~ IIET-ECBCCITE-TB-TTMPTMC-A-AGCAIANTROASI-ALFOITD-B-CAYOHW ~ It Is Easier To – Enhance Creativity By Changing Conditions In The Environment – Than By – Trying To Make People Think More Creatively – And – A Genuinely Creative Accomplishment Is Almost Never The Result Of A Sudden Insight – A Lightbulb Flashing On In The Dark – But – Comes After Years Of Hard Work

~ MOTTTA-I-I-A-H-ATROC ~ Most Of The Things That Are – Interesting – Important – And – Human – Are The Results Of Creativity

~ C-WWAIII-WFTWALMFTDTROL ~ Creativity – When We Are Involved In It – We Feel That We Are Living More Fully Than During The Rest Of Life

~ AIALR-TIJSMIWCPAAGT-TACIAED-TMBSAA ~ Attention Is A Limited Resource – There Is Just So Much Information We Can Process At Any Given Time – To Achieve Creativity In An Existing Domain – There Must Be Surplus Attention Available

~ CGICTBOD ~ Creativity Generally Involves Crossing The Boundaries Of Domains

~ ITFOFCAA-ITMOAPITWORAE-TMTEICBIEE ~ If Too Few Opportunities For Curiosity Are Available – If Too Many Obstacles Are Placed In The Way Of Risk And Exploration – The Motivation To Engage In Creative Behavior Is Easily Extinguished

~ ITNGITFTFWZAS-C-WMETTB-O-AWA-C ~ If The Next Generation Is To Face The Future With Zest And Self-Confidence – We Must Educate Them To Be – Original – As Well As – Competent

~ TMIMWCLFCP:HTFPAEITCOE ~ The Most Important Message We Can Learn From Creative People: How To Find Purpose And Enjoyment In The Chaos Of Existence

~ CDNHIPH-B-ITIBAPTAASCC-IIA-S-RTA-I-P ~ Creativity Does Not Happen Inside People’s Heads – But – In The Interaction Between A Person’s Thoughts And A SocioCultural Context – It Is A – Systemic – Rather Than An – Individual – Phenomenon

~ A-L-C-A-POSRTOI ~ Accidents – Like – Creativity – Are – Properties Of Systems Rather Than Of Individuals

~ BITRPATRT-ICI-B-MPNRTTASIAPS-TC-A-EFKWTDWTRHT ~ Being In The Right Place At The Right Time – Is Clearly Important – But – Many People Never Realize That They Are Standing In A Propitious Space-Time Convergence – And – Even Fewer Know What To Do When The Realization Hits Them

~ WAGDO-C-W-A-I-I-WTALAIHTW-IIDTRAIP ~ Without A Good Dose Of – Curiosity – Wonder – And – Interest – In – What Things Are Like And In How They Work – It Is Difficult To Recognize An Interesting Problem

~ OTE-AFATCPEITE-IAGAF-RPN-ECPIMTAEWTT ~ Openness To Experience – A Fluid Attention That Constantly Processes Events In The Environment – Is A Great Advantage For – Recognizing Potential Novelty – Every Creative Person Is More Than Amply Endowed With These Traits

~ YCATMOCJBAACPS ~ You Cannot Assume The Mantle Of Creativity Just By Assuming A Certain Personality Style

~ CI-TTBS-YANATST ~ Creative Individuals – Tend To Be Smart – Yet Also Naive At The Same Time

~ APLAITOCI ~ A Playfully Light Attitude Is Typical Of Creative Individuals

~ CI-ABIAFAOE-A-ARSORATO ~ Creative Individuals – Alternate Between Imagination And Fantasy At One End – And – A Rooted Sense Of Reality At The Other

~ CI-AARHAPATST ~ Creative Individuals – Are Also Remarkably Humble And Proud At The Same Time

~ CI-TACE-E-RGRS ~ Creative Individuals – To A Certain Extent – Escape – Rigid Gender Role Stereotyping

~ G-CP-ATTB-RAI-YIIITBCWHFIADOC-A-APMBITIOSADIOTLIR;H-HOSMBTACEA-T-SIIDTSHAPCBCWBBTACAATST-RAI-BOTLTDU;CTCWRTWHBVITPRLTNTIAAAI ~ Generally – Creative People – Are Thought To Be – Rebellious And Independent – Yet Is Is Impossible To Be Creative Without Having First Internalized A Domain Of Culture – And – A Person Must Believe In The Importance Of Such A Domain In Order To Learn Its Rules; Hence – He Or She Must Be To A Certain Extent A – Traditionalist – So It Is Difficult To See How A Person Can Be Creative Without Being Both Traditional And Conservative And At The Same Time – Rebellious And Iconoclastic – Being Only Traditional Leaves The Domain Unchanged; Constantly Taking Chances Without Regard To What Has Been Valued In The Past Rarely Leads To Novelty That Is Accepted As An Improvement

~ M-CP-A-VPATW-Y-TCBEOAIAW ~ Most – Creative Persons – Are – Very Passionate About Their Work – Yet – They Can Be Extremely Objective About It As Well

~ B-U-I-TTCT-PM-TI-TTWHTLAHAAGSOPI ~ But – Usually – Insights – Tend To Come To – Prepared Minds – That Is – To Those Who Have Thought Long And Hard About A Given Set Of Problematic Issues

~ W-ABC-ALI-WAUTPLTMA-SNC-TKOIIROIIN-IIURIDF-IMETNSSOR ~ Without – A Burning Curiosity – A Lively Interest – We Are Unlikely To Persevere Long To Make A – Significant New Contribution – This Kind Of Interest Is Rarely Only Intellectual In Nature – It Is Usually Rooted In Deep Feelings – In Memorable Experiences That Need Some Sort Of Resolution

