~ OE-N-CBADDTWLEABPG ~ Once Established – Narcissism – Can Become A Destructive Dynamic That Warps Life’s Energy And Blocks Psychological Growth

~ N-LEI-H-UDFSCV/R/R ~ Narcissism – Like – Extreme Individualism – Has – Utter Disdain For Society’s Collective Values / Rules / Regulations

~ NSTAS-SAAAOP ~ Narcissists See Themselves As Special – Set Apart And Above Ordinary People

~ NRAQOTLITO-WC-ITD-TRLTTAAQS-RBTSTAII ~ Narcissists Rarely Ask Questions Of The Listener In Their One-Way Conversations – If They Do – They Rarely Listen To The Answers And Quickly Self-Reference Back To Something They Are Interested In

~ N-ITWA-I-I-AO-A-VOWTWTB-OMI-WTWTB[S]TB-AITCWTPOFIQRODAI ~ Narcissists – Identify Themselves With An – Idealized – Inflated – And Often – Arrogant – View Of What They Wish To Be – Or More Importantly – What They Wish To Be [Seen] To Be – Any Information That Conflicts With This Perception Of Reality Is Quickly Rejected Or Dismissed As Irrelevant

~ RDTAAMU-CTTA-‘R’-ATWI-‘B’-THST-UVOR-RDTSAIICTVBSOOOB ~ Rarely Do Their Actual Accomplishment Measure Up – Convinced That They Are – “Right” – And Their Way Is – “Best” – They Hold Stubbornly To Their – Unique View Of Reality – Rarely Do They Show Any Interest In Challenging Those Views By Seeking Others’ Opinions Or Beliefs

~ NGOOOPR-TEGI-HV-R-O-A ~ Narcissists Gradually Opt Out Of Personal Responsibility – Their Energy Goes Into – Highly Visible – Results-Oriented – Actions

~ ASMBFC-BNAGAS-AWTTIS-CETRRROO-UROW ~ All Situations Must Be Finely Controlled – Because Narcissists’ Ambitious Goals Are Sacrosanct – Anyone Who Threatens Their Illusionary Superiority – Can Expect To Receive Retaliatory Rebukes Or One-Upmanship Retorts Or Worse

~ NATUP-TEVABWUADTWTASTBC ~ Narcissists Are The Ultimate Pragmatists – They Embrace Values And Beliefs When Useful And Disregard Them When They Are Seen To Be Counterproductive

~ D-AW-EDM-ATTIPATAW ~ Dissociation – A Well-Exercised Defence Mechanism – Allows Them To Ignore People And Things At Will

~ NHPTA-SASPSOCTVMAFVS ~ Narcissists Have Problems Trusting Anyone – So A Strong Paranoid Streak Often Complicates Their Vague Morality And Fluctuating Value System

~ WTBMFGWASTCTNSSAWP-TJCAIA-‘V’-PA-NTBTTABV ~ When Those Being Manipulated Finally Get Wise And Start To Confront The Narcissist’s Selfish Schemes And Wavering Promises – Their Just Complaints Are Interpreted As – “Vicious” – Personal Attacks – Narcissists Then Believe That They Are Being Victimized

~ S-APAMRITLOIWTMTSTGBATUIRTTS-T-EFOR-GTA-EFOR-MTHDO-PAATAOO ~ Shame-Avoidance Plays A Major Role In Their Loss Of Integrity When Too Many Things Start To Go Badly And Their Unconscious Insecurity Roars To The Surface – Their – External Frame Of Reference – Gives Them An – Exaggerated Fear Of Rejection – Making Them Highly Dependent On – Public Approval And The Affirmation Of Others

~ TPCTAT-ECF-WTDWTW-ISUAO-PDBD-A-TPFAC-SDSAAABTDTE-TAFGEA-WPUFORAIMS ~ The Powerful Control That Allows These – Emotionally Crippled Folks – Wilfully To Do Whatever They Want – Is Slowly Undermined As Once-Powerful Defences Break Down – And – The Psyche Forces A Correction – Severe Depressive Symptoms And Anxiety Attacks Begin To Destabilize Their Effectiveness – Their Acute Fears Generate Extreme Agitation – Which Produces Uncontrolled Fits Of Rage And Insidious Mood Swings

~ D-E-SODFC-A-A/I/T/P/T-TCWADPS-I ~ Dissociation – Entails – Separating Or Disconnecting From Consciousness – Any – Attitudes / Impulses / Traits / Person / Things – That Conflict With A Desired Positive Self-Image


~ Dissociation – Is A Powerful Way To – Maintain A False Reality – It’s Frequent Use Moves An Individual Towards – Psychosis – A State Of No Longer Knowing What Is Real

~ WNTLIA-SR-WWFSAOE-A-LTTFOO-RCKUOT ~ We Need To Live In A – Shared Reality – Where We Freely Speak About Our Experiences – And – Listen To The Feedback Of Others – Reality Checks Keep Us On Track

~ NAUUTLOPUTCCT-A-LOASAEOT-TNFOLIS-S ~ Narcissist Are Usually Unable To Love Other People Unless They Can Control Them – And – Loved Ones Are Seen As Extensions Of Themselves – The Narcissistic Form Of Love Is Self-Serving

~ N-CAM-TSOTG ~ Narcissists – Control And Manipulate – The Sources Of Their Gratification

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