~ MITOTSSGITSS-ACTEOTTRS-IATNEAHNITONITR-A-TLTTCT-FASWIMLAC ~ Most Individual Trees Of The Same Species Growing In The Same Stand – Are Connected To Each Other Through Their Root Systems – It Appears That Nutrient Exchange And Helping Neighbors In Times Of Need Is The Rule – And – This Leads To The Conclusion That – Forests Are Superorganisms With Interconnections Much Like Ant Colonies

~ ATINAF-OIO-ATCEA-CLC-IIATMO-WAW-BT-MT-CAE-T-MEOHAC-SAGDOW-A-GAGDOH-A-ITPE-TCLTBVO ~ A Tree Is Not A Forest – On Its Own – A Tree Cannot Establish A – Consistent Local Climate – It Is At The Mercy Of – Wind And Weather – But Together – Many Trees – Create An Ecosystem – That – Moderates Extremes Of Heat And Cold – Stores A Great Deal Of Water – And – Generates A Great Deal Of Humidity – And – In This Protected Environment – Trees Can Live To Be Very Old –

~ TCLTBVO-TGTTP-TCMRINMW-ET-T-IVTTCAWKAFALAP ~ Trees Can Live To Be Very Old – To Get To This Point – The Community Must Remain Intact No Matter What – Every Tree – Therefore – Is Valuable To The Community And Worth Keeping Around For As Long As Possible

~ BTRAIDWTAP-TI-PF-BLLASFTI ~ Because Their Roots Are Irreparably Damaged When They Are Planted – Trees In – Planted Forests – Behave Like Loners And Suffer From Their Isolation

~ T:HACDWOC:TUS ~ Trees – Have A Completely Different Way Of Communicating: They Use Scent

~ LT-SO-ES-SAHTD-H-TSINTIM-AHSA-I-TPSTATSSO-ATOAIPM ~ Leaf Tissue – Sends Out – Electoral Signals – Just As Human Tissue Does – However – The Signal Is Not Transmitted In Milliseconds – As Human Signals Are – Instead – The Plant Signal Travels At The Slow Speed Of – A Third Of An Inch Per Minute

~ TCRP-TS-SBP-TBPHTBEDTITABT ~ Trees Can Release Pheromones – That Summon – Specific Beneficial Predators – The Beneficial Predators Help Trees By Eagerly Devouring The Insects That Are Bothering Them

~ T-AWEOUCSSTTFNATRT-NOBMO-CC-BABMO-EI-TT-ATSOATOAIPS ~ Trees – Also Warn Each Other Using Chemical Signals Sent Through The Fungal Networks Around Their Root Tips – Not Only By Means Of – Chemical Compounds – But Also By Means Of – Electoral Impulses – That Travel – At The Speed Of A Third Of An Inch Per Second

~ TREALW-MTTTSOTC-S-TRSONTIIAGIOA-UTAFPTAAITGQDO-N-A-I-D-A-OD-T-‘WWW’-WAHMIIEASWHOJBTR ~ Tree Roots Extend A Long Way – More Than Twice The Spread Of The Crown – So – The Root Systems Of Neighboring Trees Inevitably Intersect And Grow Into One Another – Usually There Are Fungi Present That Act As Intermediaries To Guarantee Quick Dissemination Of – News – About – Insects – Drought – And – Other Dangers – The – “Wood Wide Web” – What And How Much Information Is Exchanged Are Subjects We Have Only Just Begun To Research

~ PCBMOSW? ~ Plants Communicating By Means Of Sound Waves?

~ WTGT-NAW-CBODATASTETCGITBTICB-IY-‘H’-IT-BGROT-SC-TRTAB-TSMOTTNIV ~ When Trees Grow Together – Nutrients And Water – Can Be Optimally Divided Among Them All So That Each Tree Can Grow Into The Best Tree It Can Be – If You – “Help” – Individual Trees – By Getting Rid Of Their – Supposed Competition – The Remaining Trees Are Bereft – They Send Messages Out To Their Neighbors In Vain

~ THSUTOBTIAGDOGDWES ~ Trees Have Survived Until Today Only Because There Is A Great Deal Of Genetic Diversity Within Each Species

~ WCCICTPTT-TALTFABTCOBITMS-ETITIADD-TFLLAGODSA-‘DF’ ~ Where Climate Change Is Causing The Permafrost To Thaw – Trees Are Losing Their Footing And Being Thrown Completely Off Balance In The Mushy Subsoil – Every Tree Is Tipped In A Different Direction – The Forest Looks Like A Group Of Drunks Staggering Around – “Drunken Forests”

~ T-IHFTTET-H-B-TCSTHWTW-U-P ~ Thirst – Is Harder For Trees To Endure Than – Hunger – Because – They Can Satisfy Their Hunger Whenever They Want – Using – Photosynthesis

~ WTART-TBT-S-A-UL-VOITTWTFOWFTRTTLII-TIA-PME-A-IPDMA?-AY? ~ When Trees Are Really Thirsty – They Begin To – Scream – At – Ultrasonic Levels – Vibrations Occur In The Trunk When The Flow Of Water From The Roots To The Leaves Is Interrupted – This Is A – Purely Mechanical Event – And – It Probably Doesn’t Mean Anything? – And Yet?

~ TAVSB-A-THEOO ~ Trees Are Very Social Beings – And – They Help Each Other Out

~ TAMLFIAHOFSTTAPOTP ~ There Are More Life Forms In A Handful Of Forest Soil Than There Are People On The Planet

~ S-TOTT-TMQIG-FOEAHP ~ Surprising – The Older The Tree – The More Quickly It Grows – Full Of Energy And Highly Productive

~ IWWT-UFAAWITFACC-TWM-ATTGO ~ If We Want To – Use Forest As A Weapon In The Fight Against Climate Change – Then We Must – Allow Them To Grow Old

~ TFCIOIH ~ The Forest Creates Its Own Ideal Habitat

~ TMLADWTIITF-TTTLOHOTGATMWISITTFM ~ The More Living And Dead Wood There Is In The Forest – The Thicker The Layer Of Humus On The Ground And The More Water Is Stored In The Total Forest Mass

~ MATDOT-DTT ~ Most Animals That Depend On Trees – Don’t Harm Them

~ TDT-IAIFTCOLITFA-TLT ~ The Dead Trunk – Is As Indispensable For The Cycle Of Life In The Forest As – The Live Tree

~ INAGITGITFDAS ~ It’s Never A Good Idea To Go Into The Forest During A Storm

~ TCW ~ Trees Can’t Walk

~ EDIS-TRA-29TOOTTAPSMOF-APBIN2POOAD-B-ODTD ~ Every Day In Summer – Trees Release About – 29 Tons Of Oxygen Into The Air Per Square Mile Of Forest – But – Only During The Day

~ MTJAC ~ More Than Just A Commodity

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