~ WAASP ~ Work As A Social Problem

~ WHABACHAAOTDHBFAOFOL ~ Work Has Always Been A Central Human Activity And One That Differentiates Human Beings From All Other Forms Of Life

~ T-EAOSALO-TOTWHOTJ-WPDDTHOPTTVCOTP ~ Today – Employed Adults Ordinarily Spend At Least One-Third Of Their Waking Hours On The Job – What People Do During These Hours Often Penetrates To The Very Core Of Their Personalities

~ WCOASO-AOM-ICBASO-POS-AATCSALPOTCHBSOINSOL ~ Work Can Offer A Sense Of – Accomplishment Or Meaninglessness – It Can Be A Source Of – Pride Or Shame – An Activity That Consumes Such A Large Portion Of Time Cannot Help But Spill Over Into Nonwork Spheres Of Life

~ RFTD-T-DOOTLF-GPF-O-WWBMDAI-T-ACO-MP ~ Responsibility For The Day-To-Day Operations Of The Large Firm – Gradually Passed From – Owners – Who Were Becoming More Distant And Imperious – To – A Cadre Of – Management Personnel

~ NFO-HR-OWINMCC-HRM(HRM)-CA-A-MC-‘D’-A-P-TLP-B-RAR-OIAP ~ New Forms Of – Human Relations – Or What Is Now More Commonly Called – Human Resources Management (HRM) – Constantly Appear – As – Management Consultants – “Discover” – And – Promote – The Latest Panaceas – By – Repackaging And Renaming – Old Ideas And Practices

~ OT-CA-C-WP-ETRSMOEASJ ~ Only Through – Collective Action – Can – Working People – Expect To Receive Some Measure Of Economic And Social Justice


~ PTWOCT-SJMTACWTAV-B-TINSC-GTR-OBOITHAICA-WSWWFGTP-A-WSBTTPFT ~ Perhaps Those Who Oppose Compulsory Taxation – Should Just Move To A Country Where Taxes Are Voluntary – But – There Is No Such Country – Given That Reality – Our Best Option Is To Have An Intelligent Conversation About – What Services We Want For Government To Provide – And – Who Should Be Taxed To Pay For Them

~ C-RS-TN-PSAHM-ETTMSTTFTAMORITLR-ITSR-BRCTOAEY-MOTF ~ Citing – Revenue Shortfalls – The Nation – Postpones Street And Highway Maintenance – Even Though That Means Spending Two To Five Times As Much On Repairs In The Long Run – In The Short Run – Bad Roads Cause Thousands Of Accidents Each Year – Many Of Them Fatal

~ TNS-IM-WEUTETWIO-OBOTWIUAW ~ The Narrow Self-Interest Model – Which Encourages Us To Expect The Worst In Others – Often Brings Out The Worst In Us As Well

~ S-I-IAIHM-PETMIMMOTT-B-IINTOIM ~ Self-Interest – Is An Important Human Motive – Perhaps Even The Most Important Motive Much Of The Time – But – It Is Never The Only Important Motive

~ AC-WAGNBTCI-CE-CEHAT-TAR-RSTTTRM ~ Any Country – With A Government Not Beholden To Corporate Interests – Could Easily – Curb Environmentally Harmful Activities Through – Taxation And Regulation – Redirecting Spending Toward Things That Really Matter

~ WWM-I-WWD ~ What We Measure – Influences – What We Do

~ WDWN:BCOBS? ~ Which Do We Need: Bigger Cars Or Better Schools?