~ A:ABS ~ Acousticphilia: Arousal By Sounds

~ A:ABH ~ Acrophilia: Arousal By Heights

~ A:ABTTOHSWAA ~ Acrotomphilia: Arousal By The Thought Of Having Sex With An Amputee

~ A:ABASOM ~ Agalmatophilia: Arousal By A Statue Or Mannequin

~ A:ABBIPPOO ~ Agoraphilia: Arousal By Being In Public Places Or Outdoors

~ A:AWOCHOL ~ Agrexophilia: Arousal When Others Can Hear One’s Lovemaking

~ C:ABD ~ Choreophilia: Arousal By Dancing

~ C:ABBCTSS ~ Clastrophilia: Arousal By Being Confined To Small Spaces

~ C:ABF ~ Coprophilia: Arousal By Feces

~ G:ATSOP ~ Gerontophilia: Attraction To Significantly Older People

~ R:ABF ~ Rhabdophilia: Arousal By Flagellation

~ S:UOFFSP ~ Sitophilia: Use Of Food For Sexual Purposes

~ S:ABHSWASP ~ Somnophilia: Arousal By Having Sex With A Sleeping Person

~ U:AFSAIU ~ Urophilia: Arousal From Sex Acts Involving Urine

~ X:ABS ~ Xenophilia: Arousal By Strangers

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