~ TBT-HBAHS-SBRB-TDOTM-I-UF ~ The Belief That – Human Beings And Human Societies – Should Be Ruled By – The Demands Of The Marketplace – Is – Utopian Folly

~ TINI-HHOHN-TSTIT-SEBTFMLTASG-AY-WHPT-UBS-TDHWSO-E/L/E/C-AWA-HWT-TEOWWDFL ~ There Is Nothing In – Human History Or Human Nature – That Supports The Idea That – Sacrificing Everything Before The Free Market Leads To A Social Good – And Yet – We Have Permitted This – Utopian Belief System – To Determine How We Structure Our – Economy / Labor / Education / Culture – As Well As – How We Treat – The Ecosystem On Which We Depend For Life

~ EO-CO-NLBTWTU-TRIO-TSASS-F-C ~ Even Our – Corporate Overlords – No Longer Believe The Words They Utter – They Rely Instead On – The Security And Surveillance State – For – Control

~ TROD ~ The Rumble Of Dissent

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