~ WCSTIOW-IIHTSOO ~ We Can See The Idols Others Worship – It Is Hard To See Our Own

~ IAA-SW ~ Idols – Are Always About – Self-Worship

~ TP-STD-RACAAOP-B-TITRPAC-TMO-TP-O-WAO-IS-THADSB-TO-TA-FAD ~ The Prophets – Spent Their Days – Raging Against Corruption And Abuse Of Power – By – Those In The Royal Palaces And Courts – The Mistreatment Of – The Poor – Of – Widows And Orphans – In Short – The Hard And Difficult Struggle By – The Oppressed – To Achieve – Freedom And Dignity

~ W-GAPI-A-NLT-WTB-ESFPPAW-ATEOTIAWOTP-ISTMTHDNP-TIALOFITSDTHCT-TE-PBT-BN-OR-TBWTWTB ~ When – Government And Public Institutions – Are – No Longer Trusted – When They Become – Engines Solely For Personal Power And Wealth – At The Expense Of The Interests And Welfare Of The Public – It Sends The Message That Honesty Does Not Pay – There Is A Loss Of Faith In The Structures Designed To Hold Community Together – Trust Evaporates – People Begin To – Believe Nothing – Or Rather – They Believe What They Want To Believe

~ EMO-RTLOTP-WLONS-STFOTT ~ Established Media Organs – Relay The Lies Of The Powerful – With Little Or No Scrutiny – Serving To Further Obscure The Truth

~ ASWTMTDLAT-S-S-I-LAF ~ A Society Without The Means To Detect Lies And Theft – Soon – Squanders – Its – Liberty And Freedom

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