~ TWDNUWIHAT-A-WAOBABRTDNEOF-SDFS-TBDTCTTR ~ Those Who Do Not Understand What Is Happening Around Them – And – Who Are Overwhelmed By A Brutal Reality They Did Not Expect Or Foresee – Search Desperately For Saviours – They Beg Demagogues To Come To Their Rescue

~ TLETCTEDAL ~ The Lies Employed To Camouflage The Economic Decline Are Legion

~ II-C-TGOL-EIPAG-AHS-IIFTCTFUFTDOOI-ITPUFTS-G ~ It Is – Community – That Gives Our Lives – Even In Pain And Grief – A Healing Solidarity – It Is Fealty To Community That Frees Us From The Dictates Of Our Idols – Idols That Promise Us Fulfilment Through Self-Gratification

~ W-CWI-PS-B-UC-WIASV-WI-B-P-A-P-HDATAC ~ War – Comes Wrapped In – Patriotic Slogans– But – Up Close – War Is A Soulless Void – War Is – Barbarity – Perversion – And – Pain – Human Decency And Tenderness Are Crushed

~ W-FAIH-H-TPTSA-TTATB-TECAFOTFOD-ILUS-ATCIT ~ War – For All Its Horror – Has – The Power To Strip Away – The Trivial And The Banal – The Empty Chatter And Foolish Obsessions That Fill Our Days – It Lets Us See – Although The Cost Is Tremendous

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