~ YAAR-YWBTW ~ You Are Already Rich – You Were Born That Way

~ Y-IYLC-YMU-T/W/Q/R/I-TASWAF ~ Yet – If You Look Carefully – You Might Unearth – Talents / Wisdom / Qualities / Resources / Ideas – That Are Secretly Worth A Fortune

~ TAMWTCTFOPSTIITLOOP ~ There Are Many Ways To Channel The Flow Of Plenitude So That It Rushes Into The Lives Of Other People

~ LGOYFT-T-I-‘E’ ~ Let Go Of Your Fears That – There – Isn’t – “Enough”

~ WYLGOE-YLGOI ~ When You Let Go Of Envy – You Let Go Of Ignorance

~ LTCA-IPITDTDE-A-AUTHIIO-T-F-A-A-STWCTTIMLO ~ Love Truly Conquers All – It Provides Illumination That Dispels The Dark Emotions – And – Allows Us To Have Insight Into Our – Thoughts – Feelings – And – Actions – So That We Can Transform Them Into More Loving Ones

~ TMJYA-TMYFTJSAPAAIYL ~ The More Joyful You Are – The More You’ll Find That Joyous Situations And People Are Appearing In Your Life

~ OTWTC-AFOG-IT-KA-GJ ~ One Terrific Way To Create – A Feeling Of Gratitude – Is To – Keep A – Gratitude Journal

~ PODTO-CAAE-B-TWII-IAFO-OOC-THYTSATPYOWYENEOI ~ People Often Don’t Think Of – Creativity As An Emotion – But – That’s What It Is – It’s A Feeling Of – Openness Or Curiosity – That Helps You To See All The Possibilities You Overlook When You’re Experiencing Negative Emotions Or Indifference

~ DINESTFOA ~ Dwelling In Negative Emotions Slows The Flow Of Abundance

~ NEDHSV-TSTWYUTHTABTYNTBCOSTYCDCTRTWPBAA ~ Negative Emotions Do Have Some Value – They Serve To Wake You Up To Harmful Thoughts And Behaviors That You Need To Be Conscious Of So That You Can Deliberately Choose To Replace Them With Positive Beliefs And Actions

~ IINTBAOOAOY-NE-TANPOLTCBAA-A-TCBVBWUATFDAH ~ It’s Important Not To Be Afraid Of Or Ashamed Of Your – Negative Emotions – They’re A Natural Part Of Life That Can’t Be Avoided Altogether – And – They Can Be Very Beneficial When Used As Tools For Discovery And Healing

~ YDTHABACMAFY ~ Your Desire To Help Another Become Abundant Creates More Abundance For You

~ TAMFOWAMWTSI ~ There Are Many Forms Of Wealth And Many Ways To Share It

~ SSAAPCBATPAOG ~ Simply Smiling At Another Person Can Be A Tremendously Powerful Act Of Giving

~ AFWYW ~ Ask For What You Want

~ ATWTLHTBMCOYR-ITS-KTOATMYS ~ A Terrific Way To Learn How To Be More Conscious Of Your Resources – Is To Start – Keeping Track Of All The Money You Spend

~ UIE-YHTAWYK ~ Understanding Isn’t Enough – You Have To Apply What You Know

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