~ OIRARSBTFT:PWOHOJRAITOTBUS+OIHIOABSIWASAUITMIPAATMIM ~ One Is Repeatedly And Recurrently Startled By The Fact That: People Whom One Had Once Judged Rational And Intelligent Turn Out To Be Unashamedly Stupid + One Is Harassed In One’s Activities By Stupid Individuals Who Appear Suddenly And Unexpectedly In The Most Inconvenient Places And At The Most Improbable Moments

~ SIAIPOAHGAIUDATACP-TOFTSPOSPWOICVLGODWVSO-YAHTFTSPOSP-WP(IAWTFL)WASYE ~ Stupidity Is An Indiscriminate Privilege Of All Human Groups And Is Uniformly Distributed According To A Constant Proportion – Thus One Finds The Same Percentage Of Stupid People Whether One Is Considering Very Large Groups Or Dealing With Very Small Ones – You Always Have To Face The Same Percentage Of Stupid People – Which Percentage (In Accordance With The First Law) Will Always Surpass Your Expectations

~ WTBTDHW-AGOAL-T-D-IUTDTDANT ~ Whether The Blow To Dick’s Head Was – A Gain Or A Loss – To – Dick – Is Up To Dick To Decide And Not Tom

~ TFITRPHDCAUUB ~ The Fact Is That Reasonable People Have Difficulty Conceiving And Understanding Unreasonable Behavior

~ NTG-F-C-E/D/H-TINE-OB-TIOOE:TPIQIS ~ Nothing To Gain – From – Causing – Embarrassment / Difficulties / Harm – There Is No Explanation – Or Better – There Is Only One Explanation: The Person In Question Is Stupid

~ S-S ~ Super-Stupid

~ SAP-TDPOASPIRTTPOPAC ~ Stupidity And Power – The Damaging Potential Of A Stupid Person Is Related To The Position Of Power And Consequence

~ TPOS ~ The Power Of Stupidity

~ S/P/I-P-ETDPOASP ~ Social / Political / Institutional – Power – Enhances The Damaging Potential Of A Stupid Person

~ E-SPADAD-B-RPFIDTIAUUB-B-TSPADNCTTROR-OIGCBS-OCOARD-B-TAILARS ~ Essentially – Stupid People Are Dangerous And Damaging – Because – Reasonable People Find It Difficult To Imagine And Understand Unreasonable Behavior – Because – The Stupid Person’s Actions Do Not Conform To The Rules Of Rationality – One Is Generally Caught By Surprise – One Cannot Organize A Rational Defense – Because – The Attack Itself Lacks Any Rational Structure

~ OOOITTAOWASI-FOOS-SAMCOHDE-B-IIBOACMOTENOS-IGTSPAS-BOT-EBOTS-OCNFATS-AAR-A-BLOWBPBTUMOTS ~ On Occasion One Is Tempted To Associate Oneself With A Stupid Individual – For One’s Own Schemes – Such A Maneuver Can Only Have Disastrous Effects – Because – It Is Based On A Complete Misunderstanding Of The Essential Nature Of Stupidity – It Gives The Stupid Person Added Scope – Because Of The – Erratic Behavior Of The Stupid – One Can Not Foresee All The Stupid’s – Actions And Reactions – And – Before Long One Will Be Pulverized By The Unpredictable Moves Of The Stupid

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