~ TBM ~ The Beaver Manifesto

~ TFT-BSE-I-NA-A-E-INSOAM ~ The Fact That – Beavers Still Exist – In – North America – And – Europe – Is Nothing Short Of A Miracle

~ IMP-AWWBIAWWWATLIS-IATWWCBHIAAA-THADABATC-TBOUAU-‘G’-S ~ In Most Places – A World Without Beavers Is A World Without Water And The Life It Supports – In A Time When Water Consumption By Humans Is At An All-Time High And Droughts Are Becoming All Too Common – The Beaver Offers Us An Undeniably – “Green” – Solution

~ SMSADTTBBAWPWT ~ So Many Species Are Drawn To The Beaver’s Benefits And Would Perish Without Them

~ MOOELWBTB-EDITHOOC-WASPOAWTHTC ~ Much Of Our Ecological Landscape Was Born Through Beavers – Even Deep In The Heart Of Our Cities – We Are Still Part Of A World They Helped To Create

~ B-1900-BW-AE-I-NA ~ By – 1900 – Beavers Were – Almost Extinct – In – North America

~ O-4.7M-BP-AATAHOBB-1769-1868-TFDNITGNOPTDNMTGAWD ~ Over – 4.7 Million – Beaver Pelts – Arrived At The Auction Houses Of Britain Between – 1769 – 1868 – These Figures Do Not Include The Great Numbers Of Pelts That Did Not Make The Grade And Were Discarded

~ ROPCWH-ROB-HBUTREDL ~ Regardless Of Potential Conflicts With Humans – Reintroductions Of Beavers – Have Been Used To Restore Ecologically Damaged Landscapes

~ IMS-IIATT-SSTBAAP-A-MA-APTNUTAWCATCECIB ~ In Many Situations – It Is Also Time To – Stop Seeing The Beaver As A Pest – And – More As – A Pilot To Navigate Us Through A Warming Climate And The Complex Ecological Challenges It Brings

~ TBP-BA-T-F-W-A-ES-DT-DO2002-WI ~ The Benefit Of – Beaver Activity – To – Farmers – Wildlife – And – Ecological Systems – During The – Drought Of 2002 – Were Immeasurable

~ TDB-BAH-A-BAP-HBAMITNAPFC ~ This Dichotomy Between – Beaver As Hero – And – Beaver As Pest – Has Been A Mainstay In The North American Psyche For Centuries

~ B-C-OTTT:T-A-WTC ~ But – Creativity – Often Takes Two Things: Time – And – Willingness To Change

~ TC-‘TITOTTW’-W-NN-HBTFR ~ The Comment – “This Is The Only Thing That Works” – When – Nothing New – Had Been Tried For – Years

~ IOBWYLEI ~ Innovation Often Begins When You Least Expect It

~ WWTC-EWW-B-WWITB-W-BW-MLO-LO ~ We Want To Co-Exist With Wildlife – But – We Want It To Be – Well-Behaved Wildlife – Much Like Our – Lawn Ornaments

~ T-SF-HLRTPOT-SAB-OTP-WOMOOCFT-PI-N ~ Today – Synthetic Fabrics – Have Largely Replaced The Products Of The – Silkworm And Beaver – Of The Past – We Obtain Many Of Our Clothes From The – Petrochemical Industry – Now

~ TAOSFB/HCB-A-TT-TAP-TASRI-TI-EW ~ There Are Other Solutions For Beaver/Human Conflicts – But – Again – They Take – Time And Patience – That Are So Rare In – Today’s Instant-Everything World

~ IISAAWTNTSHASABMLABLBIAE ~ It Is Society As A Whole That Needs To See How Animals Such As Beavers Modify Landscapes And Bring Life Back Into Arid Environments

~ WANFASWWCEHTDWMFASD ~ We Are Now Facing A Scenario Where We Could Easily Have To Deal With More Frequent And Severe Droughts

~ ATGD-TRTFWBAFOTFS ~ As The Glaciers Diminish – The Rivers They Feed Will Become A Fraction Of Their Former Size

~ WWNMT-ACOB-TSWITCDTPOARWC-B-ISWBABTKTA ~ We Will Need More Than – A Colony Of Beavers – To Stop What Is To Come During This Period Of A Rapidly Warming Climate – But – It Sure Would Be A Benefit To Keep Them Around

~ BKHTKWA-IIALET-ED-DS-A-TTR-WABDFF ~ Beavers Know How To Keep Water Around – It Is A Lot Easier Than – Excavating Dugouts – Damning Streams – And – Trying To Replicate – What A Beaver Does For Free

~ EITLAGO-TMBE ~ Even If The Laws Are Good Ones – They Must Be Enforced

~ GCWATLTW-B-ITINC-T-PPATFLTET-TAJ-WWI ~ Governments Can Write All The Legislation They Want – But – If There Is No Commitment – To – Providing People At The Field Level To Enforce Them – They Are Just – Words Without Intent

~ CA-NP-FOO-CATR-TOO-L-O-NH-WTT ~ Changing A – National Psyche – From One Of – Complete Access To Resources – To One Of – Limited – Or – No Harvest – Would Take Time

~ B-GW-A-OOWR-PNCF-TC-WW-RTTC-A-TTIT-RTBS ~ But – Global Warming – And – Overexploitation Of Water Resources – Pose New Challenges For – The Commons – Whether We – Rise To These Challenges – And – Turn Tragedy Into Triumph – Remains To Be Seen

~ ANHATWMMS ~ A More Holistic Approach To Wildlife Management Makes Sense

~ TLONAAEEWTB-A-WITEGA-BRTHTPBTTVOOL-WTPACTCAM-TLOTLDU ~ The Landscapes Of North America And Europe Evolved With The Beaver – And – Without It Their Ecology Goes Awry – Beavers Represent The Heart That Pumps Blood Through The Veins Of Our Landscape – Without The Ponds And Channels They Create And Maintain – The Lifeblood Of The Land Dries Up

~ DCOOOROAGS-WSSOWIEARTWP ~ Despite Centuries Of Overexploitation Of Resources On A Global Scale – We Still Stumble Our Way Into Ecosystems And Remove The Working Parts

~ TBHSTTUASABAPMOOEC ~ The Beaver Has Something To Teach Us About Survival And Becoming A Productive Member Of Our Ecological Community

~ WWSAPIASPC-WRCIWTLTWCTMAETMAPPBTI ~ When We See A Product In A Shiny Plastic Case – We Rarely Connect It With The Land That Was Cleared To Mine And Extract The Minerals And Petroleum Products Behind That Innovation

~ WAIRFTVETOUEWNTS ~ We Are Increasingly Removed From The Very Environment That Offers Us Everything We Need To Survive

~ BDD ~ Beaver Deficit Disorder

~ WWTTTTLFOSDOOOAAWTSOWATRWUIANL ~ Whether We Take The Time To Learn From Other Species Depends On Our Own Adaptability And Willingness To See Our World And The Resources Within Us In A New Light

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