~ L-TECIOE ~ Locals – The Enemy’s Compatriots In Our Employ

~ I-EOIOE ~ Insiders – Enemy Officials In Our Employ

~ DA-ESWRTOSAW ~ Double Agents – Enemy Spies Who Report To Our Side As Well

~ ‘D’-S-PIOEWWID-STTRFITTE ~ “Dead” – Spies – Pawns In Our Employ Whom We Intentionally Deceive – So That They Relay False Information To The Enemy

~ LA-BC-RBTU ~ Live Agents – By Contrast – Report Back To Us



~ TW-WATPATSTBOOW-WTLOD-UBD ~ The Way – Whatever Allows The People And Their Superior To Be Of One Will – Willing To Live Or Die – Undeterred By Danger

~ TH-NAD/HAF ~ The Heavens – Night And Day / Heat And Frost

~ TE-RD/GAOOTT-ISFATMFLOD ~ The Earth – Relative Distance / Gradient And Openness Of The Terrain – In So Far As This Makes For Life Or Death

~ TFC-W/R/H/C/S ~ The Field Commander – Wisdom / Reliability / Humaneness / Courage / Strictness

~ TR-OAM/DOA/DOR ~ The Regulations – Organization And Management / Delegation Of Authority / Deployment Of Resources


~ WRHTW ~ Which Ruler Has The Way

~ WCITA ~ Which Commander Is The Abler

~ WSEAHF ~ Whose Side Earth And Heaven Favor

~ WRAOAO ~ Whose Rules And Orders Are Obeyed

~ WTATS ~ Whose Troops Are The Stronger

~ WS-BT ~ Whose Solider – Better Trained

~ WRASAMCO ~ Whose Rewards And Sanctions Are More Clearly Ordained


~ CTA-TCA-FSD-WAFTCAHACC ~ Calculated The Advantages – Then Create A – Favorable Strategic Disposition – Wrestling Advantages From The Conditions At Hand And Controlling Contingencies

~ TWCSTFHAWTEP ~ The Wise Commander Strives To Feed His Army With The Enemy’s Provisions

~ AKTEIAAQOR-WAFTEISE-AQOOW ~ Although Killing The Enemy Is All A Question Of Rage – Wresting Advantage From The Enemy Is Something Else – A Question Only Of Wealth

~ WAHVIAHB-INTBPO-BIT-STETWEETOTB ~ Winning A Hundred Victories In A Hundred Battles – Is Not The Best Possible Outcome – Best Is To – Subdue The Enemy’s Troops Without Ever Engaging Them On The Battlefield

~ BIWITT-TS-T-TA-AT-TT ~ Best In War Is To Target – Their Strategies – Then – Their Alliances – And Then – Their Troops

~ TLDOITAA-FC-CSAOWNAE ~ The Least Desirable Option Is To Attack A – Fortified City – Contemplate Such Attacks Only When No Alternative Exist

~ FA-WCITR-SMKYW-TW-TTDNGDATAERK-TITWTPAA ~ For Always – When Contending In The Realm – Success Means Keeping Yourself Whole – That Way – The Troops Do Not Grow Dull And The Army’s Edge Remains Keen – This Is The Way To Plan An Attack

~ ASFSISTAP-MIEPFTLF ~ A Smaller Force’s Stubbornness In Sticking To A Plan – Makes It Easy Prey For The Larger Force

~ TRV-GBFP:BFOWIIPTFON;BRHMTANFTT;BUTAAAOTH-AL-R;BBPFTU;BTRRTMWHAC ~ To Realize Victory – Go By Five Paths: By Figuring Out Whether It Is Possible To Fight Or Not; By Recognizing How Many Troops Are Needed For The Task; By Unifying The Aims And Ambitions Of The High- And Low-Ranking; By Being Prepared For The Unexpected; By The Ruler’s Refusal To Meddle With His Able Commanders

~ GOTDWOECBO;GOTOAAVE;DWYTSIL;AWYHSS ~ Go On The Defensive When Our Enemy Cannot Be Overcome; Go On The Offensive Against A Vulnerable Enemy; Defend When Your Troop Strength Is Lacking; Attack When You Have Surplus Strength

~ TEADMHOAITDROTE;TEAOMSFTHROTH ~ To Excel At Defense Means Hiding Oneself Away In The Deepest Recesses Of The Earth; To Excel At Offense Means Striking From The Highest Reaches Of The Heavens

