~ I-P&P-AA-E ~ Igniting – Passion & Purpose – As An – Elder

~ IINSTFTIO-‘TGL’-HBSBSPAEA ~ It Is Natural Sometimes To Forget That Images Of – “The Good Life” – Have Been Shaped By Skillful Promoters And Effective Advertising

~ WATSTOOE-GAB-UWAHAWWAAHWGH-WALTSSITP ~ We Are All The Sum Total Of Our Experiences – Good And Bad – Unless We Are Honest About Who We Are And How We Got Here – We Are Likely To Stay Stuck In The Past

~ WWFTA-THWU-WEUTTFIWATWT-TI-EP-ACB-A-DOAS-NOTSTP-T-IE-RAAD-SHNTM-O-O-P-L-M ~ When We Fail To Acknowledge – The Hole Within Us – We End Up Trying To Fill It With All The Wrong Things – These Include – Excess Possessions – A Constant Busyness – And – Distractions Of All Sorts – None Of These Solve The Problem – That – Inner Emptiness – Revolves Around A Deep-Seated Human Need To Make – Our – One – Precious – Life – Meaningful

~ HYBHAFS? ~ Have You Been Hiding A False Self?

~ T-GOD-WNSGFAWROP ~ The – Good Old Days – Were Not So Good For A Wide Range Of People

~ AA-E-ICSS-IAW-B-ICRFLTOW ~ As An – Elder – I Cannot Singlehandedly Stop – Injustice And Wrongdoing – But – I Can Refrain From Looking The Other Way

~ A-FAF-TTY-WSYC ~ Ask – Family And Friends – To Tell You – Which Sayings You Cite

~ FWB ~ Fostering Well-Being

~ WAUTFPUWSI ~ We Are Unlikely To Find Purpose Unless We Seek It

~ TPYOTBALAOAYBUOY ~ Try Patting Yourself On The Back At Least As Often As You Beat Up On Yourself

~ STWOP ~ Strong Ties With Other People

~ RIC-SI-AAM-HR ~ Researchers Increasingly Cite – Social Isolation – As A Major – Health Risk

~ PIL ~ Purpose In Life

~ C-MT-EE-EBAMAICT-VY ~ Curiosity – Marks The – Energetic Elder – Every Bit As Much As It Characterizes The – Very Young

~ CAEIUTFOC ~ Childhood And Elderhood Invite Us To Feed Our Curiosity

~ CCOC ~ Creating Circles Of Connectivity

~ FAP-WWWFTSOCAAGMPTJ ~ Friends And People – With Whom We Feel That Spark Of Connection Are A Gift More Precious Than Jewels

~ S-I-WBTAADOOOL ~ Sometimes – Inadvertently – We Become The Authors And Designers Of Our Own Loneliness

~ FOOTCCIA ~ Focus On Opportunities To Convert Compassion Into Action

~ EOUHASPOHTII-DLIPAV-WRTTSP ~ Each Of Us Has A Set Point Of Happiness That Is Inborn – Despite Life’s Inevitable Peaks And Valleys – We Revert To That Set Point

~ PGOADBAARTAP ~ Practice Gratitude On A Daily Basis At A Regular Time And Place

~ RYTGTWHABTWH-B-TLOOHIYTC ~ Remind Yourself That Good Things Will Happen And Bad Things Will Happen – But – The Level Of Overall Happiness Is Yours To Choose

~ TOHYLTBRATLYLTL ~ Think Of How You’d Like To Be Remembered And The Legacy You’d Like To Leave

~ LINMJBIINE ~ Life Is Not Meaningless Just Because It Is Not Endless

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