~ TM-O-’FPOD’-H-LFIIID-A-N-MPIBGUP-MOAATH ~ The Media – Our – “Fourth Pillar Of Democracy” – Has – Largely Failed In Its Investigative Duties – And – Now – Mainly Provides Interesting But Generally Unhelpful Post-Mortems On Accidents After They’ve Happened

~ WIO-EP-EAM-S-RTB-TSCOHE-ARJ-A-AOO?-S-THEOSEPFTG?-IS-WHT-W/EC/SO-WTCBFBSREI?-WHT?~ What If Our – Exponentially Based – Economic And Monetary – Systems – Rather Than Being – The Sophisticated Culmination Of Human Evolution – Are Really Just – An – Artefact Of Oil? – Simply – The Human Expression Of Surplus Energy Pumped From The Ground? – If So – What Happens To – Wealth / Economic Complexity / Social Order – When They Cannot Be Fed By Steadily Rising Energy Inputs? – What Happens Then?

~ WNMTAIT-RTSTWTO ~ What We Need More Than Anything Is To – Reshape The Stories That We Tell Ourselves

~ WEATNRWMAB-TMDT-A-MHM-WBWTOT-TEOEBRAA-TNWIASOTE-IITOWA-TEIASOTNW ~ Where Economists Assume That Needed Resources Will Magically Arise Because – The Marketplace Demands Them – A – More Holistic Model – Would Begin With The Observation That – The Economy Only Exists Because Resources Are Available – The Natural World Isn’t A Subset Of The Economy – It Is The Other Way Around — The Economy Is A Subset Of The Natural World

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