~ TACBO-ICBC-ICBC-IHNBOB-ICTFOCATDOP ~ The Air Cannot Be Owned – It Cannot Be Controlled – It Cannot Be Contained – It Has No Borders Or Boundaries – It Changes The Fate Of Creatures And The Destiny Of Peoples

~ TAIEMIASG-TINOPWTPTHTLOI-A-P-TINOPAAATHSA ~ The Air In Every Moment Is A Special Gift – There Is No Other Planet Within Twenty Parsecs That Has The Like Of It – And – Perhaps – There Is No Other Place Anywhere At All That Has Such Air

~ TORTTWINAI-TD-ITTFRTTTE-WBTSOFIANADED ~ The Only Reason That The World Is Not Awash In – The Dead – Is That The Fungi Return Them To The Earth – We Breathe The Spores Of Fungi In And Out All Day Every Day

~ T-BF-T-TF-A-TG-GAS-AABO-W-PP ~ The – Boreal Forests – The – Temperate Forests – And – The Great – Grasslands And Savannahs – Are All Based On – Wind-Pollinated Plants

~ ITIE-NBNF-HBTPSO-AC-TDTLAOO-R-P-SETLITUOLAAITLTMOHCD ~ In The Industrial Era – Neither Bacteria Nor Fungi – Have Been The Primary Source Of – Airborne Contaminants – That Damage The Lungs And Other Organs – Rather – Particles – Small Enough To Lodge In The Upper Or Lower Airway And In The Lungs Themselves More Often Have Caused Disease

~ TF-S-PI-A-NTWBAN-A-TS-CDWTTDOOPALAAT-1920~ Toxic Fogs – Smog-Producing Inversions – And – Noondays That Were Black As Night – Alerted – The So-Called Developed World To The Dangers Of Outdoor Pollution As Long Ago As The – 1920s

~ MM-O-GOG ~ Mystery Materials – Often – Give Off Gas

~ T-OBOBF-IRF-AHMATRP ~ The – Open Burning Of Biomass Fuels – Is Responsible For – A Huge Mortality Among The Rural Poor

~ TPTRLITAATTSO ~ The Particles That Remain Longest In The Air Are Typically The Smallest Ones

~ IAD-WAM-TK-TD-TFOT-TOPTBTCW-TAWABIIQ ~ In A Democracy – We Are Meant – To Know – To Debate – To Find Out Together – This Ought Particularity To Be The Case When – The Air We All Breathe Is In Question

~ W-ROS-F-IISJWTCD-R-IIASOWWA-TD-TL-TS-A-TMOTHRFTSOTE-AOTPACBTGN-‘A’-TI-TDIA ~ When – Rain Or Snow – Falls – It Is Seldom Just Water That Comes Down – Rather – It Is A Solution Of Water With All – The Dusts – The Liquids – The Smokes – And – The Microscopic Organisms That Have Risen From The Surface Of The Earth – All Of These Particles Are Called By The General Name – “Aerosols” – That Is – Things Dissolved In Air

~ DOF-EB-RC-A-FC ~ Droplets Of Fat – Emitted By – Restaurant Chimneys – And – Food Carts

~ GT ~ Ground Truth

~ TTOTAOBUWWDNE ~ The Theater Of The Air Often Brings Us What We Do Not Expect

~ B-CA-A-APCORD ~ Black-Carbon Aerosols – Are – A Principal Cause Of Respiratory Disease

~ APWNPGW-ASTFTAWAHBP-TARA-IAPP ~ Aerosol Pollution Will Never Prevent Greenhouse Warming – Although Schemes To Fill The Air With Aerosols Have Been Proposed – They Are Regarded As – Ineffective And Possibly Poisonous

~ WWTTAAAD-JAWHTTD-TITOGDNJGA ~ When We Treat The Air As A Dump – Just As We Have Treated The Dirt – The Invisible Tides Of Garbage Do Not Just Go Away

~ TWIAIP-SASTTCTEART-SCBEBO-SAIFBPTATP-ADOT-PM-O-COGOC-TTA-F-STR-T-EOS-IBFTMCFOCATL-ATKOL ~ The World Is Awash In Perfumes – Some Are Specific To The Creature That Emits And Receives Them – Some Can Be Eavesdropped By Others – Some Are Intentionally Faked By Predators To Attract Their Prey – All Depend On The – Physical Movement – Of – Chemicals Or Group Of Chemicals– Through The Air – From – Sender To Receiver – This – Exchange Of Signals – Is By Far The Most Common Form Of Communication Among The Living – All The Kingdoms Of Life

~ MCMTTTWFCBFSTTFCFIT ~ Many Creatures Mark The TraIl To Where Food Can Be Found So That Their Friends Can Find It Too

~ WEA-COASESA ~ When Enemies Appear – Creatures Of All Sizes Emit Scented Alarms

~ TTOTAOBUWWDNE ~ The Theater Of The Air Often Brings Us What We Do Not Expect

~ ASRTT:BAAL ~ A Song Requires Two Things: Breath And A Listener

~ NCBSWE ~ Nothing Can Be Said Without Exhaling

~ MST-ICIUTTA-B-ITUOOO ~ Music Stops Thought – It Comes Into Us Through The Air – But – It Takes Us Out Of Ourselves

~ BTAPIAH-IYCBT-YCLT ~ Breath Turns A Place Into A Habitat – If You Can Breathe There – You Can Live There

~ BRAE-IRA-IAO-A-IR-GAT-ABOACAAM-IWAI-EIE-W-O-FB-IAO-A-RTTOBTPOIE ~ Breath Requires An Exchange – It Requires An – Inside And Outside – And – It Requires – Give-And-Take – A Breath Of Air Comes Across A Membrane – Interacts With An Inside – Exchanges Its Elements – With – Others – From Both – Inside And Outside – And – Returns To The Outside Bearing The Products Of Its Exchange

~ FTM ~ Fogging The Mirror

~ TAITKOTB ~ The Air Is The Kingdom Of Breath

~ ABC-O-N-CD-AWVOOC-DM-G-B-DS-PH-A-S ~ A Breath Contains – Oxygen – Nitrogen – Carbon Dioxide – A Wide Variety Of Other Compounds – Dust Motes – Pollen Grains – Bacteria – Dead Skin – Plant Hairs – And – Spores

~ TSILBOTA-TTFO-G-D-S-V-SAWMTS ~ The Sky Is Light Because Of The Air – The Thin Film Of – Gases – Dusts – Spores – Vapor – Sun And Weather Make The Sky

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