~ TCPHTBDATFS: ~ The Creative Process Has Traditionally Been Described As Taking Five Steps:

~ APOP:BI-IASOPITAIAAC ~ A Period Of Preparation: Becoming Immersed – In A Set Of Problematic Issues That Are Interesting And Arouse Curiosity

~ APOI:DWICABTTOC-IIDTTT-UC-ALTBM ~ A Period Of Incubation: During Which Ideas Churn Around Below The Threshold Of Consciousness – It Is During This Time That – Unusual Connections – Are Likely To Be Made

~ I(SCT-‘A!’-M):WPOTPFT ~ Insight (Sometimes Called The – “Aha!” – Moment): When Pieces Of The Puzzle Fall Together

~ E:DWTIIVAWP-OTMETPOTP-WOFMUAI ~ Evaluation: Decide Whether The Insight Is Valuable And Worth Pursuing – Often The Most Emotionally Trying Part Of The Process – When One Feels Most Uncertain And Insecure

~ E:PTUTMT-A-ITHW ~ Elaboration: Probably Takes Up The Most Time – And – Involves The Hardest Work

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