~ IWACW-TCTRCSPFTIIWAG ~ Identification With A Collective Whole – The Capacity To Resist Coercion Stems Partly From The Individual’s Identification With A Group

~ M-B-GILATC ~ Make-Believe – Glory Is Largely A Theatrical Concept

~ DOTP-A-MAM-TPIASAAI-AMDOTTOTM Deprecation Of The Present – As – Mean And Miserable – The Present Is A Shadow And An Illusion – A Mere Doormat On The Threshold Of The Millennium

~ ‘TWAN’-D/V/WH-A-MW-A-RT ~ “Things Which Are Not” – Dreams / Visions / Wild Hopes – Are – Mighty Weapons – – And Realistic Tools

~ D-TFOWTTBB-C-MNBDF-E/O-B-F-HW-TCOID-TEOTOAOT ~ Doctrine – The Facts On Which The True Believer Bases – Conclusions – Must Not Be Derived From – Experience / Observation – But – From – Holy Writ – The Certitude Of – Infallible Doctrine – The Embodiment Of The One And Only Truth

~ F-DNFSTHO-TRSTBT-TWFNDIDTAEDBO-TA-EPAL-TIOUTSTATA-PB-GAC ~ Fanaticism – Desperate Need For Something To Hold Onto ~ The Rule Seems To Be That – Those Who Find No Difficulty In Deceiving Themselves Are Easily Deceived By Others – They Are – Easily Persuaded And Led – The Inability Or Unwillingness To See Things As They Are – Promotes Both – Gullibility And Charlatanism

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