~ MMCRASWBIAG-B-NWBIAD-UTSOAMMIPTTVATOID-LAID-TIDI-OAO ~ Mass Movements Can Rise And Spread Without Belief In A God – But – Never Without Belief In A Devil – Usually The Strength Of A Mass Movement Is Proportionate To The Vividness And Tangibility Of Its Devil – Like An Ideal Deity – The Ideal Devil Is – Omnipotent And Omnipresent

~ TUOAIHMIITITITWH-TEMMSIAISC ~ The Undercurrent Of Admiration In Hatred Manifests Itself In The Inclination To Imitate Those We Hate – Thus Every Mass Movement Shapes Itself After Its Specific Devil

~ PH-CG-MAP-T-AEL ~ Passionate Hatred – Can Give – Meaning And Purpose – To – An Empty Life

~ AO-E-D-P-A-H-WTD-RH ~ All Our – Enthusiasm – Devotions – Passions – And – Hopes – When They Decompose – Release Hatred

~ WWLOIIITCOAMM-WFANF-FT-H-B-L-T-M-A-B-WSAR ~ When We Lose Our Individual Independence In The Corporateness Of A Mass Movement – We Find A New Freedom – Freedom To – Hate – Bully – Lie – Torture – Murder – And – Betray – Without Shame And Remorse


~ IIAEUA-TDOAC-KGIIWADOU-OICAMITIOAEAITFOAP ~ Imitation Is An Essential Unifying Agent – The Development Of A Close-Knit Group Is Inconceivable Without A Diffusion Of Uniformity – Obedience Itself Consists As Much In The Imitation Of An Example As In The Following Of A Precept

TSSWDFBO-TGIODTBLO ~ The Less Satisfaction We Derive From Being Ourselves – The Greater Is Our Desire To Be Like Others

~ CFTOW-IOC-TMEDADI ~ Contempt For The Outside World – Is Of Course – The Most Effective Defense Against Disruptive Imitation


~ TTSTBTPOIOCFIWIUM ~ The Truth Seems To Be That Propaganda On Its Own Cannot Force Its Way Into Unwilling Minds

~ PBI-SMW-TF-IIEFTFTDTOIAHTEOTOMIID-TASRTIPWJTWFL ~ Propaganda By Itself – Succeeds Mainly With – The Frustrated – It Is Easier For The Frustrated To Detect Their Own Imaginings And Hear The Echo Of Their Own Musings In Impassioned Double-Talk And Sonorous Refrains Than In Precise Words Joined Together With Faultless Logic


~ THTBAETFAO-A-AIDWTATA-BMALCMTA ~ There Has To Be An Eagerness To Follow And Obey – And – An Intense Dissatisfaction With Things As They Are – Before Movement And Leader Can Make Their Appearance

~ TQOI-STPAMRIAMML-WCI-TAG-TCDOTOOO-TSDOTW ~ The Quality Of Ideas – Seems To Play A Minor Role In A Mass Movement Leadership – What Counts Is – The Arrogant Gesture – The Complete Disregard Of The Opinion Of Others – The Singlehanded Defiance Of The World

~ TTB-NMHRAV-IBAOASP ~ The True Believer – No Matter How Rowdy And Violent – Is Basically An Obedient And Submissive Person

~ PWLA-BAI-STSAGWTO-T-PWA-S-SAS-C ~ People Whose Lives Are – Barren And Insecure – Seem To Show A Greater Willingness To Obey – Than – People Who Are – Self-Sufficient And Self-Confident


~ AIAU-IB-S-F-A-IG-ASOPAW ~ Action Is A Unifier – It Brings – Self-Forgetting– And – It Gives – A Sense Of Purpose And Worth


~ S-C-HV-SOEFTIOO ~ Self-Contempt – However Vague – Sharpens Our Eyes For The Imperfections Of Others

~ KTCW-TF-STESBAZTPBAO-SO-IAMTRO-MS-AO-AF ~ Knowing Themselves Continually Watched – The Faithful – Strive To Escape Suspicion By Adhering Zealously To Prescribed Behaviour And Opinion – Strict Orthodoxy – Is As Much The Result Of – Mutual Suspicion – As Of – Ardent Faith

~ NAT-IPADAASIOTKSA-SIGASEBAAOWTRWTETTMFW ~ Now And Then – Innocent People Are Deliberately Accused And Sacrificed In Order To Keep Suspicion Alive – Suspicion Is Given A Sharp Edge By Associating All Opposition Within The Ranks With The Enemy Threatening The Movement From Without

~ IITSDOTTBTBS-COTLF-S-S-A-T ~ It Is The Sacred Duty Of The True Believer To Be Suspicious – Constantly On The Lookout For – Saboteurs – Spies – And – Traitors

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