~ B-TAASIWNHATQY-NEKTTIAP ~ But – There Are Also Situations In Which Nobody Had Asked The Question Yet – Nobody Even Knows That There Is A Problem

~ WITKOTD-TCOTF-A-TBPOTWOMAO ~ We Internalize The Knowledge Of The Domain – The Concerns Of The Field – And – They Become Part Of The Way Our Minds Are Organized

~ WWSAIOSASTAIWW-WWMBSITNOTPWOMWAI ~ When We Sit Alone In Our Study And Say That An Idea Won’t Work – What We May Be Saying Is That None Of The People Whose Opinions Matter Will Accept It

~ CT-EITGFWT-HOTWIKAAWTTAS-I-DTTIBGOTOSOTC ~ Creative Thoughts – Evolve In This Gap Filled With Tension – Holding On To What Is Known And Accepted While Tending Toward A Still Ill-Defined Truth That Is Barely Glimpsed On The Other Side Of The Chasm

~ TCOG ~ The Clarity Of Goals

~ B-CAS-TMO-AAA ~ Balancing – Challenges And Skills – The Merging Of – Action And Awareness

~ CI-TTGTCOVA-WTWHTCOS ~ Creative Individuals – Tend To Gravitate Toward Centers Of Vital Activity – Where Their Work Has The Chance Of Succeeding

~ IE-U-TINE-A-PTNWB-TPTADSIC-Y-HAHTROICBHITCTOWAOOU ~ Inspiring Environments – Unfortunately – There Is No Evidence – And – Probably There Never Will Be – To Prove That A Delightful Setting Induces Creativity – Yet – Having A Home That Reinforces One’s Individuality Cannot But Help Increase The Chances That One Will Act Out One’s Uniqueness

~ WHT-PADI-A-HEC-IAETWHBTRO-WIIETFTOWACCOTTAH ~ What Helps To – Preserve And Develop Individuality – And – Hence Enhance Creativity – Is An Environment That We Have Built To Reflect Ourselves – Where It Is Easy To Forget The Outside World And Concentrate Completely On The Task At Hand

~ M-CI-FOEWTBRAF-S/E/W-A-ABT-EWIITTDO-A-WMINWOKTASOTAFS;WCITBMOOOT ~ Most – Creative Individuals – Find Out Early What Their Best Rhythms Are For – Sleeping / Eating / Working – And – Abide By Them – Even When It Is Tempting To Do Otherwise – Again – What Matters Is Not Whether One Keeps To A Strict Or To A Flexible Schedule; What Counts Is To Be Master Of One’s Own Time

~ BAP-INARF-LC-AMTUK-CAOS-ATB ~ Being A Prodigy – Is Not A Requirement For – Later Creativity – A More Than Usually Keen – Curiosity About One’s Surroundings – Appears To Be

~ TDT-B-IAD-TISCOECP ~ The – Dialectical Tension – Between – Involvement And Detachment – That Is So Characteristic Of Every Creative Process

~ P-IIT-AR-WIT-LAFOA-TG-TEO-UF ~ Paradoxically – It Is The – Abstract Rules – We Invent To – Limit And Focus Our Attention – That Give Us – The Experience Of – Untrammelled Freedom

~ CP-A-CS-TDATTUWIHAT-A-TDATAEDE ~ Creative People – Are – Constantly Surprised – They Don’t Assume That They Understand What Is Happening Around Them – And – They Don’t Assume That Anybody Else Does Either


~ TACGESOTW ~ There Are Clear Goals Every Step Of The Way

~ TIIFTOA ~ There Is Immediate Feedback To One’s Actions

~ TIABBCAS-WFTOAAWMTTOFA ~ There Is A Balance Between Challenges And Skills – We Feel That Our Abilities Are Well Matched To The Opportunities For Action

~ AAAAM-OCIFOWWD ~ Action And Awareness Are Merged – Our Concentration Is Focused On What We Do

~ DAEFC-WAAOOWIRHAN ~ Distractions Are Excluded From Consciousness – We Are Aware Only Of What Is Relevant Here And Now

~ TINWOF ~ There Is No Worry Of Failure

~ S-CD-WATIIWWADTCAPTE ~ Self-Consciousness Disappears – We Are Too Involved In What We Are Doing To Care About Protecting The Ego

~ TSOTBD ~ The Sense Of Time Becomes Distorted

~ TABA-AEII-NRFDTETFTETP ~ The Activity Becomes Autotelic – An End In Itself – No Reason For Doing – Except To Feel The Experience They Provide


~ TCPHTBDATFS: ~ The Creative Process Has Traditionally Been Described As Taking Five Steps:

~ APOP:BI-IASOPITAIAAC ~ A Period Of Preparation: Becoming Immersed – In A Set Of Problematic Issues That Are Interesting And Arouse Curiosity

~ APOI:DWICABTTOC-IIDTTT-UC-ALTBM ~ A Period Of Incubation: During Which Ideas Churn Around Below The Threshold Of Consciousness – It Is During This Time That – Unusual Connections – Are Likely To Be Made

~ I(SCT-‘A!’-M):WPOTPFT ~ Insight (Sometimes Called The – “Aha!” – Moment): When Pieces Of The Puzzle Fall Together

~ E:DWTIIVAWP-OTMETPOTP-WOFMUAI ~ Evaluation: Decide Whether The Insight Is Valuable And Worth Pursuing – Often The Most Emotionally Trying Part Of The Process – When One Feels Most Uncertain And Insecure

~ E:PTUTMT-A-ITHW ~ Elaboration: Probably Takes Up The Most Time – And – Involves The Hardest Work