rarely Do Their Actual Accomplishment Measure Up – Convinced That They Are – “Right” – And Their Way Is – “Best” – They Hold Stubbornly To Their – Unique View Of Reality – Rarely Do They Show Any Interest In Challenging Those Views By Seeking Others’ Opinions Or Beliefs

~ NGOOOPR-TEGI-HV-R-O-A ~ Narcissists Gradually Opt Out Of Personal Responsibility – Their Energy Goes Into – Highly Visible – Results-Oriented – Actions

~ ASMBFC-BNAGAS-AWTTIS-CETRRROO-UROW ~ All Situations Must Be Finely Controlled – Because Narcissists’ Ambitious Goals Are Sacrosanct – Anyone Who Threatens Their Illusionary Superiority – Can Expect To Receive Retaliatory Rebukes Or One-Upmanship Retorts Or Worse

~ NATUP-TEVABWUADTWTASTBC ~ Narcissists Are The Ultimate Pragmatists – They Embrace Values And Beliefs When Useful And Disregard Them When They Are Seen To Be Counterproductive

~ D-AW-EDM-ATTIPATAW ~ Dissociation – A Well-Exercised Defence Mechanism – Allows Them To Ignore People And Things At Will

~ NHPTA-SASPSOCTVMAFVS ~ Narcissists Have Problems Trusting Anyone – So A Strong Paranoid Streak Often Complicates Their Vague Morality And Fluctuating Value System

~ WTBMFGWASTCTNSSAWP-TJCAIA-‘V’-PA-NTBTTABV ~ When Those Being Manipulated Finally Get Wise And Start To Confront The Narcissist’s Selfish Schemes And Wavering Promises – Their Just Complaints Are Interpreted As – “Vicious” – Personal Attacks – Narcissists Then Believe That They Are Being Victimized

~ S-APAMRITLOIWTMTSTGBATUIRTTS-T-EFOR-GTA-EFOR-MTHDO-PAATAOO ~ Shame-Avoidance Plays A Major Role In Their Loss Of Integrity When Too Many Things Start To Go Badly And Their Unconscious Insecurity Roars To The Surface – Their – External Frame Of Reference – Gives Them An – Exaggerated Fear Of Rejection – Making Them Highly Dependent On – Public Approval And The Affirmation Of Others

~ TPCTAT-ECF-WTDWTW-ISUAO-PDBD-A-TPFAC-SDSAAABTDTE-TAFGEA-WPUFORAIMS ~ The Powerful Control That Allows These – Emotionally Crippled Folks – Wilfully To Do Whatever They Want – Is Slowly Undermined As Once-Powerful Defences Break Down – And – The Psyche Forces A Correction – Severe Depressive Symptoms And Anxiety Attacks Begin To Destabilize Their Effectiveness – Their Acute Fears Generate Extreme Agitation – Which Produces Uncontrolled Fits Of Rage And Insidious Mood Swings

~ D-E-SODFC-A-A/I/T/P/T-TCWADPS-I ~ Dissociation – Entails – Separating Or Disconnecting From Consciousness – Any – Attitudes / Impulses / Traits / Person / Things – That Conflict With A Desired Positive Self-Image


~ Dissociation – Is A Powerful Way To – Maintain A False Reality – It’s Frequent Use Moves An Individual Towards – Psychosis – A State Of No Longer Knowing What Is Real

~ WNTLIA-SR-WWFSAOE-A-LTTFOO-RCKUOT ~ We Need To Live In A – Shared Reality – Where We Freely Speak About Our Experiences – And – Listen To The Feedback Of Others – Reality Checks Keep Us On Track

~ NAUUTLOPUTCCT-A-LOASAEOT-TNFOLIS-S ~ Narcissist Are Usually Unable To Love Other People Unless They Can Control Them – And – Loved Ones Are Seen As Extensions Of Themselves – The Narcissistic Form Of Love Is Self-Serving

~ N-CAM-TSOTG ~ Narcissists – Control And Manipulate – The Sources Of Their Gratification


~ UWT-WA ~ Unless We Think – We Aren’t

~ TPO-TTBOUT-ICTAFO-SD ~ This Pattern Of – Threatening The Bearers Of Unwelcome Truths – Is Common Throughout All Fields Of – Science Denialism

~ SPGPAVGDOMTDBS ~ Some People Get Paid A Very Great Deal Of Money To Deny Basic Science

~ AAGR-ITMO-MJ-SOTATMO-SWITRF-SA-BTS-U-SOTPSITOWA ~ As A General Rule – If The Mass Of – Mainstream Journalists – Says One Thing And The Mass Of – Scientists Working In The Relevant Field – Says Another – Believe The Scientists – Unfortunately – Swaths Of The Public See It The Other Way Round

~ OCEO-DR-I-TAHA-A-TTOFODAPTPTWS ~ Other Common Elements Of – Denialist Rhetoric – Include – The Ad Hominem Attack – And – The Trick Of Focusing On Details And Pretending They Present The Whole Story

~ OOTDBSAP-IT-SATRIDL ~ One Of The Differences Between Science And Pseudoscience – Is That – Science Accepts The Results It Doesn’t Like

~ IIAVUTIMDC-B-TFTSC-I-DAMIW ~ Intuition Is A Very Useful Tool In Many Different Circumstances – But – The Fact That Something’s Counter-Intuitional – Doesn’t Automatically Mean It’s Wrong

~ FMCI-TUB-TIP-O-TLS-IAT-SSITCWTI ~ Far More Concerning Is – The Use By – Those In Power – Of – The Legal System – In Attempts To – Silenced Scientific Information That Conflicts With Their Ideology

~ ISASAR-NMHV-NMHFDFTDEOTIRI-OANO-DRD-BTAP-RSC ~ It Seems A Single Anecdotal Report – No Matter How Vague – No Matter How Far Distanced From The Direct Experience Of The Individual Repeating It – Outweighs Any Number Of – Deeply Researched Double-Blind Trials And Peer-Reviewed Scientific Conclusions

~ DTPO-TPE-WRDUI ~ Despite The Power Of – The Placebo Effect – We Really Don’t Understand It

~ TNT-FASTEOL-DAEE-ICTSC ~ The Notion That – Finding A Single Tangential Error Or Lacuna – Demolishes An Entire Edifice – Is Common Throughout Science Denialism