~ LTTOAAHDMYS;STSAMDMYGKE;HATDMYEWW ~ Lifting The Tip Of An Autumn Hair Doesn’t Mean You’re Strong; Seeing The Sun And Moon Doesn’t Mean You’ve Got Keen Eyes; Hearing A Thunderclap Doesn’t Mean Your Ears Work Well

~ TAOWCO:M/E/C/W/V-TTLTM;TMLTE;TELTC;TCLTWTO;TWLTV ~ The Art Of War Consists Of: Measurement / Estimates / Calculations / Weighing / Victory – The Terrain Leads To Measurements; The Measurements Lead To Estimates; The Estimates Lead To Calculations; The Calculations Lead To Weighing The Options; The Weighing Leads To Victory

~ IG-OTM-IJL-OTF-ITIRA-DIU-BTM-IJL-BAF-ITIRA-DODAT ~ In General – Ordering The Multitudes – Is Just Like – Ordering The Few – In That It Requires A – Division Into Units – Battling The Multitudes – Is Just Like – Battling A Few – In That It Requires A – Distribution Of Duties And Titles

IG-CM-ETE-W-S-SV-T-BD-TBGAUSI-TBAVATCI ~ In General – Conventional Methods – Engage The Enemy – While – Surprise – Secures Victory – Thus – By Definition – To Be Good At Unleashing Surprises Is – To Be As Various As The Cosmos Itself

~ BD-TWEIBCTEATDNLOCT ~ By Definition – Those Who Excel In Battle Compel The Enemy And They Do Not Let Others Compel Them

~ OIUTCYMATLWGW ~ Only In Unoccupied Territory Can You March A Thousand Leagues Without Growing Weary

~ IOAIUATED-TIUAFOTTAO;WAMTHF ~ If Our Army Is United And The Enemy’s Divided – That Is Using A Force Of Ten To Attack One; We Are Many To His Few

~ TPWHCTGBMBKS-ITECAU-HWHTPTDMP-A-TTEUDBWUWBF-TBPEITBSN ~ The Place We Have Chosen To Give Battle Must Be Kept Secret – If The Enemy Cannot Anticipate Us – He Will Have To Prepare To Defend Many Positions – And – Then The Enemy Units Doing Battle With Us Will Be Fewer – To Be Prepared Everywhere Is To Be Strong Nowhere

~ TUSIDFLIANST ~ The Ultimate Skill In Determining Formations Lies In Assuming No Set Formation

~ AMATFIRTICC ~ Armies Must Assume Their Forms In Response To Infinitely Changing Circumstances

~ OTMAOOHAM-TBWNBATAOTOINTCR-TITBWTMTMOM-TINBMEUOTAD-WIBDTD-MEUOFAP-TATTTCAP ~ Once The Men Are Of One Heart And Mind – The Brave Will Not Be Able To Advance On Their Own Initiatives Nor The Cowardly Retreat – This Is The Best Way To Manage The Masses Of Men – Thus In Night Battles Make Extensive Use Of Torches And Drums – Whereas In Battles During The Day – Make Extensive Use Of Flags And Pennants – These Are The Tools That Can Alter Perceptions

~ ITESLOTW-TAH-ITSFWTTFDT-TAT-ITIAATBHYTDNATSI-TAW ~ If The Enemy Soldiers Lean On Their Weapons – They Are Hungry – If Those Sent For Water Take The First Drink Themselves – They Are Thirsty – If There Is An Advantage To Be Had Yet They Do Not Advance To Seize It – They Are Weary

~ KTEAOO-AVIIS-KTTAT-AVWBT ~ Know The Enemy And Our Own – And Victory Is In Sight – Know The Terrain And Timing – And Victories Will Be Total

~ TOWTMTTCOMTER-STTAAO ~ The Only Way To Mange The Troops Consists Of Making Them Equally Resolute – So That They Act As One

~ TDYPIET-TMS-MYTWB-TLDYP-TMEYTWD ~ The Deeper You Penetrate Into Enemy Territory – The More Single-Minded Your Troops Will Be – The Less Deeply You Penetrate – The More Easily Your Troops Will Desert

~ WNTG-MN;OTOLW-FN;SIDN-WN ~ When Nought’s To Gain – Move Not; Over Things Of Little Worth – Fight Not; Save In Direst Need – War Not